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Published: Friday, May 16 2014 7:45 p.m. MDT

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Saratoga Springs, UT

I would rather have someone like Watson than John Stockton, nothing against stock, the NBA has changed a lot since JS played. It's a different game now. When JS played it was let the other team shoot the 3, and play inside out. Now it's defend the 3 at all cost. And hit the 3 as often as you can. Watson would be a grate hire.

Saint George, UT

Nice guy, good defense, good passer couldn't shoot a lick especially from 3 point range.

Lehi, UT

Nice thought.......Let's get serious, Steve Kerr was just signed by Golden state. We need a Hero!

West Jordan, Utah

Watson's friendship and countless conversations with John Wooden going back a ways is a plus. I have been impressed with Watson's demeanor for quite some time. He bounced around the league and has played for and developed ties with many quality coaches. I am a huge Stockton fan, but only playing for Sloan in a outdated system is concerning. John is super bright but I don't know if he desires to be a coach all that much either. Watson has been expressing interest in coaching for many years.

Saint George, UT

I don't think either one fits the bill. Stockton is definitely from another era and once hired couldn't be fired although he might fool me and that would be great.

Sandy, UT

I wouldn't mind having Earl Watson as a coach, especially if Jerry Sloan continues as a possible mentor in the background. Hayward has already enthusiastically endorsed Earl, so I think the players would support him. Young players and young coach growing into the game together could be interesting. I guess we'll see. I just hope the Jazz people don't wait too long to find somebody before all are taken. I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. I'm getting more anxious than eager, however,as the time flies closer to the draft without a coach yet.

Roosevelt, UT

What, Earl wants a job after he retires?

The Jazz do need a hero coach, and it probably will not be a rookie coach.

The Jazz passed on expressing interest to Kerr and for an unknown reason they did not contact Stan Van Gundy.

There is coach Karl who won coach of the year 2 years ago and he is not working..perhaps a call in that direction Dennis would benefit the young players the Jazz have. You are used to firing coaches and you can fire him in a couple of years once the players are ready for playoffs again.

The caliber of play in the playoffs has been sensational this season and it shows the Jazz need desperate improvement...it will take a great coach.

The great coach the Jazz need to hire has missed the combine where he could have talked to the potential players. The great coach the Jazz need to hire is going to miss having any input in the Jazz draft.

The GM told the coach who to play last season and the results were.......

Have the GM hire the coach then get out of the way...that is his job

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Messina HC...Watson first assistant?

No nonsense mentors...proven skills...will actually prepare a team...


Makes too much sense.

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