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Published: Thursday, May 15 2014 7:20 p.m. MDT

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Liberty For All
Cedar, UT

AG Reyes is fighting for the family not against anyone. The state is looking out for the best interest of the child. Every child deserves to be raised by their mother and father.


Liberty For All,

So you believe this 18 month old child should be taken away from her natural mother and placed into a foster program?

Houston, TX

"Supporters of the Learys have called the state's action mean-spirited."

It is mean-spirited to make the above statement.


"Kimberly and Amber Leary, who have been together six years, married and petitioned for an adoption during the brief time same-sex marriage was legal in Utah. They had spent three years planning for their daughter, who was born to Amber Leary and is now 18 months old."

Mission Viejo, CA

Liberty For All, regardless of what the State does, that's not going to change this child's living situation unless the State will be in the business of forcing parents to become heterosexually married.

What the child does deserve is the protection of being legally connected to both the child's biological mother and her legally-wed wife.

Salt Lake City, UT

The couple must have known the state might not recognize their adoption given they hurried and tried to tie it all together during the lapse created by an activist judge.....I mean the article does say they were planing for three years? It should have been clear that UTah may have not been the safest place to risk your adoption of your child given all the other states around who would have rubber stamped it like Washington or Oregon!

Blue AZ Cougar
Chandler, AZ

"They had spent three years planning for their daughter, who was born to Amber Leary and is now 18 months old. Stone finalized the adoption on March 26, making them the legal parents of the child. But when the Learys asked the health department to amend the birth certificate with both their names, it refused on the advice of the attorney general's office."

This is a cheap excuse for a lawsuit. It's a birth certificate, not a parenthood certificate. How does one logically amend a birth certificate to list two females? That's biologically impossible. Birth certificates aren't amended when people divorce and marry someone else, so why should it happen in this case? This isn't even a SS issue, this is a logical issue. It doesn't make any sense.

Liberty For All
Cedar, UT

This is not about the interests of adults its about the best interest of the child. Furthermore it demeans the institution of marriage to promote these kind of relationships to something other than being child centric. The state is supporting the common sense belief by the majority of the state and its church that a child does best with a mother and father. I think a better understanding of the Proclamation to the World is in order.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Attorney General is fighting a mean spirited battle against two loving parents and it is shameful. The judge hopefully will find them in contempt.

Liberty For All, your name hardly denotes liberty for all, it denotes liberty for those who you think deserve it. That isn't liberty for all.

truth in all its forms
henderson, NV

"To have amended the birth certificates as directed by the court would have put the office of vital statistics in a position of having to recognize the marriages and to accord them government benefits, which they believe violates Utah law." This case is simple gay marriage is illegal in Utah therefor the state office had no other choice under Utah law. The state department acted as they should and obeyed the law of the people on this one.

equal protection
Cedar, UT

“Preserving the 'traditional institution of marriage’ is just a kinder way of describing the State’s moral disapproval of same-sex couples” - Lawrence, 539 U.S. AT 601 Justice Scalia

Sounds exactly like what AG Reyes is trying to do here.

Northeast Kingdom
Portland, OR

"Rosky said the court gave the attorney general's office, which took the position that all same-sex marriages in Utah are on hold, the opportunity to object to the adoption, but it declined."

They had the opportunity to object, but they didn't. Now they are running afoul of a court order. They should absolutely be held in contempt.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Blue: When a child is adopted, the birth certificate is changed to reflect the legal parents. When a couple divorces, the parents, although no longer married, are still the legal parents of the child. As long as they are both still recognized as legal parents, the birth certificate is not changed and step-parents are not allowed to adopt.

Should one (or both) of the parents on the birth certificate surrender their parental rights or have them vacated by the courts, the child becomes eligible for adoption - and once that adoption is completed, the birth certificate is changed to reflect the legal parents.

This has been done for generations. (There is usually a sealed original birth certificate listing the bio mom - hence the whole searching for your bio parents thing instead of just looking at the birth certificate.)

Additionally, many children have only one parent listed on their birth certificate - if the parents are unmarried, they must both agree to have the father's name on the certificate. If the child was conceived with donor sperm, there is no "father" to be listed. (At least eight of Nadya Suleman's children have no father listed on their birth certificates.)

Harrison Bergeron
Holladay , UT

We have become an oligarchy of judges. Somehow I hope we can take back our country and restore our once great representative republic.

American Fork, UT

The AG is an agenda lapdog. All he has to do is explain it. We'll see it for what it is.

Liberty For All
Cedar, UT

Thank you Sean Reyes in standing up for traditional values. Children are not pets or fashion accessories.

Salt Lake City, UT

I hope this question doesn't come off as offensive to anyone, but I have a question that I need clarification on:In Traditional family settings, it is usually the majority of the time the wife (the mother) that stays home and raises the children as the husband (the father) goes to work and provides for his family. With same Sex Couples and their families, how is it determined who "stays at home"? It is an honest, sincere question that has came to my mind as all of these legal battles have been happening and it would help me better understand the LGBT community. Thanks!

Coasting H
Provo, UT

AG Reyes is not attempting to ignore, defy, or be in contempt. The office reached out to the UT Supreme CT for clarification of the law, and is waitng for an answer. A lower court is demanding an answer now from AG Reyes. Why would not the lower court desire the same thing as the office - waiting for clarification to ensure the interpretation of the law is maintained? I do not see anyone here asking why are they not also fighting to have the father's name on the birth certificate? They desire the natural monther as the article states where is the natural father? It takes a man and woman to have a child, not two of the same sex.

Mchenry, IL

You don't have to be married to be on a birth certificate. The argument is bogus.

Provo, UT

I find that most of the opposition to marriage equality is mean spirited and contemptuous.

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