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Published: Friday, May 16 2014 3:55 p.m. MDT

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E. Hindman
Ogden, UT

Flashback - after working at Hill AFB for nearly 35 years I have to say Hill is still here because of its workforce not because one senator attended some meetings and told Hill's story. Hill's story is about the hardworking, dedicated federal employees, military personnel and defense contractors and the great jobs they perform.

Burlington, WY

Whats he trying to do - get into the Guinness Book of World Records?

Why, even Diety hasn't been involved in the creation of as many laws in over six thousand years!

What ever happened to the governmental concept of "Teaching them correct principles and letting them govern themselves?"

Seems our legislators think that we unwashed masses need laws because we can't govern ourselves.

Congress, govern yourself.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Mike Richards

South Jordan, Utah

I have a sheaf of letters from Senator Hatch's office thanking me for my support. Those letters were in response to requests for help from him. He never addressed anything that I wrote about and he made absolutely no difference in the outcome.

He may think that sending out press releases that tell us that he is "something" only shows that he has wasted his time and our money in Washington.

Look at what he "did" and then tell us whether Senator Hatch stood for Utah values or whether he stood only for himself and his lifetime "seat" in the Senate.
8:12 p.m. May 17, 2014


So, why did you keep voting for him?

Don't tell me, let me guess -- the "R".

So much for integrity.

Far East USA, SC

You cant rail against all the spending unless you are willing to forgo some of the spending that benefits YOU. Maybe Hill AFB is one worth keeping.

But we wont ever know because that is not what it is about. It is about political power and favors.

Look at the Abrams tanks that keep coming off of the assembly line. Why? Because they are built in Iowa, which happens to be a politically important state.

We constantly hear the calls for CUT CUT CUT. Hey, just dont cut my stuff.

Mr Richards, It would be interesting to know how many times you pulled the lever for Hatch's opponent. Or, perhaps we already know.

Layton, UT

As evidenced by all the malcontents commenting here, Senator Hatch proves the age old adage that nothing brings more protests and anger from one's fellows than by simply doing your job.

Senator Hatch, you've been a great asset to Utah. Don't let the whining nay-sayers get to ya! You've had a great run that many of us are quite grateful for...

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

LDS lib, JoeBlow

how do you know Mike R voted for hatch?

really the only reason he gets elected is not the R behind his name, but because the other viable candidate has a D behind his.

On a scale of 1-100, it's better to vote for a 45 than a 13.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Hatch, Leahy, Reid et al should be ashamed of what has happened to this country on their "watch". Pitiful. Very little to be proud of here!

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Shouldn't the greatest distinction go to the one or ones who have sponsored the FEWEST bills? Too bad the "scoring" isn't done as it is in golf: fewest "strokes"!

Hank Jr
Draper, UT

Why not? He's been there forever.

newhall, CA

What comes to mind when I think of Hatch is that he thinks of himself first and foremost and then the rest of us just might enter his mind. Power. It is all about power. Now that the GOP control both Houses, he will stay and run another (8th term). I am disgusted with this news. He is completely out of touch with Utahns. Where was his voice against an Obama presidency? Why didn't he demand full disclosure of Obama's records? Question his birth certificate, his muslim faith, his habitual lying? Hatch, just another career politician trying to hold onto the power.

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