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Published: Friday, May 16 2014 1:15 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Very concerned!

The ACC just told you you are a mid-major and deserve to be treated like all other mid majors.

The SEC thinks you are a mid-major and should be treated as all mid-majors

We will never invite byu to the Pac 12 for many reasons, one of which is mid-major quality football program.

The Big 12 extended byu the lifeline of a lifetime and what did byu tell the big 12?

"Treat us like Texas because we are like Texas"

Bridge burned!

I guess the Big 10 or NFL could always invite byu?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"If Pac-12 teams stop scheduling the Cougars, then it’s time to panic. With games against Utah, Cal, USC, Arizona, Washington State, Arizona State and Stanford all on future schedules, the Cougars don’t have anything to worry about there."

Sorry to burst your WAC bubble, but 2-3 games a year against power conference teams will NEVER get a team into the playoffs.

ONLY a power conference schedule with 8-9 games against power conference teams will get a team into the playoffs.

byu's best bet of getting to the playoffs is setting up their own playoffs with the other mid-majors.

Because power conferences are becoming the new division I and mid-majors are essentially becoming division II.

And I love it!

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Sure, recognition as a Power school would have been great but this really does little to change BYU's future. BYU will continue to schedule tough opponents from a range of conferences and will continue to thrive. Now, if ESPN decides to not continue an arrangement with BYU we should start worrying.

Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT

If Holmoe was honest he'd admit he messed up byu's one and only chance at football relevance by byu's arrogance in dealings with the Big 12.

Sunday issue was NOT the issue - the big 12 knows byu will never play on sundays, so they wouldn't have been engaged in talks unless the Big 12 was ok working around that.

But instead byu turned up their nose and instead of asking how they could help the stability of the big 12, told the Big 12 they deserved texas-like concesssions.

And quickly yet another bridge was burned. The last bridge byu had to being a part of the future of college football.

There are power conference teams. And there are mid-majors.

And the divide between the two is larger than ever, with no paths between the two on the horizon.

byu fans wont admit it, but I truly don't see an avenue for byu getting in with the big boy.

"Quest for relevance" is OVER!

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

How concerned?

Well, the ACC, SEC, Big 12, and Pac 12 have all essentially told byu they view them just as they view Wyoming, UNVL, and New Mexico State.

You tell me.

Salt Lake City, UT

The truth is that unless you are in a B5 conference, the cards will be stacked against you. Even if BYU were in a B5 conference, there is no way that they would win enough games to make themselves relevant.

Just keep doing what Mr. Holmoe has stated numerous times - "schedule for a bowl game." In other words, find the worst teams imaginable to schedule to make sure you get to 6 wins. Then go to a meaningless bowl game.

Cougar fan loves that approach.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Well done - this article is spin at its very finest. The author should write press releases for the Iraqi Army because this is the sports equivalent of "American blood is flowing down the streets of New York" while there are U.S. tanks visible in the background.

The SEC also said no to BYU (conveniently omitted from the article). With 2 of the 5 already saying no, it pretty much guarantees the rest will say no as well, including the PAC12 which BYU needs in order to survive (irony at its finest).

There is a de facto division-within-a-division emerging in college football and BYU is very much on the wrong side of the fence.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I'm amazed that I'm the only BYU fan commenting so far. The Ute fans seem insistent on keeping spinning their position better than it is.

BYU will be fine in all this.

KVN/Hoff want 0-4 against UTAH
Ogden, UT

Power Conferences = New Division 1

mid majors = New Division II

Division I will have our own playoffs

Division II can do whatever they want, we don't care. But you wont be part of our playoffs.

byu is in real jeopardy of permanently separating from the big boys, with no hope of return.

If I was Holmoe, I'd be calling the Big 12 and tell them byu is willing to PAY to join the league.

Either that or start talking with the other mid-majors about where the division II Playoffs will be held.

Ann Arbor, MI

LOL... this is worse than Nazi propaganda.

But if you say things are great enough times...mabye they'll believe

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

If BYU wants to be considered an elite team, they cannot lose to teams like Virginia. Winning strengthens the brand. BYU already has a lot of the intangibles, international fan base, ESPN contract etc.. They just need to win those big games.

Spanish Fork, UT

We have to win. Right now we deserve the way we are being treated. If we were performing like an elite team, the press would go to town on these conferences for excluding us. No one will go to bat for us because there isn't a good argument.

Beat a few good teams every year and whip the rest and the media will start screaming about the injustice of our exclusion.

For now, we've earned ignominy. Let's uplevel our performance in recruiting, coaching, and on the field.

Woods Cross, UT

If the ACC and SEC refuse to schedule BYU, but must play the Big 5, they will be filling slots on those other conference schedules that BYU would ordinarily have a shot at. It also reveals an inherent bias against BYU. BYU IS on the outside looking in. Unless the landscape changes (perfect season and/or the B12 comes calling), BYU football is going to go into a decline. The ESPN contract will not last forever.

Bronco, your team has to win. Or BYU football (and by extension BYU athletics) will go in the direction of BYU-Idaho and BYU-Hawaii.

Madison, SD

If the cougars would have taken care of business against ACC doormat Virginia last year, the vote may have been different. But I would hate to be Virginia in Provo this fall. They will feel the Coogs wrath: 55-7.

Madison, SD

Thanks Cecil Samuelson. Your work here is done. Enjoy your view of the carnage from your Crimson Club sofa.

Provo, UT

As a avid BYU fan it kills me to agree with Darth Vader Chris B but the PAC 12 will follow suit soon.
Tom Holmoe = Bagdad Bob ) and he is doing the TEXAS TWO STEP hold your breath Cougar Fans.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Chris B

"The Big 12 extended byu the lifeline of a lifetime and what did byu tell the big 12?

"Treat us like Texas because we are like Texas""

Did you just admit that a power conference wanted BYU? Wow!

BTW I do agree with you BYU should have humbly accepted the offer and reliquished their TV rights etc. I am still upset about that one.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

Big 12 Call Yet?,

How do you know what went on in the conversations between Holmoe & the Big 12? Were you present?

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

BYU has just been relegated to the kiddie table. If one more conference of the P5 refuses to recognize BYU as a P5 equal the others will be forced to do the same--and when that happens BYU football will be finished. Independence has failed miserably ESPN contract aside the decline is already started and will just snowball from here.


BYU fans can take comfort in the certainty that if the "power" conferences really do succeed in self-segregating into some kind of "Super" football Division I, thereby relegating everyone else into a de facto Division II, Congress ~will~ intervene. What happens at that point is anyone's guess, but the elitists will have asked for it.

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