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Published: Friday, May 16 2014 2:40 p.m. MDT

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Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Great player who will help us go to the NCAAs and beat Kentucky.


Sunny, where you been hiding? Carlino was never ridiculed for his play or for leaving BYU. Granted he had about as many detractors as attractors, however I believe we are all sorry to see him go. He brought the crowd to its feet on myriad occasions.

Kingwood, TX

He must be a walk-on for the 2014-15 season. One of the blessings of Carlino transferring was that is brought BYU down to the scholarship limit. I imagine he was invited to walk-on with the chance a gaining a scholarship.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Smart kid. He didn't want to be a ute. He probably will ride the bench or get cut due tot the powerhouse lineup BYU has coming in.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Why all of the comments about Utah? This Southern Utah University/Utah State transfer has nothing to do with Utah or big-time basketball. He went from the MWC to the HS gyms of the WCC. National media has Utah projected among the top several teams of the PAC 12 for this coming season. Things are looking great on the hill. Good luck with him.

Funny/witty screen name
Orem, UT

@stringer bell
How did utah fare in the HS gym last season of st mary's? This is a good pickup by byu. they will need some depth at the bench!!
Go Cougs!

Lindon, UT

A 6'7" kid who plays the 4 is always welcome at BYU and nearly every team can use depth at that position. I just wish he could play this next season. Like others, I wonder what going on up at USU. The Aggies have such a proud Bball tradition and I'd hate to see that change. Welcome aboard, Kyle. Have a good year in school and we'll see you on the court before you know it.

Stockton, CA

USU's apparent willingness to use whatever cheap administrative trick they can dig up to restrict and try to punish Kyle for leaving their program likely speaks directly to the reason he and others are leaving.

Tacoma, WA

I'm a grad of both USU and BYU. Can someone post what's going on in Aggieville that 3 players have transferred out recently?

Boo Ya!!!
Richfield, UT

HA! "cheap administrative trick" ?!?!?

That makes me laugh :-) USU did not have to allow him to transfer ANYWHERE because of NCAA rules.

Yep. Not a cheap trick but 'the rules.' Of course you want to limit him transferring to your opponents. You have spent a great deal of time and resources on him and do not want him to now use your resources against you, BUT will allow him to go somewhere else.

What is so difficult to understand about that?

btw: What does it say about this guy that this is his third transfer.

River Falls, WI

You've gotta love the insecurity of any Utah fan that needs to resort to something like "He went from the MWC to the HS gyms of the WCC", especially given that BYU had higher overall attendance than the Utes (by a long shot) and played more ranked and higher ranked teams. Oh, and they also went dancing. It's good to be a Cougar!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"National media has Utah projected among the top several teams of the PAC 12 for this coming season".

Stringer -

Does that mean utah is not amongst the bottom 3 or 4? It is pretty bold to proclaim you're in the "top several" when the grand total is only 12. lol.

Salem, OR

I'm looking forward to Davis's return to Logan in 2015 ?,, I'm sure Aggie Nation will have a warm reception awaiting him,,,, GO AGGIES !

Southern, UT

Smart move to get out of USU. Wish you would've stayed down south but what can you do? Good choice leaving USU Davis.

Frisco, TX

Looking at the pipeline of talent coming to the Cougs the next few years, the four position looks like the only spot where we could use some depth. With that said, Kyle will have an opportunity to make an impact. My guess is he will back-up Aytes during his two years in Provo.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Tom in CA

Top two or three, take your pick.

Mesa, AZ

Down under--

"Smart kid. He didn't want to be a ute. He probably will ride the bench or get cut due tot the powerhouse lineup BYU has coming in."

What byu fan fails to realize is byu only getting more of the same w/most recent recruits in skilled O players who've never heard of D and, as a result, continues getting identical results via early exits from Tourney....'Til dr preaches D/brings somebody in to teach it, they'll reap identical result....Forget about Mythical "NC", where FL team they lost to was equally named "NC"....Zero Mythical about Dancing, as UO brutally indicated....Beware stating S.L.C. demolition "flukish"....Coach K schooled dr, big-time, equal to provo previous year, but then w/a significantly less capable/more inexperienced team....He'll duplicate it this next year, save provo D miracle.

We had precisely one year w/soft OOC schedule, for obvious reasons when assembled, and already have two likely Top-10 teams scheduled for '14-'15, among others. UT/ST in WK 1 before they were good, Ls to every other school....Weak conference schedule....We're back! Beware!

Ogden, UT

Coach Stew has run-off five or six players in the past 12 plus months with "no" explanation by the individual players, Coach Stew or the University Athletic Department. Being an Aggie alum with a lot of very fond memories of the La Dell Andersen's years, I wonder just what's going on with the program and how Coach Stew keeps his job. This Davis kid wasn't a stud-impact player but he got the job done and had more than decent numbers. He would have been a great role model for new recruits to the program. There's no reason for him to have made the decision to leave USU other than there were big-time issues with Coach Stew............and this is one Aggie fan who'd love to find out what's the deal with Coach Stew in the past few years and why players are leaving the program in droves and why Coach Stew has no players to fill in the holes?????????????????????????

Lincoln City, OR

When it comes to recruiting... through any objective eye... BYU has been the class of the state and among the best in the west... Will this turn out to be a Final Four team in 16'-17' or 17'-18'??? Who knows, but the team will be loaded with the players and the coaches that can make that happen...

Haws and Emery in the back court... Aytes, Dastrup, Mika and now Davis in the paint... with studs such as Chapman, Hartsock, Andrus, Jackson, Toolson, Nixon in the mix... BYU will be a very tough team....

It's safe to say that for this 5 or 6 year period, BYU will be the class of the state (still)... Meanwhile, the utes will run their record against the Cougs from their current 2-11 mark to 2-17 over 13 years... And their winless record at the MC in Provo will go from 9 years and running to 15 year and running.

A real disappointment, not only for the big bad pac12, but more so for the 6 NCAA Division I teams in the Beehive state who have traditionally enjoyed a strong image in the world of College Basketball.

St Louis, MO

Oddman, I'm one Y fan who is not "sorry to see (Carlino) go." That doesn't mean I'm rooting against him, but BYU was not going anywhere with him running the point. I value consistency and good decision-making (in both passing and shot selection) in a PG, and those are not things Carlino brought to the table. He proved long ago that you can never have any idea what he's going to give you on a given day. He also proved he's basically a 40% shooter, 30%-ish from 3. No thanks. Give someone else the minutes for experience's sake and hope it pays off in 2-3 years.

I hope this Davis kid can give us something and that the Haws 2/Dastrup/Emery years are all they're cracked up to be. I am suppressing my enthusiasm, though, having lived through the supposed glory years of Bradley, the Reids, and Roberts. Like so many other BYU teams, they were pretty good but that's it. "Pretty good" is getting old.

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