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Published: Monday, May 19 2014 6:15 p.m. MDT

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Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

It's official...

Rock loves Fredette...man crush style

Why else waste so much time on a washed up bench rider...it's gotta be a Bro thing...

Plano, TX

Brad, you're a funny man !

West Jordan, Utah

John Stockton is about my favorite player in NBA history but I don't think he is an NBA head coach. Earl Watson is intriguing to me though.

Layton, UT

1. Jimmer is awesome but the NBA doesn't help great kids, with great morals succeed. Normally. I hope he hangs in there.
2. Stockton would be a terrific coach and is smart enough to hire a staff who would run the individuals while John ran the team.

Murray, UT

Gee, why not Stockton over Watson....they have the same NBA Head Coach experience.....exactly ZERO EXPERIENCE!!!

Get real, find someone with a brain and ability to teach these young kids.

Cedar City, UT

Hiring a coach with absolutely no coaching experience is not a recipe for success. Get real.

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