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Published: Tuesday, May 20 2014 1:50 p.m. MDT

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Reno, NV

Cougsndawgs - I love the honesty. I am very concerned about the Y's schedule and future. Yes, I am a U fan but I grew up in SLC loving the rivalry and I appreciate what the Y is and what they have to offer. You are right, it will be a crappy home schedule as everyone else already is booked. I am just shocked with the level of complacency and naiveness from the majority of Y fans that a good or complete schedule will just suddenly appear.

MyPerspective - You are right, it's an uphill battle that our Y friends wont even recognize or worry about. I guess I'll grab that popcorn and enjoy the next few years of the Great BYU Independence Project.

However, I do wonder what it's like for Bronco when a recruiting visit goes as such:
Potential Recruit - Who are you playing at home my Freshman or Sophomore year (2016 and beyond)?
Bronco - I don't know but we don't worry about that. We are BYU, people will come.

Omaha, NE


I love it when BYU fans state that they "have a friend/family member" who knows how the deal really went down. This reminds me of another poster, duckhunter not to name names, who comes out with similar comments from time to time. Don't post comments if you are not willing to name your friend/family member. It makes you look like a duck.


Santaquin, UT

If it become necessary, BYU could start a new conference along with BSU and SDSU as anchors. And align itself with thew AAC in the East. I can think of several Western teams that would jump at the chance. The reason the like attempt failed is BYU wouldn't join to be with the Beast, now that the Beast is no longer in the picture and the AAC is, it just might be an option that'll work for BYU. It's exposure that BYU wants, and the AAC is spread out pretty good!

BYU football is far from dead!


South Jordan, Utah

Hey Wookie - your reality is already here - 3 conference wins a year! Enjoy!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"I hate to burst your bubble here, but in reality the Pac 12 wanted BYU ahead of Utah and Colorado when they were making plans to add to the conference."

Nope. You made that up. That can't be supported anywhere. How frantic and emotional of you.

P.S.: Utah sells more paraphernalia than the Y, and had been doing so since before our Sugar Bowl season.

Missouri loves BYU
Lebanon, MO

When BYU was part of the MWC it was miserable trying to watch BYU games while living on the East Coast. We only ended up being able to watch a few games a year. I can only imagine how it was impacting recruiting LDS Players across the country who knew that their friends and family would struggle to ever watch them play. Getting out from under The MWC television package was a huge improvement. I have watched nearly every game since. I am confident that things will work out. They always do.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT


You are still confusing the strength of schedule impact that byu could have on MWC teams vs. byu's strength of schedule. BYU has been playing a MWC schedule essentially for the last several decades, including thus far in independence. And yet byu is ranked higher than any mountain west team and half of all power conference teams, meaning byu provide a greater strength of schedule boost to MWC teams than many power conference teams. This happens even if byu has a bad strength of schedule themselves, provided byu maintains a high enough ranking even with that bad schedule.

Two separate things wookie. Like I said, if Alabama played in the MWC that wouldn't suddenly mean they wouldn't provide a big strength of schedule boost to other teams - even if their strength of schedule(by virtue of having a MWC schedule) is weak.

West Point , UT

"Cougsndawgs: I expect to see that kind of pessimism from a Ute fan, not a cougar fan. For those who don't like independence, what do you propose?"

It's not pessimism it's reality. Hopefully Holmoe and administrators also see the scheduling concerns as reality and are working the phones and frequent flier miles. I hate agreeing with ute fans but you guys really need to look at what's happening here and realize that without working on conference affiliation, it is only going to get worse and more difficult remaining relevant and playing at the highest level of CFB. I've stated on other articles what I propose. Go to the Big 12 and continue where you left off except leave all demands except Sunday play at the door. IMHO the Big 12 will have to expand because the P5 will pressure them to do what the rest of them are doing if they want P5 status. How do you think it will play out when a Big 12 team gets in the playoff while sitting at home & a P5 front runner loses in a CCG and is left out?

I named my relative, are you happy?

South Jordan, Utah

You're being disingenuous Navel. What do you expect PAC 10 officials to do, come out and admit religious bigotry??? Not going to happen.

BYU has more money, better facilities, better following nationally, more well-rounded sports program, and a better history than Utah. Not even close.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Relax guys. most of us BYU fans really aren't that worried about the schedule in 2-3 yrs."

You're worried. And so is Holmoe. That's why he's been flying all over the South meeting with commissioners from the SEC and ACC, and with results that make all the more worrisome. We can tell. And you should be.

Utah fans on the other hand, are NOT worried. What have we to worry about? We just have to win our games, and we're in. You guys....not so much.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

I would expect the MWC to regularly review its relationship with the Y. The Y has lost some bargaining value recently and doesn't hold all of the cards that it once did. For example, I enjoy USU playing the Y each year but no longer on a two for one.

One problem I have with all of the focus on championship bowl games is that it takes away from the joy college football. College football should be more about conference titles and rivalry games than about finding out what team is the NC.

Salt Lake City, UT

Peavler: "With the walls starting to ominously rise around the so-called "Power 5" conferences, the Mountain West needs as many friends as it can get."
The MWC needs friends on the inside of the wall. BYU is on the outside. What good does it do to be friends with an outsider?


Wow! Are BYU fans really so delusional that they are trying to spin THIS into a positive? Mental gymnastics for the win. Hey at least you guys are better than my Utes, which is what you seem to somehow be able to tell yourselves despite losing four straight to us. Also, Kiboo, it's not religious bigotry. Utah is, and was especially at that time, a top flight program that had just won two recent BCS games. BYU was not anywhere close to that.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Kiboo and Colby

BYU doesn't meet the basic academic requirements to be members of the PAC-12. It's not bigotry. Utah is just a better fit.

Highland , UT

Orlando Sentinal preseason poll has utah ranked 101st. yes you read that correctly 101st. That is definitely evidence of the respsect being in a "power" conference brings to a program.if utah wasn't in the pac12 they would probably be ranked 119th. lol

Enid, OK

What was he thinking?

In his jealousy and anger he's thinking he can hurt BYU.

Instead, since the Mountain West is primarily, after the departure of BYU, Utah and TCU, a weak conference, he looks like a whiny fool. (Newsflash: even with Boise State's fine program the conference is, with its current members, not the ACC, the Big-10, etc.)

Leesburg, VA

Oh yes, I remember Craig Thompson now--the weird uncle of college athletics.

Doesn't he have handlers or something?

Elko, NV

The Orlando Sentinel's college insider Matt Murschel has ranked all 128 Football Bowl Subdivision teams in the country entering the 2014 season. The Sentinel staff will take a closer look at a new team daily, counting backward from No. 128 to our projected No. 1 team.

Today at No. 101: Utah Utes

Coach: Kyle Whittingham (76-39, entering 10th season; 76-39 overall)

2013 record: 5-7 (2-7 in Pac-12 Conference, 5th in South Division)

Layton, UT

I hope Thompson and the rest of the Mid-Major Conference Commissioners read this article.

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT


Once again, you're desperately trying to paint a picture of gloom and doom for BYU, in order to soothe you're own angst about the possibility of an Independent BYU continuing to outshine PAC 12 Utah.

The writing is on the wall that being a punching bag for the big boys of the PAC and spending bowl week at home on the couch isn't nearly as exciting as U thought it would be, especially when BYU continues to play regularly in nationally televised regular season and bowl games.

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