Comments about ‘Albuquerque teammates brawl in dugout at Bees game, Alex Guerrero loses piece of ear’

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Published: Tuesday, May 20 2014 11:35 p.m. MDT

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Virginia Beach, Va

Why is it "up in the air" if SLC police will charge the player who bit a piece of his ear off ?
Charge without regard for the Dodgers opinion. That's a brutal assault .

Star Valley Ranch, WY

Olivo must have gone to the Mike Tyson school of fighting.

St Louis, MO

Well, Olivio's career is essentially over. Wherever he goes now, no matter what his batting average is, he'll be known as "Earmunch."

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

Certain breeds of dogs are known to bite off the ears of their enemies. I suppose that style of fighting says a lot about how un-evolved some people are.

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