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Published: Monday, May 19 2014 10:15 p.m. MDT

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Anaheim, CA

Sounds like Thompson is still bitter about BYU leaving "his" conference.

"At issue is whether independent BYU should be considered a strong enough team, from a strength of schedule standpoint, for other teams to count them as a non-conference Power 5 opponent..."

In the 2014 Preseason Football Power Index (ESPN), BYU is ranked ahead of MORE THAN HALF of the teams in the P5 and well ahead of EVERY team in the MWC:

#27 Washington
#28 Oregon St
#29 Notre Dame
#30 Missouri

#31 BYU

#32 Arizona
#33 Texas Tech
#35 Virginia Tech
#36 TCU
#37 Iowa
#38 Indiana
#39 Maryland

#40 Utah

#41 Pittsburgh
#42 Duke
#43 Nebraska
#44 Kansas St
#45 Arkansas
#46 Penn St
#47 Georgia Tech

#53 Boise St (highest ranked MWC team)
#63 California
#65 Nevada
#66 Colorado
#68 Fresno St

#76 Utah St
#78 Colorado St

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Isn't Thompson the same guy that came up with "The Mountain?"

Take a look at next year's MWC schedules. Which school's Strength of Schedule would come down because they were playing BYU instead of a Conference USA team?

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Wow..... I'm speechless. The pressure is on to win out and win out big this year.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

The handwriting is on the wall for a once great football program. When your old conference will no longer take you back and one conference after another no longer considers you a "power" opponent, you are looking at the ranks of a DII program and elimination of athletics at BYU is not far behind. My question is how did the Cougars get to this position. Unfortunately, the answer is the AD.

Draper, UT

At one point in time the MWC had the potential of being one of the top 4 conferences in the country. Thompson is one of the main reasons this didn't happen. I honestly can't believe that he's still the Commissioner.

Lindon, UT

Oh PaaaLeeze! Thompson is so full of himself. Anyone who knows any history of the MWC knows he's to blame for BYU walking. If BYU was brought up it was probably people being hopeful scheduling will get tough enough that BYU might consider returning to MWC. Things would have to get a whole lot tougher than they are now and access to playoffs would have to get a lot better for the MWC (don't see that happening soon). Then they would have to give some sweet incentives for broadcasting. If you read the whole story at CBS, it makes a lot more sense. It's too early for anyone to come begging back to the MWC. Pfftt

Salt Lake City, UT

“We're playing them more out of history, geography and convenience than schedule strength,” Thompson said of BYU."

This after all the nice things byu fans have said about Thompson over the years. Shocking!

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

After decades of byu fans thinking they are better than everyone else and burning bridges everywhere they go, the PAC 12, big 12, acc, sec, and now even the WAC 2.0(mountain west) are talking down to byu!

I joked about it happening, but it's quickly becoming reality.

Byu and the rest of the mid majors are essentially division II schools at this point.

No law suits will keep byu relevant any more than they will get byu invited to a big boy conference.

We aren't inviting you

The big 12 isn't inviting you after Holmoe acted like head Texas AD.

Maybe the big 10 or the NFL will invite byu.


Your program is finished!

Idaho Falls, ID

Translation: Thompson wants BYU back in the MWC. That BSU game with Tennessee-Martin did wonders for BSU's strength of schedule.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Until byu plays a P5 schedule, meaning playing 9+ games against top competition (in one season, and not spread out over 7 years), they should not and will not be considered to be a part of the big kids' table. Take the higher pre-season power ranking and whatever other small moral victories that get thrown byu's way; because winning out or not, byu's schedule this year just isn't going to impress anyone, as seen by the SEC, ACC, and now lowly MWC all agreeing that byu is anything but a power football program.

West Jordan, Utah

Thompson has always been a troubling piece of work. But I think the issue here is that the MWC teams already have a weak schedule in their own conference and are looking to gain credibility by scheduling the (dreaded label) Power 5 teams in their non-conference slate. So despite the MWC obviously being below BYU's caliber, it makes sense I guess for them to consider not scheduling BYU even though their is no comparison with the SEC and MWC. The problem for BYU is that they have weak MWC teams on their schedule 3.5 times a year already, and if these games get dropped then we might be talking about a 3 for 1 with the YMCA of Idaho.

Yes the SEC can still schedule BYU, but if they don't count as a non-conference Power 5, then why schedule and risk losing to BYU. I hear a lot of "we will be fine" comments about BYU and independence but I don't think most BYU fans realize how difficult the scheduling process could be moving forward. It has already been a fiasco the first three years of independence and it's looking increasingly worse by the day.

Salt Lake City, Utah

BYU's current snowballing predicament reminds me of the classic line from the movie "A Knight's Tale" that says, "You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting."

And the fact that the Mountain West Conference of all entities has found BYU wanting is as gratifying as it is cathartic.

Glendora, CA

BYU is in trouble. Plain and simple. This is not rocket science. It's like being snubbed on prom date, because you chose the other person, instead of your steady and your chosen one decided to dump you and your steady is now just "thinking" and "considering" you, after initially snubbing her. How sad. Rugby, anyone?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder if the MWC would be bold enough to take a shot at BYU and discourage members from scheduling the Cougars if they follow suit and decide to not recognize BYU as a P5 school. That would place a lot of pressure on BYU. It would also put Boise St. and Utah St. in an awkward spot. It'll be interesting to see what happens, but I can't image Thompson and Dodds would be foolish enough to try it...

Virginia Beach, Va

BYU needs a conference in a bad way.

Danbury, CT

I've been a huge BYU fan for over 40 years. But I have to say that BYU fans are always more concerned about what we think we deserve and with rankings vs. real results on the field. If we would just WIN our games against power teams, these issues would take care of themselves. I don't want us to TALK our way into championships. We need to EARN them. Boise St, TCU and Utah all got to better conferences by winning 2 BCS bowls apiece. BYU? Zero.

I agree the current situation is unfair, but we need to make a better case for ourselves by winning. Beat at least the obvious ones like Virginia. Beat Utah at least at home.

It starts with good coaching. Fire Anae and get someone with real experience, smarts and ability to organize our team. Utah arguably won 2 bowl games off of the talent of Urban Meyer. Boise and TCU also had great coaches in their era. We're at a crossroads where we decide whether we go up or down. BYU has to decide why it plays football and how serious it wants to be.


I'm surprised this didn't occur sooner. Why would a conference keep scheduling games against a team that just left the conference? BYU stuck up it's nose at the MWC but then came running back when they couldn't schedule anyone. I think the ACC/SEC gave them an excuse to finally say no. ACC/SEC got the ball rolling and it's only getting bigger.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thompson is so full of himself it's laughable.

If the SEC and ACC won't consider BYU a strong OOC opponent, what makes him think they'll consider any team in the MWC?

Cinci Man

Many have said all along that BYU needs to bring a good show to the field, including beating Virginia and Utah. They need an offensive game plan that features running backs, receivers, tight ends, offensive line, and a versatile QB. And they need to bring it to the field every game. It's all politics with the power conferences. The bottom half of every conference is far worse than BYU is, but BYU cannot lose to such teams and remain relevant to scheduling. I'm proud of the deal with ESPN, but that will fade if BYU continues to lose to lower tier P5 teams. Bring it to the field Cougars. It's the only way.

Logan, UT

I don't think it would be a great idea for the MWC to "disapprove" conference members playing BYU, but at the same time I hope we never, ever, ever let that primadonna back in the conference. It's bad enough having to live in the same state as BYU without them whining about not getting special treatment from the conference. We already have Boise State, we don't need BYU.

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