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Published: Tuesday, May 20 2014 1:50 p.m. MDT

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One of the best articles I've read in the DesNews in a long time. Jolly good show!

No playoff for U
Salt Lake City, UT


"BYU doesn't meet the basic academic requirements to be members of the PAC-12."

Yet, somehow when the PAC 12/Big 12 South merger talks were ongoing, the PAC 12 was ready and willing to accept with open arms, Oklahoma State, which has the exact same High Research rating as BYU.

In other words, the PAC 12's "basic academic requirements" were nothing more than a "want to have", than a "requirement".

Spring, TX

Utah is in some great company with their ranking on the previously mentioned Orlando Sentinel article:

No. 101 Utah

No. 102 Louisiana Tech

No. 103 Wyoming

No. 104 UTEP

No. 105 New Mexico

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Independence not the best idea.
I remember people have said give it some time to get good scheduling. BYU announced almost 4 years ago, but look at the P5 teams scheduled to come to Provo. (This is not just November, this is the entire season).

2014: Virginia
2015: None
2016: None

After BYU plays Virginia this September, no power conference school will be coming to Provo until Utah comes in 2017.

Provo, UT

Things I learned by reading this article and the comments

1- Utah fans ALWAYS comment more on BYU articles then on Utah articles....
2- Thompson was a terrible commissioner who lost Utah, TCU, and BYU in the same year and is small and petty
3- BYU has a great rivalry going with Utah State and Boise State that all three schools enjoy
4- BYU will NEVER return to the MWC nor should they.
5- Utah's arrogance is baffling ... Yes you are in the PAC12 but you are the 12th place team... Big deal
6- College football has become less competitive... every year the top 8 teams are usually the same 8 teams year after year.

No playoff for U
Salt Lake City, UT

Uncle Rico

Unfortunately for U, the only thing the Utes have gotten out of playing a P5 heavy schedule is one mediocre season, two losing, bowl less seasons, and a "prestigious" preseason #101 ranking from SEC country for the coming season.

btw, remind us the last time an SEC team visited RES. How about Texas or Notre Dame or Florida St or Miami or Penn St?

Utah fans beat their chests about playing built-in games versus PAC 12 teams, but the Utes themselves are incapable of scheduling OOC home games against the truly elite programs of college football.

Michigan, in 2015, will be the first, and ONLY, elite OOC team ever to visit Utah, a scheduling mistake that the Wolverines probably regretted as soon as the talked about PAC 12 / B1G scheduling agreement was dropped.

CTJ fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Big 12 Call yet, the name of your screen name tells me that BYU is bigger than what you say, you seem to have them on your mind. But let's look at this and this is for you too Chris B, BYU would have been the selection in the Pac12 over Utah if they would have played on Sundays, this is the reason and only reason your there and NOT BYU. In every article that talks about history and respect in the college landscape they talk about BYU NOT Utah. So get over yourselves, the fact is Utah could never have had the success BYU had as an independent there's not many universities that would. Maybe your fascination with BYU should tell you that,you know you've made it when you've got people who love you and hate you so much that they have to take a shot anytime they can. Thanks to fans like you BYU will always be relevant!

Salt Lake City, UT


BYU fans try and play a big boy schedule sometime this century. You are 2-12 against ranked opponents your last 14 games.

Translation- you aren't relevant right now. You don't deserve to play SEC schools.

Utah- do nott know why you fans comments so much on BYU. Like you are king of the hill. Ha- you are chum for the real PAC12 football teams. You get the heck beat out of you and haven't had a winning season since joining the PAC.

Translation- win something before you talk so much. Your comments carry no weight. Try and sit at the big boy table in any PAC sport please.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Duckhunter

Smack from a pre-season poll, published in an Orlando Newspaper?

C'mon man. You're better than that.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Bob

I think you're over estimating BYU. If they tried to invent their own conference it would be a disaster. First off, where would the t.v. money and bowl tie-ins come from? BYU could barely secure a bowl for themselves. Negotiating to secure bowl for a whole conference is a very tall order. Not to mention, the new "BYU Conference" would still not be considered a P5 conference, so what wold make BSU and SDSU (and the other western teams you think would come) pay the exit fee in their conference for what would be, at best, a lateral move?

West Jordan, UT

Craig Thompson is way off. Did any one notice that the Mountain network only went off the air after BYU left. Not Utah, not TCU but BYU. Cougar ratings were bigger by far than any other team. Craig Thompson should welcome the Cougars to play against his conference teams.

Honestly, I don't know how this guy keeps his job.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Justmythoughts

1- Both fan bases comment on each other's articles. It's normal. The reason for the high number of comments on BYU/conference stories is because it is a very important story about our main rival.

2- Thompson is indeed a terrible commissioner. However, that had nothing to do with why Utah and TCU left.

3- I don't think USU is enjoying the rivalry, but BYU does have a good thing going with BSU and the Aggies.

4- Probably not. But I can see BYU heading to the AAC

5- I don't think Utah fans are the arrogant ones here. It's BYU fans who have been saying that they can create their own conference if they need to. Or just read the body of this article! It doesn't get more arrogant than that. Also, FWIW Utah has never finished 12th in the PAC. Either way, at least we're IN.

6- It flows. Ten years ago Utah and Cal were in the top 10, Colorado won the Big XII North, and Alabama went 6-6. Obviously the landscape is dramatically different now. CFB is as competitive as ever.

Adirondack Cougar
Loon Lake, NY

Another article to stir the pot.
BYU went indy because the alternative at the time was stay in a much weaker conference with no exposure.
ESPN has helped BYU with exposure. Independence has helped with exposure and recruiting, we will see if that trend continues. We are no longer a western U.S. team, we are building a national brand, and it will take many years to complete the process.
As the college football landscape shifts BYU may like to get back into a conference, but that is too early to tell. Some of this is out of BYU's control because if bigotry is at play we will never be invited, so it is what it is.
The playoff will not stay at 4 teams for very long as there are currently 5 'power' conferences. When it goes to 8 teams the landscape will change again.
Scheduling has it's up and downs. The team just needs to focus on wins no matter who they are playing and good things will happen. Just because the publicly released schedule only shows a few games for 2016 you can bet there are a lot more already lined up. Keep the faith.

Fort Benning, GA

Naval Vet,

I don't need to blast out the ties I have and who they are. If you don't believe my earlier comment...I don't really care. I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

BYU would still be a better fit logically. More well rounded athletic program, a bigger market share in TV media, historically significance, sales, game attendance, traveling crowd, etc. etc. etc. It makes a much better fit financially.

Admittedly, finances are not the only thing that goes into decision making. Utah has had far more national success in the recent past which was obviously a plus in the decision making. But with Utah (and Colorado), the PAC12 could get their 12 school league and not upset the balance of power. Do you think Oregon, Stanford, USC and UCLA would have been okay with a Notre Dame or Texas joining the league? Nope, don't want to shift the balance of power. With Utah there isn't a worry, so the vote was easy. The rest of the country sees your couple years of success just like Boise State's, abnormal at best.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

Independence = homeless. I hate it. I mourne for my Cougars. Sad days.

Raleigh, NC

1. In many cases u trolls comment on BYU articles more than the BYU fans.
2. He must know someone.
3. ...and rivalries are what make college football fun.
4. Couldn't agree more. I never want to see Wyoming on the schedule again.
5. The u is riding the coat tails of the winning b5 teams all while playing midmajor quality football. They would struggle to compete with the upper tier mid-majors.
6. ...and their proposed conference changes aim to keep it that way.

Chittenango, NY

The back and forth between Ute fans and Cougar fans was going on when I first set foot at the U of U for grad school in 1972, and it has never ceased in intensity and trash. Will the National Championship ever come to Utah? Very doubtful, but at leat they are in a conference that can get them into the playoffs, IF THEY CAN WIN THE PAC 12. Will BYU ever see another National Championship? No, not as an independent, and not as a member of a conference that the Power 5 are relegating to second-class status.

But what really caught my eye as I read th comments is how ignorant some commenters are. The FCS is D II? Really? FBS, FCS, D II, D III, NAIA, in descending order. Not that hard to remember. Ask North Dakota State if they understand the difference between the FCS and D II. If you expect your comment to be taken seriously, you really should not throw out evidence that you might not have a clue.

Salt Lake City, UT

CTJ fan
Salt Lake City, UT

"But let's look at this and this is for you too Chris B, BYU would have been the selection in the Pac12 over Utah if they would have played on Sundays, this is the reason and only reason your there and NOT BYU."

Again, your dreaming makes byu the victim which makes you feel better. Nothing new here. Further, you have absolutely no support for your assertion. Do you know why? Because it doesn't exist. byu is not a Pac-12 caliber school. Never has been, is not now, and most certainly will never be. The Pac-12 knows it and that's all that matters.

Salt Lake City, UT

Enid, OK

"In his jealousy and anger he's thinking he can hurt BYU.

Instead, since the Mountain West is primarily, after the departure of BYU, Utah and TCU, a weak conference, he looks like a whiny fool. (Newsflash: even with Boise State's fine program the conference is, with its current members, not the ACC, the Big-10, etc.)"

You should temper your comments a bit, BleedCougarBlue. Given the number of games byu has on future schedules with MWC teams, make no mistake about it, the MWC can hurt byu. Although byu fans love to feel persecuted, the MWCs goal is to take care of their post season needs not to hurt byu. byu is not at the center of the universe as you people believe.

Madison, SD

BYU only has itself to blame--well really Cecil Samuelson and Tom Holmoe. Samuelson is resting comfortably in the Crimson lounge, and Holmoe is just trying to avert disaster. What a fool-hearty knee-jerk reaction to leave the MWC when Utah left. We will be decades recovering from this--and the whole thing may encourage the senior brethren (UU grads by the way) to discontinue BYU athletics. Don't be surprised.

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