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Published: Tuesday, May 20 2014 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Tokyo, Japan

wow...cleveland again....how many number 1 picks have they had....since lebron left cleveland....jumping from 9th to 1st....insane luck they have in cleveland for getting good position on draft night...however...it hasnt translated in to wins....now....as for our 5th pick...i say...Noah Vonleh....stretch 4...with freakish physical traits....can be a solid defender....can shoot threes....Julius Randle...would produce....but i like Vonleh better since he could stretch the floor...now that leaves Kanter...as a 6th man...i just hope the Jazz wont reach for someone...

Saint George, UT

So what the Jazz ain't got no coach.

Man in Charge
Chihuahua, 00

Maybe we will get lucky and Cleveland will draft Vonleh or something.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Curses! Foiled again!

Anchorage, AK

The Jazz should trade their #5 pick along with a player or two, ie. Hayward, to the Timberwolves for Kevin Love. He doesn't want to be in Minnesota and he would be a nice complement to our lineup. It would allow Favors to play the 4, and open more options for Burke and Burkes.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

That tanking really paid off didn't it. I'm sure we will now win the nba championship just like Dennis made the spurs do!

Kamas/United States, UT

The jazz should trade 5 with Hayward for the 1. Then they should take one of the main three.

Leesburg, VA

"With the fifth pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Utah Jazz select Coach Jerry Sloan of McLeansboro, Illinois."

I can dream, right?


I hope the Jazz will select Randle if he's available. He's like a finished product, much like Parker, even though both of those guys are only freshmen. He would be able to step in and contribute right away. Just don't get Aaron Gordon. He can't even make a free throw (42%). And as far as athleticism is concerned, there are a lot of players who can jump high like Gordon (look at our own Evans, for example). But Gordon can't shoot a jump shot, either. He's also not that competitive. And I'm not that sold on Vonleh, either.

If Randle is availed at #5, I think he's the best bet.

Cedar City, Utah

I have been a JAZZ FAN for life, my advice is trade back.. After the top three the tAlent doesn't change much through 12-14.. Trade back and take McDermott please then try to pick up another first rounder and take stauskas if possible.. Then with our 23rd take early from Wichita state.. If you do this we will be elite for years.. I could also see James young being the next James harden in the league if you don't want McDermott take him.. Don't keep the 5th pick Vonlegh and Randell are not worth the value you could get in this draft.. Unfortunate we got the nba effect and lebron leaving Cleveland is still effecting the league..

Cedar City, Utah

Do not trade for Kevin Love just so he can turn around and sign with la a year later

Ivins, UT

Trading anything for Kevin Love would be a waste. He's not going to want to stay in Minnesota and if the Jazz traded for him he would resign to stay here either. Just another example of the disadvantage small market teams are up against in the NBA.

Sandy, UT


Who says Cleveland has luck? I think the NBA has demonstrated clearly that the lottery is RIGGED!

Provo, UT


I like the way you are thinking, however the Jazz could offer the #5 and #23 picks along with Hayward and Kanter but the Cavs still wouldn't give up the #1 pick.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Jazz will take McDermott (Hayward 2.0).

Tokyo, Japan


well...i just cant always think negative....anyway...i like the idea of trading down...or trading up....outside the 3...everyone else are of the same caliber..i still think we shouldnt have drafted trey burke....

Vernal, UT

Could someone please take that Gilbert kids bow tie, and run it through a shredder ?


I think you are right, it is rigged. Cleveland ? 1.7 percent chance and they win? Not only win, but win the lottery 3 of the last 4 years. Unbelievable. This way they can trade the number 1 pick along with other pieces to the Heat, and get Lebron back. Makes a great story and the NBA knows it.


I agree trade back, unless they can somehow trade up and get at least #2.

Roosevelt, UT

the Jazz have their pick chosen,

now the GM needs to do his job and hire a coach

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

At least it wasn't the Lakers who got lucky with the 1st pick.

Long Lost America
Salt Lake City, UT

Interesting to see Vonleh mentioned in several posts. Word from NBA GM's is that he is going before Randle. I agree he is a better pick than Randle, who has defense issues and was almost certainly going to slide possibly further in the draft. It's too bad because the difference between pick #'s 54 and 4 is quite big. Exum or Embiid would have been fun to see drafted.

I am sure the Jazz will be trying to package the #5 and 23 picks in a trade, hopefully even to move up just one spot in the draft.

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