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Published: Saturday, May 17 2014 4:00 a.m. MDT

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Karen R.
Houston, TX

Notice the silence on the subject of social ills arising from SSM. All concerns are about religious freedom, i.e., "We're afraid that, when in the public square, we'll be forced to behave as if we approve of SSM when our religion forbids it."

I think it's more accurate to say that you'll be required to refrain from discriminating against those of whom you disapprove.

MY concern is that some are placing their religion before the nation. What's wrong with this? Of the two, which one is protecting your right to practice your religion? (And my right to not believe.)

If your belief about SSM is exempted from public accommodation laws, all other beliefs must be honored too, and we revert to "majority rules." If your religious sect doesn't have a majority right now, you're working against your own self-interest.

IMO, you are seeking relief in the wrong place. It needs to come from your religion, not your nation. Your religion needs to come up with a workaround that allows you to remain faithful to it. Fortunately, our nation grants it the freedom to do this.

Wilf 55

This article tries to give balanced information from the pro and the contra sides, but gives the impression that religion is per definition against same-sex marriage. It fails to acknowledge that many churches have already opened their doors, their hearts, and their sacraments to our gay brothers and sisters. And more are to follow.

Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

"It was a massive mistake and a betrayal when the Supreme Judicial Court foisted same-sex marriage on the people of Massachusetts, and it remains so today." Being from Mass., I couldn't agree more. When the tyranny of a few appointed individuals overrides the will of the people, as Shakespeare once quipped, "Something is rotten in the state of ________ (fill in the blank)."

Farmington, UT

As hard as I try - and I have really tried over the past few years as the debate has heated up - I still cannot come to grips with the concept of a girl having a "wife" or a boy having a "husband." It all seems just so unnatural and weird, just SO against logic and reason.

And that a child have have "two mommies" or "two daddies"? Yeah - that just can't be normal; just can't be right. Can it???

seattle, WA

This piece makes the case that those who oppose same sex marriage on religious grounds ought to be given a pass for providing services to same sex couples on the grounds that it violates their strongly held religious principles.

The main religious objection to anything homosexual are a few references to homosexual activity in the Bible that elevate the practice to some sort of sin (the level of which I will leave to religionists). Unspoken, but on display, is the another objection to same sex marriage. Namely the "I find it icky" factor. (The child rearing argument has been thoroughly destroyed.)

My question to religionists of any stripe. Why does the "sin" of homosexuality become elevated so high. No one discriminates on the grounds of strongly held religious views for someone who violates on of the Ten Commandments. All you folks buying milk on Sunday ought to be sanctioned every bit as much as a same sex couple wanting to get married.

My question to homophobes is why you find homosexuality so "icky". I find smoking, obesity, crude language and a disregard for our common humanity far more repulsive.

American Fork, UT

So same sex marriage might upset your religious sensitivities. That's too bad. You're not owed the right to act on what you see as a god given impetus to discriminate. I cut the lawn on sunday, while drinking beer. Some of the neighbours probably oppose this. But like same sex marriage, they're not owed obedience on my part because of it.

Laura Bilington
Maple Valley, WA

Cool Cat, I suggest you go back to Massachusetts and talk to some people there. I don't understand your concern unless you think that you think you will be forced to marry a SS person as soon as you cross the border.

Ultragrandpa, I invite you to meet my daughter and her wife. The concept of same-sex marriage seemed as strange to me as the concept of interracial marriage once did. I invite you to come to my church and meet gay couples raising children. I admire you for being honest about your feelings--it does seem strange. The concept of interracial adoption seems strange to a lot of people--heck, the concept of adoption at all (for otherwise fertile couples) as a chosen way to build a family is hard for a lot of people to accept. Living in Farmington, you may not realize how "unnatural" a lot of southerners think it is to belong to the LDS church.

The Wraith
Kaysville, UT

I could not agree more ordinaryfolks. What really annoys me is that in the bible adultery is condemned just as harshly if not more harshly than homosexuality. Adultery is condemned no fewer than 52 times in the christian bible and homosexuality is only mentioned 6 times.

Do these religious organizations refuse to do business with anyone who has committed adultery. Are they fighting for laws to allow them to discriminate against anyone who has committed adultery? Why are they so obsessed with this one "sin" in their book while they have let all the others go? Not even abortion, the other really hot button issue, rises to this level. No one is asking for laws that will let them never do business with anyone who's had an abortion.

They likely do business with people who have violated every single belief they hold sacred yet this one "sin" is the line they won't cross. The "religious rights" argument makes these people look very bigoted to much of society - simply because this seems to be only issue they are making this argument against, it's the only one they seem to care about.

Dane, WI

@Wilf55 >>>This article tries to give balanced information from the pro and the contra sides

Salt Lake City, UT

@Cool Cat Cosmo
"When the tyranny of a few appointed individuals overrides the will of the people,"

It is a fundamental American value that when the tyranny of the majority institutes something that is unconstitutional, the courts have the duty to override it.

Laura Ann
Layton, UT

When they first allowed gay marriage in Utah, I was very upset. After a lot of prayer and scripture study, I was filled with the knowledge that all will be well. That the power of men can never overcome the will of our Heavenly Father. Some may mock me for my beliefs, but I care not. All of this is just part of the latter-days prophesized by ancient prophets and modern prophets. Although I'll always be kind and courteous to those who disagree with me, I claim the constitutional right to live and defend my faith. I claim the right as a citizen of this great country to disagree with others and fight against things I feel are wrong. I believe that all children of our Heavenly Father are worthy of love. It is our actions that define us.

Mcallen, TX

What other acceptances will same-sex marriage lead to?

The Shire, UT

@ultragrampa who said:
"As hard as I try - and I have really tried over the past few years as the debate has heated up - I still cannot come to grips with the concept of a girl having a "wife" or a boy having a "husband." It all seems just so unnatural and weird, just SO against logic and reason."

So an entire section of our community should be denied equal rights because of your lack of empathy, understanding and simple imagination?

I personally find the thought of engaging in homosexual sex icky. For me. It's just not gonna happen. But because I understand loving someone and wanting to be with them forever, I will fight (and vote) to ensure all my fellow Americans have the same right. To do otherwise is selfish and just plain mean spirited.

Murray, UT

@Cool Cat Cosmo - Also being from MA, I couldn't me more proud that the Supreme Court of MA put an end to one form of discrimination. The founding fathers left England in the pursuit to freedom to practice their beliefs or non-beliefs without the burden of Governmental interference. Whatever your religious beliefs are, this country is designed to protect your rights as individuals to practices your beliefs without persecution from the Government and as such religious organizations should not force, through legislation, their beliefs on the masses.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

The article states:

"Just look at what happened to Catholic Charities, which ceased adoption services in Massachusetts in the aftermath" of the 2003 ruling."

What the article doesn't state is that Catholic Charities was taking tax-payer dollars to run the agency for all citizens of the Massachusetts - not just Catholics. Private adoption services run with private dollars such as LDS Social Services did not have the same constraints.

Had a state funded agency refused to provide adoption services to Mormons because of the sincerely held religious belief of some that "Mormons are not Christians," I doubt this newspaper would see that as an act of Religious Liberty.

Los Angeles, CA

Have no fear Mormon friends very soon samesex marriages will be the law of our great country and we all will be better for it!

Candied Ginger
Brooklyn, OH

"And that a child have have "two mommies" or "two daddies"? Yeah - that just can't be normal; just can't be right. Can it???"

We have two adopted kids, a boy and a girl.

They are thrilled to have two mommies and a loving home and security and hope.

Sometimes, I call her my "wife." Sometimes I use "partner." Sometimes I call her my "husband" because she works so I can be a stay-at-home-mom, and she changes the oil and kills spiders.

We know a couple at church where she works as an internal medicine doctor and he stays at home with their children. The insist that he is the "wife" and she is the "husband." Started as a joke, but now it is a statement about gender roles and what society expects.

He is very masculine, by the way. He is also good with kids and the best cook I know.

Saint George, UT

Whether SSM is legalized or not, decisions have consequences! God will not be mocked and SSM is mocking Him! To place the acts of Homosexuality on par with buying milk on Sunday is akin to equating abortion to a passionate kiss! One of the great benefits, however, will be to see all our SSM advocates come to the support of our brothers and sisters who want to live in polygamous marriages! Equality for all is a wonderful concept that brings Social Justice to all forms of marriage! Right!

Candied Ginger
Brooklyn, OH

Cool Cat Cosmo
"When the tyranny of a few appointed individuals overrides the will of the people"

That is why they are appointed. If they were elected their decisions would all look toward the next election and what is popular at the moment and, over time, be influenced by whoever gave the biggest campaign contributions.

But their job, in the constitution, is to be a balance that looks at the legality of the law and does what is right. Yes, the system has flaws, but better appointed than elected.

Fair Oaks, CA

If being gay is SO wrong - why do straight people keep producing them?

God's will?

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