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Published: Thursday, May 15 2014 5:20 p.m. MDT

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Corona, CA

Cougar fans should be very worried about the future of their program, who knows in 10 years the program could be another Idaho or San Jose State or just flat out nothing, that athletic director better work some magic to get into a power conference or else BYU is doomed for disaster.

But as a Utah fan I'm not worried about BYU, whatever happens to them I could care less, all I know are my Utes are the Pac-12!! And they aren't going anywhere, anytime soon.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I am an alum of a Big 12 school. The Big 12 schools will never take BYU as a member. You should all stop wasting your breathe on that one. Remember conference affiliation is all about money. BYU doesn't bring enough to the table. Why would they want to divide their pie up into smaller pieces? When the Big 12 does add 2 more teams they will be large State schools. BYU's best bet for the future is to go back to the MWC, with hat in hand, and ask to please get in. THEN they can challenge the top programs in that conference to raise the commitment level ( translate as "money spent on football") THEN the undefeated winner of that conference would make it in to the playoff system. AF,Fresno State, SD State, and Boise, could all build strong programs.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

From Nick Saban this week on the matter of scheduling for the power conferences:

"If it was totally up to me, I'd say you've got to play all 12 games in the Big 5" conferences"

Yep, that's the direction we're heading, just like I've been saying

Power 5 = Division 1

mid majors = new division II

Only division I(power 5) will go to playoffs and division II(mid majors) can schedule their own playoffs if they want, but will not be part of division I football.

I told you its coming. And you'd better believe what Saban says carries weight.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Why didn't byu get an exception?


The same reason new mexico state, Utah state, and Wyoming didn't. You are all mid-major teams.

The whole point of the rule is to prevent their teams from playing many mid-majors.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Based on the ACC and SEC snubbing BYU there is no reason to think the PAC12, BIG10, and BIG12 will feel any different towards BYU."

Well I mean not all is lost. Consider a few things.
1. BYU has a lot of games scheduled against PAC schools (and not just Utah) in the next half dozen years.
2. The ACC and SEC are just saying that BYU can't count as their required P5 game. However, there's still 4 non-conference games a year, 1 will be P5, 1 will be FCS probably, and that leaves two others. Look at Georgia Tech last year who played BYU, that schedule would work (Georgia would be the mandated P5 out of conference game).

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

This is a perfect example of why no conference has invited byu - they think they deserve more than they do.

Such arrogance on the part of byu to tell the SEC and ACC that they deserve something that Wyoming or boise or UNLV doesn't. You are all mid-majors and the big conferences should treat you all the same.

You are a mid-major.

The sooner byu fans accept that the better

Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT

The Big 12 was clearly willing to work around the sunday issue or they wouldn't have even talked to byu. They know sunday issue isn't negotiable for byu.

When the big 12 was willing to work with byu, byu should have dropped to their knees and thanked the Big 12 and oferred to do whatever they could(not sunday issue we've already addressed that the big 12 knows byu wont change) to help work it out.

Instead, in typical byu fashion, byu thought they deserved more than they do, and burned yet another bridge.

Danbury, CT

Let's win games and THEN worry about our schedule.

Columbus, OH


I certainly have no idea what the future holds, but just because you attended a Big 12 school gives you no inside knowledge on whether or not BYU enters the fold. Should the Big 12 decide to add any teams, I'm sure BYU is near the top of their list. You say they don't bring much to the table, but their following is considerably larger than at least half the Big 12. Their stadium is bigger than 8 of the 10 Big 12 teams, and on competitiveness, I see them middling. The other concern that has been expressed in the past by the likes of Texas is that adding more teams gives those teams greater access to recruiting in Texas, which dilutes the product. That's not a concern with BYU because their recruiting base is unlikely to change, regardless of affiliation. You say the Big 12 will want large state schools, why? They're clearly not averse to private schools--they already have 2, and one was a recent acquisition. As to size, who's really available geographically? Houston, Louisville? The first is larger, but has no national following, and the latter is smaller than BYU. The 2 choices are likely Louisville and BYU.

Darren Rowe
Heber City, UT

Chris B

Nick Saban also was in favor of a 9 game SEC schedule. That didn't happen.

Does Nick Saban's opinion carry weight? Absolutely

But other coaches don't just blindly follow his opinions. They strongly opposed it with the 9 game schedule, and his opinion got crushed by the other coaches.

I'm not disagreeing with anything in your comment, I'm just pointing out that while Saban's opinion matters, it ultimately needs to still get support from other coaches. He doesn't make the rules, he just complains for different ones.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Hey Chris, you forgot to mention the other aspect from the Saban interview earlier this week, when he was talking about schedules in relation to bowl eligibility.

This was taken from the same ESPN article you referenced, "He (Saban) suggested choosing bowl teams similarly to how the national championship contenders will be picked.

"So if you win five games and you played a great schedule and you had a couple of significant wins, you could still go to a bowl game," Saban said. "But as long as you have to win six games to be in a bowl game, people are not going to be in favor of strength of schedule.""

He wasn't directly referencing byu with that quote, but it fits perfectly. At least our byu friends will always have their bowl eligibility to brag about. Congrats I guess?

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Frankly, I would rather be a mid-major that is flourishing such as BYU and BSU than a Big-5 that is floundering such as you-know-who-U-are and Colorado.

KVN/Hoff want 0-4 against UTAH
Ogden, UT

Don't they know about 1984?

Don't they know about our games on ESPNu?

Don't they know about our fans in China every other country?

Don't they care about all our quest t-shirts?

I'm just so confused as to why the ACC and SEC don't view us as a power conference team. We basically are, we're just trying to decide which big conference to join.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ Flashback

"Utah has never beat Miami, Texas, Oklahoma, Pitt, etc."

BYU has never beaten Alabama, Stanford, Marshall, Kansas, Iowa State, Louisville, Indiana, ect.

Spanish Fork, UT

I am really not liking independence. I will never stop going to the games or watching them, but I am bored. Am I the only one that misses playing for a conference championship? I am always full of excitement in September, but with one loss my interest begins to fade and every game feels like an exhibition. I am not saying that independence is not the best option, I am just saying that it gets boring sometimes.

Nibley, UT

Gotta agree with Ed Grady. It has been a long time since BYU, Utah, and TCU have been relevant. Utah can crow all they want about their P5 membership, but bottom line is that until Utah wins a game or two in the PAC 10+2 they will not be relevant either. My perception is that all the BYU haters are using this as a sign the Cougars are in a death spiral. Are the Cougars going to go away.....no. They will continue to have the resources and facilities of big time programs. However, that being said, even the most devout Cougar has to question why they can no longer compete with the P5 Conferences on the field. The last 4 losses to Utah were huge, losing to Virginia last year was embarassing, losing again in the bowl game to Washington killed BYU again. To be relevant, both the Cougars and the Utes have to get better....a lot better. Utes, until you win, don't crow about your P5 membership. BYU is as close to a playoff game as you are.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


You keep drinking the blue cool aid that Tom Holmoe is pouring, if that quenches your thirst. The problem is the college football world is changing and BYU is trying to stick with what has always worked for it. Yes, BYU has always played one or two big name teams each year and probably will continue to do that, but that isn't enough any more. That is why Utah jumped at the chance to get into the Pac 12. It was either that or be shut out of the opportunity for a title. 2008 proved to all Utes that going undefeated just isn't enough. You have to play the tougher schedules. The Utes now play the same caliber teams almost every week that BYU gets only a few times each year.

It is also worth noting that the Pac 12, Big 12 and Big 10 basically did the same thing as the SEC and ACC without stating it outright when they went to 9 conference games. Limiting teams to 3 non-conference opponents each year makes it hard for teams to play BYU on a regular basis.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ed Grady "Stop blaming Holmoe for this bind. BYU football just needs to get better."
Holmoe carried out his marching orders to take BYU independent. He was successful.

Was independence a mistake? Is BYU in a bind? That depends on the mission.
Is it exposure?
Nothing in the ACC and SEC decision keeps Tom Holmoe from assembling an independent nation-wide 12 game schedule.

Is it to be considered a power team?
BYU needs to win against a power schedule.

Is it to compete for an NC?
BYU is in a bind here. The first component is strength of schedule. BYU will have to assemble a schedule with 9 P5 opponents. Holmoe should be doing that now, even if it doesn't come together for 10 years.


@ silent lurker.

BYU Football may become irrelevant if they can't get to a good conference. They may eventually disband their team. An unfortunate scenarios indeed but in the grand scheme of things not all that important. If I was a BYU graduate I would be more concerned about education than football. BYU is already ranked #78 in graduate earnings (Utah #228) I would concentrate on elevating the already stellar academics at BYU. It's great that Utah is in the PAC 12. BYU will never be in the PAC 12. But Utah will never reach BYU's academic and career success due to mediocre undergraduate education. I am sure that Harvard and Yale wish they were in the PAC-12 too but oh well I guess they will just take the education and the career opportunities instead. Darn!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


You made a great point, although I don't think you meant it this way. The Utes play Big 5 teams every week. We don't have to worry about building a schedule strong enough. Last year we had on of the toughest schedules in the country, mostly because of our conference games. This year will be about the same. Yes, it is taking a while to get up to Pac 12 speed, but when we do we will be in a position to take advantage of everything major college athletics has to offer.

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