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Published: Wednesday, May 21 2014 11:50 a.m. MDT

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River Falls, WI

Just watched the video... Bradley was a disappointment on the court, but he always represented himself and his teams in a dignified way. He has done some incredible things off the court, I wish him nothing but the best.

Also, kudos to ESPN for being respectful of Bradley's religious endeavors (although the choir clip definitely skews "obscure religious cult"). The last 30 seconds of him talking about his height were great.

truth in all its forms
henderson, NV

#16 all time in blocks is no bust...

Aloha Saint George
Saint George, Utah

Interesting story. Many define their life based on how they performed on the sports arena. That's only a short period of time- what about the time off the court/field???? What about the rest of their lives after all the glory? What are all those POSTER Boys doing with their lives now that dunked over Bradley. I don't Shawn Bradley care other than to help their troubled kids.


Aloha Saint George,

Michael Jordon, Tracy Mcgrady, Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O'neill. They all posterized Bradley. They've all been successful in their own right. I don't think they need any help from Shawn raising their kids. You don't have to disrespect them to highlight Shawn's accomplishments. People may have laughed at him, but he laughed all the way to the bank with the millions he made. The fact that he has chosen to use the gifts that God gave him to bless the lives of others is a testament to the decisions he's made in his life. Even with all the negative things that come with the NBA, he was still able to stay grounded in his faith. Congrats to him.

Layton, UT

I think that he should have played a year-or-two in college before going to the NBA. He had just got back from a mission and wasn't in the greatest shape. Even a year in college would have helped him, and demonstrated/strengthened his skills. College coaches tend to do better at developing individual skills, but it was his decision to make.

Good to see him staying a class-act. Wish him the best.

Tacoma, WA

I don't think Bradley merits the "bust" tag. He played 14 years in the NBA, when the current average tenure is 6 years. He is up there on the all time top 20 block leaders list. Perhaps it was because he was 7'6" and the 2nd overall pick that people had such high expectations for him. While not an all star, he was certainly a serviceable journeyman, not a bust, especially off the court. Nice he is getting some positive pub for a change.

Lewisburg, PA

Solid, Solid man. A wonderful representative of BYU and the church. we surely could use more like him.

Salt Lake City, UT

Just watched the video...what a neat guy Shawn seems to be. Best line of the whole thing: "You think they could pay me enough to love you?"


Great story. Great guy. The fact that the first six people to post on this article aren't some of my classless fellow Ute fans says so much about how much they love to hate. We could all learn a lot from the life of this great example.

Burke, VA

Great video. That's the first time I've heard of "ghetto driving." I suppose Shawn is one of the few people in the world who could legitimately do that. It's great to see how happy he is and to see ESPN highlighting that lifestyle.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

"Hustle this time." (Shawn Bradley on BYU TV "Legends").

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

When he announced, from his mission, that he was not returning to byu, but was entering the NBA draft there were several letters published in the D-news claiming he had no class, that he was chasing money, etc.
Looks like it turned out well for him.

St Louis, MO

I played against him in the 1990 Utah 3A title game and thus always was rooting for him to be a stud pro. Didn't happen. Unfortunately, the "bust" tag does fit given his hype and status as a #2 pick. Sorry; it goes with the territory. If you're a top-five pick and only turn out to be "decent," you have underachieved relative to expectations. It may not be fair, but it is reality. His block total is nice, but everything else was sub-par. Overall his pro career deserves maybe a C+ at best.

That said, fans typically only see athletes as athletes, and thus we label them one way or the other based on that one aspect of their lives. Some of them may have their self-image wrapped up in their status in the pro game, but the smart, well-adjusted ones move on when it's time to retire. It seems like Shawn has done this and decided to make something more than "retired basketball player and dunking dummy" of himself. Good for him.

Riverton, UT

I was disappointed when Shawn chose not to come back to BYU but I'm happy to see that he has apparently used his life and his millions of dollars in honorable pursuits. It had to be challenging not to get overly caught up in many of the less respectable things that so many of the rich and famous struggle with.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

@ SlopJ30
St Louis, MO

You didn't just declare Alex Smith a bust with that post, did you???

Lehi, UT

Bradley making anyone's "all-time bust" list is ridiculous. He played 14 years in the NBA. I don't care what "expectations" anyone had for you, if you made an NBA roster 14 times - not a bust.

Also - the age of real NBA statistical analysis began just as Bradley's career was ending. Cuban would go on local sports radio and say how much they liked him - and touted his +/- stats. Bradley's +/- was second best on the team - behind only Dirk. With his enormous size, he altered the way other teams played offense, even if it wasn't through a steal or a blocked shot.

No he didn't like off-season workouts. Yes, he did it all only because he was 7'6" and not because he was a hard worker, a world-class athlete or had mad basketball skills. But his 7'6" frame made him a force to be reckoned with. For 14 years. Not a bust.

St Louis, MO


I'm not even sure I get that, but I don't really consider Smith a "bust," given how he's turned things around. He's never going to justify being #1 (there was no "can't miss" guy that year), but he's on his way to a pretty solid career. I actively root for the guy, as I'm one of the majority of BYU fans that doesn't a problem with the Utes . . just certain fans of theirs.


It's splitting hairs, but Bradley wouldn't belong on my "all-time" busts list. Maybe "disappointment" is a better term. If you could time-travel back to the day he was drafted and show teams what his eventual stats would be, he'd fall like a rock in the draft. He'd still be maybe a late first-round pick, but no-one's going to be happy with a #2 pick that ends up averaging 8 pts and 6 rebounds a game over a career, blocks be danged.

He certainly did more than Sam Bowie, Michael Olowokandi, Greg Oden, or Darko, but you have to admit no-one's ever said "Shawn Bradley . . now that dude could BALL!"

Richmond, VA

The measure of a man's worth in life is not in how great he is or was as an athlete but how he touches and influences others for good outside of sports and the limelight. Shawn Bradley seems to have done that quite nicely so kudos to him.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I took the opportunity over the last couple of days to watch this. Shawn Bradley is a great example to us all of what is truly important in life! He is indeed having the last laugh.

Vernal, UT

Excellent video. Sounds like a classy guy who is firmly strong to his values. Way to go.

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