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Published: Wednesday, May 21 2014 6:25 p.m. MDT

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salt lake city, UT

Gov. Herbert is probably thinking we have met the enemy and it is us. Good luck dealing with the radical right wing.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Kora...Possibly this i-pad along with these other items you speak of were gifts? Could this patient have had a recent birthday? Possibly they were borrowing these items? According to this logic there are numerous young drivers in the Sandy/Draper area that own luxury automobiles! Personally, I assume these vehicles belong to their parents.

Salt Lake City, UT

@lost in DC
"Nope, cannot end it once you expand it."

Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services officials have said that states can exit the expansion if they want to.

Salt Lake City, UT

I would recommend looking at the comment from DN Subscriber. I guarantee that well over 50% of all Utahns agree with some form of this comment. He makes a great point about 'Medicare for all' being a better choice than what we have going at this time. And he makes an even better argument about how we are going to pay for it. These are very valid points and should be what we discuss in the public sphere. But folks like DN Subscriber need to grow up on a few things:

1. The whole "President and/or Democrats and/or moderate Republicans can't be trusted" thing is ridiculous and childish. This drivel is destroying our democracy. He should stop saying it.
2. Our current medical system is not working for 30% of our population and something needs to change. It is even more expensive than the 'socialist' alternatives he hates.
3. Keeping $250 million from Utah's uninsured is unethical and just plain wrong. We also pay anyway: EMTALA laws state we must treat anyone that comes into an emergency room. Why not do it in a cost-effective way? Say, preventative care?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

and you believe what they are telling you?

with all due respect to Spangs, BO has shown he is anything BUT trustworthy.

of course, if you expand, then exit, all the liberals would accuse you of killing people.

Salt Lake City, UT

Again, folks like @lost in DC need to stop believing when the pundits drone on about how this politician is untrustworthy or that politician is evil. As an example, Barack Obama has done nothing more (arguably less) than any other modern president to deserve this kind of vitriol. Oh, and please refrain from trying to prove me wrong with some example about Benghazi.

When you repeat semi-slanderous stuff like this it hurts everybody because people on the other side of an issue just stop listening to you and dismiss you simply being inside the "bubble," as or worse. For the sake of our democracy/republic, we need to stop with the name calling. It hurts us all in the end.

Kirk R Graves
West Jordan, UT


It is politically impossible to reduce spending on a social program. Once the program has been expanded, contracting again when the fed stops funding it is simply not a reality.

Social liberals know this. They count on it. Anyone who believes that isn't exactly the reason this part of the ACA was put in is simply not being truthful with themselves.

Salt Lake City, UT

@DN News Subscriber...Sir may I say thank you for yet another extremely articulate and comical post. Once again you begin my day with not only head scratching but extreme laughter. Where would you find material for your comments if it were not for Faux News?

Olympia, WA

This is another example of how the GOP does not govern well. They do not want to vote or be held accountable, so 140,000 Utah citizens will use the current system of going to the ER for health care. Hospitals and insurance providers will continue to pass that bill in to policy holders and insurance companies. If we put the members of the government on that kind of health care, you bet they would have a one day session. The GOP is afraid to govern or vote.

Laura Bilington
Maple Valley, WA

Kora, your brother-in-law may be able to pay his bills most of the time on an $11 an hour salary, but he will be flat out of luck if he or his dependents get sick. It's not just the deductible that can kill you; the services that are covered at, say, 80% can do you in when you have $55,000 of them. Don't believe me? Go down to your local Bankruptcy Court and just read the last ten cases filed. For at least five of them, the people are declaring bankruptcy because of mega-thousands of medical bills. And, thanks to your find governor, they didn't have insurance.

Laura Bilington
Maple Valley, WA

Lost in DC, I believe you think that Medicaid expansion does nothing to strengthen families. Here's a true story that happened to a family in Washington whose kids were patients of our pediatrician.

The couple did not have insurance. The wife became pregnant with twins. They were born prematurely, and were hospitalized for a month. The husband tried valiantly to keep up the payments on the bills, and took a second job, working nights. He was driving home at midnight and fell asleep at the wheel--the car went off the road and the man was thrown out, landing face down in a ditch. He drowned--in six inches of water.

Insurance may not "strengthen" families, but the lack of it can destroy them.

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