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Published: Wednesday, May 21 2014 7:40 p.m. MDT

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There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

If Mrs. Love is afraid of her record being exposed, she should have thought of that before she accepted all that outside money to use in this election.

Utah citizens do not like outside money pouring into Utah.

Utah citizens are smart enough to understand that Mrs. Love represents the most extreme my way or the highway element in the Republican Party.

Layton, UT

I'm not sure why this is characterized as attacking. Mia Love has publicly supported ending the department of education. She has publicly proposed eliminating subsidized student loans, subsidized school lunch, and many other federal grants for public school ranging into the hundreds of millions of dollars for Utah alone. Why run from that? If she believes it, and Owens points it out, how is it attacking? Stand by what you've said, then those who agree with you can vote for you, and those like me who think those positions are seriously flawed can vote for the other guy. If you did applaud the government shut down at a Mike Lee rally, own it or explain it. Its not an attack if it happened, its a fact that is vitally important for voters to know, then if they like the govt. shutdown they can vote for you, if they thought it was a ridiculous debacle like I did, they can vote for the other guy. Facts aren't attacks. Own them, or explain them, and give the people the information to choose.

Murray, UT

Mia Love was great. She runs a clean campaign and proves great solutions. It is unfortunate her opponent was so dirty that the moderate had to ask him to cut out the cheap shots.

Moses Lake, WA

Just with Owens opening statement and some of the "bad" things he attributed to Love had my vote swing to Mia.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mia Love is the Tea Party expanded. Mr. Owens did a fine job of asking her questions that the Tea Party candidates do not want asked. The shutdown of the government was a horrible deal and yet she stands by that. It cost this country billions. She does not represent the values and "work together attitude" that Mr. Owens has. He needs to keep up the pressure, and show Utah voters her real colors. Her extreme views bought with outside money do nothing to better the citizens of Utah .

Salt Lake City, UT

The agreed "rules" of the debate were violated in spirit as soon as Doug started speaking today. He came across as someone that couldn't stand on his own. His flyer was well done. He should have used it in the debate. Instead he spun her comments and statements so much she didn't even recognize them. Doug showed today, in my opinion he doesn't have his own ideas.

#1 Champ
Salt Lake City, UT

Wow! Sounds like Owens visibly frustrated Ms. Love. Substantive and realistic solutions will need to become part of Love's campaign or I'm throwing my hat in Owens camp.

Sandy, UT

How frightening. Can you imagine no federal subsidies for our terrible under-funded education system? What does she propose, the feds give the money directly to those who staunchly under-fund it? I dread to see where that money would go...certainly not to the teachers who desperately try to teach our multitude of children. I have no trust in the Utah Senate that has repeatedly ignored the will of the UT people. At least the Feds care about the education of our children.

Salt Lake City, UT

"...and then declared she [Love] was committed to keeping the promises made to seniors."

Can anybody tell me what that means? Does this include trying to convert SS to 401k's?

Salt Lake City, UT

I am a life-long republican that is growing old of the Tea Party antics. If Ms. Love cannot distance herself from the Tea Party, my vocal support will go against her.

Say what you will about Owens, but they are battling for the job. The same can be said about the frustration strewn across Love's face.

I'm anxious to see how else Ms. Love can highlife the color orange.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mr. Owens, son of a former Utah Congressman and a lawyer... Well, I really don't need to know much more than that about him.

We have never fared well with political dynasties, and their sense of entitlement and superiority over the working voters (from either party!). That is strike number one. Lawyers in Congress are a plague we should be working to fix by reducing their numbers, not adding to them.

Mia Love is a shining example of the reality of the American dream where immigrants or their children can rise from poverty to success through hard work, a good education, and a willingness to take risks to get ahead. We need more people like her in Congress instead of a bunch of lawyers who hope their family name recognition will win votes and perpetuate their family's power.

No more Clintons, Bushes, Bennets, Mathesons, or Owens in office, please. We can do better.

Finally, Owens' disrespectful and combative tone was much like Rick Lazio's debate with Hillary Clinton, earning him a media tongue lashing for picking on women. I am sure that attacks on conservative black women will evoke similar outrage in the media...

Somewhere in Time, UT

Owens campaign obviously jumped on the blogs immediately to declare their guy the winner. It sounds like he doesn't have much except to attack his opponent. She's tough. she can take it.

high school fan
Huntington, UT

Owens showed that he will run an anti-Love campaign instead of a pro Owens campaign. We have an idea who Mia Love is but we have no idea who Doug Owens is and he did not enlighten us tonight except with his negative attitude.

Ogden, UT

Once again it is clear that Love is not a good choice to represent Utah. Hopefully Owens will win.

Murray, UT

WOW! From the start Owens read attacks off of cards to attack Mia. I was already strongly leaning towards Mia, now I know that Doug brings nothing to the table but angry attacks. It is funny to see liberals applaud Owens for attacking a black woman when just weeks ago every attack on Obama was racist. You people need to go look in the mirror and think long and hard.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mia Love is not a Conservative. She voted to raise taxes in her city three times - but rails against state or fed efforts to do the same. Her response, "It was necessary for the city to have the revenue it needs." Well, everybody says that when they want to raise taxes.

Murray, UT

I am not sure Mia could do a worse job....but if the state doesn't like outside money coming in then we shouldn't promote tourism so much. We should take back the federal lands so that the federal government won't continue to subsidize us for those properties. We should be independent, maybe even become our own country. Let's see who gets in office first and go from there....will we continue to slide down the slippery slope or climb back to a free state?

Huntsville, UT

Goodbye love, so long happiness, ... I think I'm a gonna di-ie. ;)

Sandy, UT

There go those "extreme" tea party types who think being $17,000,000,000,000 is a bad thing. The Democrats have it figured out. Since the American people will no longer vote for tax and spend policies, we will just spend and tax future generations who cannot vote yet. A vote for Doug Owens is a vote for Nancy Pelosi. Doug will be just like his father. Pretend to be a moderate when back in Utah, and take a hard left as soon as a lands in DC.

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

Re Crodier

Clean campaign? Is that a hope or a prediction? Or a sign of hard times.

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