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Published: Tuesday, May 20 2014 1:50 p.m. MDT

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Reno, NV

Again, hello writers at the Des News!!!! You all are completely missing the point, how I am I the only one who is taking notice?

Who is BYU going to play in 2016? They have two home games scheduled and the season starts in 27 months. They are the only team that I could find who doesn't have a complete schedule set up, let a lone open spots in Oct. Nobody is going to go to LES in Oct in 2016.

It amazes me that everyone is missing this and that the level of concern is at zero.

This article talks about two long term opponents. That's great and all, but who else are they going to play and who would be willing to come to LES? The answer is nobody.

The lack of urgency even among the beat writers is mind boggling.

Omaha, NE

Craig Thompson has some validity to his comments. Why would the schedule BYU when teams in your conference have a better shot at playing in a better bowl based upon strength of schedule. If BYU cannot put together a strong enough schedule, playing them would not benefit any team. As it looks now, BYU strength of schedule is getting weaker and weaker by each conference announcement. Take away the emotion and just think about it, this is the number 1 reason why MWC might not schedule BYU going forward.


Kearns, UT

BYU should have gotten this Thompson guy fired long ago. He's the one that caused Utah and the Y to leave the MWC due to the really bad TV contract. Had he not been there, and a better TV contract negotiated, the MWC would be a very powerful football conference that would make the big 5 look at them hard. They'd be far better than the Pac 10.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

Wookie - You seem to be confusing the strength of schedule that byu offers to the MWC vs. the strength of schedule for byu. BYU is ranked ahead of every MWC team in any preseason ranking I've seen, and also ahead of many power conference teams. That is even with a poor strength of schedule for BYU. If Alabama played in the WAC, they'd still be Alabama. You're mixing yourself up friend in your attempt to belittle byu. Try taking emotion out of it to understand the concepts at hand.

Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT

What was he thinking?

He's realizing he has all the power in negotiations with byu.

Now that the Pac 12, Big 12, ACC, and SEC have all told byu "NO" in one way or another and reminded byu and their fans time and time again they are a mid-major team with a mid-major university, byu is losing whatever leverage it had previously.

There might not be another university in the nation in as desperate a situation right now.

The MWC is the only thing keeping byu even at a MWC quality level.

If the MWC stops helping byu out, and I hope they do, byu will be reduced to a level below the MWC(WAC 2.0)

You're not on the SEC's level

You're not on the Pac 12's level(that's why we will never invite you)

You're not on the Big 12's level

You're not on the ACC's level(cant beat Virginia) that's why they didn't consider you a power conference team

byu is at risk of following below MWC level

And I will laugh the whole way there

Salt Lake City, UT

Let's look, shall we...

"Finally, BYU has games with Nevada (2014, 2019), UNLV (2014, 2015), Fresno State (2015, 2017), San Jose State (2015, 2017) and Hawaii (2017, 2018). Between now and 2023, BYU has a grand total of 25 games with MWC already scheduled. It is not in the best interest of any of these teams to back out of any of these games with BYU."

This is exactly the type of schedule that got byu shunned by the SEC and the ACC and it is abundantly clear that byu is almost completely reliant on the MWC for games. Still, we hear Peavler's refrain...don't get byu mad, or else. LOL! Or else what, Peavler? byu has no games to play?

"With the walls starting to ominously rise around the so-called "Power 5" conferences, the Mountain West needs as many friends as it can get. Angering BYU's fan base won't help the conference's cause."

This might be a shock to you, Peavler, but byu can use as many friends as they can get.

South Jordan, Utah

This type of article only serves as fodder for BYU haters.

BYU will be just fine regardless of what direction their football program takes. The best thing would be to never schedule our "friends" from up north again. Second to that might be shutting down the program completely.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Utah didn't leave the MWC because of "the Mtn." We left because of the Pac-12. The Pac-12 > MWC all around. Better sports, better revenues, larger fanbase. Thompson isn't a failure because he couldn't bring $20 million television contracts to the MWC. Nobody could. Not even Scott, Slive, or Delaney.

And cougars didn't leave because of it either. The Mtn. WAS a poorly executed broadcasting contract, but the reason the cougars left was because of a knee-jerk reaction to Utah getting invited to the Pac-10, and the cougars NOT getting invited to the Big 12. The cougars knew they'd fall even FURTHER behind big brother, so they rolled the dice and figured, "what do we have to lose." I think the Y also thought they could return to the MWC if things didn't work out. Although that fallback plan doesn't appear to be working out.

Salt Lake City, UT

Reno, NV

You are absolutely right, 311ute. It isn't that byu fans don't care, though. The issue is that they can' see past their hubris enough to understand that if the MWC does make such a move, it will have a major impact on byu. The pervading sentiment is that byu will save college football. Lol!

Do what I'm doing...grab some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show. The entertainment value is off the charts.

Fort Benning, GA


I hate to burst your bubble here, but in reality the Pac 12 wanted BYU ahead of Utah and Colorado when they were making plans to add to the conference. When you look at the figures (monetarily speaking) BYU has so much more to offer than the U (and that has been extremely apparent since you guys joined the PAC12). I have a family member that worked with Larry Scott and was heavily involved in this process.

When the PAC12 looked at adding schools (and took religion out) BYU was their top candidate. They attract a bigger population in both media and game attendance, quality of athletic programs, they sell more paraphernalia, travel better, and have a fantastic relationship with the "worldwide leader in sports". Financially speaking BYU was a better pick.

However, the PAC12 had to, obviously, take religion into account and with BYU not backing down from Sunday play and the political/religious climate of the West Coast...they made their decision.

My prediction is BYU will be a FCS (D2) school in the next 10 years, and there isn't anything wrong with that. At least we might be able to win a NC there!

West Point , UT

NO ONE cares what Thompson thinks including members of his own conference. I'm sure BSU will be bullied out of money making matchups with BYU to make Thompson happy...not. Lol

We all appreciate your concern but this is what independence looks like. There are currently deals being worked out for the remainder of the 2016 schedule...don't worry, it will be a crappy home schedule like always in independence. I am one BYU fan who isn't looking at independence with any degree of confidence after the last few days...time to work out a deal with someone and get off the street IMHO.


Absolutely guaranteed BYU ends up ranked higher than the Utes come year end. Anyone want to take that bet? So if you are ranked in the top 30 how does that make you a mid major program... that just doesn't make any sense.

Marysville, WA

Always comical to see Ute fans talk about arrogance and hubris. On articles that don't concern their team. And about a team from which they have professed to have moved on.

I agree with the article's author. This brain burp will come back to bite Thompson. But he being him, he won't learn a thing from it. Every time words come out of his mouth, it reconfirms the wisdom of leaving the MWC.

West Point , UT

"Knee jerk reaction" to Utah's invite? Give me a break...how frantic and emotional of you. BYU considered going independent before the formation of the MWC and decided to continue with their friends in the north at forming a new league instead (or did you forget that Utah was integral in talking BYU into a new conference in the first place). Even after the formation of the MWC BYU talked about independence when they felt slighted because of perceived dishonesty from the MWC, especially Thompson (how much is true and how much is BYU being elitist who knows...I just know independence was always a contingency [Val Hale is a relative]). Once Utah left they felt no allegiance but independence wasn't a knee jerk reaction, it was always a contingency...or did you think BYU moved so quickly to garner ESPN deals and become independent so soon after Utah's announcement by osmosis? Please...c'mon NV I thought you were above "frantic and emotional" arguments.


@311ute, What amazes me is that 6 of 9 comments on this board are ute fans and are so obsessed that they literally spend the whole day trolling BYU articles. That is truly amazing! It shouldn't shock me because the pattern of Navel, CB, perspective and others is like the energizer bunny. It just keeps going and going and going. Relax guys. most of us BYU fans really aren't that worried about the schedule in 2-3 yrs. Intrigued yes. I'll let all of you "worry."

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"Pac 12 wanted BYU ahead of Utah "

LOL, ya right(said sarcastically)

"My prediction is BYU will be a FCS (D2) school in the next 10 years"

LOL, ya right(Said non sarcastically)

Even byu fans are seeing that byu is becoming a DII team.

This is so funny watching byu's program destruct!


Cougsndawgs: I expect to see that kind of pessimism from a Ute fan, not a cougar fan. For those who don't like independence, what do you propose? Go back to the MWC? You really want to travel to Laramie and Albuquerque? Wow! Any other ideas? I've been thrilled with independence. The only way it will work will be to win and no amount of handwringing about conference affiliation can change that. Win baby win. Good luck cougars! Hear's hoping for a great yr!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"...time to work out a deal with someone and get off the street IMHO."

Ya, why don't you guys just join the Pac 12 or Big 12 and play a big time schedule against big time programs with home and homes year after year?

Also, that provides a direct path to everything in college football.

I'm surprised that byu would rather be an indy-WAC team than play in a big boy conference.

Magna, UT

CougarColby- The truth of the matter is there was never ANY DISCUSSION of byu in the PAC-10 expansion. When byu was mentioned they said and I quote, "Ya, there is byu.... Ah, so who else is there?" End of story.

Omaha, NE

Sports Are Great.

You are looking at the immediate future. Now, take a step back and look to the future. With only 2-3 decent teams a year, how will BYU strength of schedule look then? The Power 5 have made it very clear how strength of schedule will be determined. MWC is looking at how they will navagate their role in bigger bowls and scheduling teams with poor strength of schedules will not assist their efforts.


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