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Published: Thursday, May 15 2014 5:20 p.m. MDT

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Las Vegas, NV

@ JapanCougar

"On the current trajectory, I think BYU would be wise to jump ship and spend their time, effort, and money on improving educational opportunities and bolstering other sports. Georgetown is an excellent model for a school with fantastic academics and athletics without a D1 football team. (Not to mention that none of the Ivy League schools waste their time and money trying to field a "semi-professional" D1 football team.)

I'll be interested to see what happens in the next year to D1 football."

I don't think BYU will remove football, but admittedly I'm a bigger BYU basketball fan than I am a BYU football fan, so for me going with a Georgetown model of excellence in athletics is something I'm not opposed to.

Kearns, UT

Let's see what happens when BYU kicks the snot out of Virginia. What will the ACC say then?

Virginia Beach, Va

Football should join Big 12 asap with bended knee. BYUTv can then start showing BYU Rugby again with ESPN out of the picture.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

This news proves that Chris Hill saw it coming a long time ago, when he dropped BYU to play Michigan in a home-and-home. Y fans panicked then, too; not knowing they were just preparing for the inevitable slide into mid-major oblivion.

Kearns, UT

Utah has never beat Miami, Texas, Oklahoma, Pitt, etc.

Syracuse, UT

I think BYU made a bad mistake in going independent. I think they have a much higher opinion of their drawing power than actually exists. TV money is nice but do you really want to be a Thursday night fixture? I was going to quip that they could always start scheduling the Univ. Of Idaho home and home the same year but I see that even the Vandals now are members of a conference. The Sun Belt to be exact, starting in July. So they probably don't have slots for very many non-conference games.
I think if a decent conference offer comes along BYU should jump at it. I don't see this independent gig getting any better.

Kearns, UT

TXAfganVet, the sign is still there. They moved it from the top of the hill to the bottom. Kind of like the U's status in the PAC 10.

Zip Code Dude from Provo, since when did the Utes have national prominence?

Omaha, NE

RBB power conference teams do not need BYU to fill stadiums. Nebraska has sold out for 30 years. When the Y plays them next year they will get the standard 500 visiting team tickets. When they play the bottom of those conferences they fill some empty seats. The Y home stadium is smaller than many power conference stadiums. Florida doesn't need to travel 2000 miles to play in front of 66000 people.

West Jordan, UT

Its simple. If your going to schedule ACC or SEC teams, you need to win those games to get noticed.

I prefer watching BYU Rugby anyways and I would invite all to attend their games. Its great for kids and families (non stop 40 minute halfs)because there is no stop in the action and its on going so they dont get bored. My opinion, there are better role models on the rugby squad.

SEC Rules
Seminole, FL

If I were battling for Conference Title, would I pad my open schedule with the likes of BYU, or would I play a cupcake like Idaho State? Let's see...go to Provo and get beat up risk my National ranking, or go to Idaho State where my third string can get playing time and guarantee a win?

"Hello Mcfly..." "Hello."

Draper, UT

It probably won't happen in my lifetime but I see BYU athletics eventually going the way of BYU-Idaho and BYU-Hawaii. If one takes a serious and unbiased look at the mission of the school's owners, athletics really don't come into play (so to speak). IMO, "Go Cougars" has little to do with "Enter to learn, go forth to serve."

Cedar Hills, UT

On the surface you wouldn't think this means much. I mean, it's a basketball conference right? Not so. With FSU , Clemson and even Duke finishing in the top 25 last year, this is very bad news for the cougs.

BYU lost to the worst team in the ACC last year people! Long gone are the Bobby Bowden vs Lavell days too.

Maybe the focus should be on volleyball and track.

West Jordan, UT

BYU will do fine. The ACC and maybe the SEC can still put BYU on the schedule. If any of the 5 conference teams want to strengthen their schedule they would also have the option of putting BYU on it rather than LA Monroe; Tenn Tech; Indiana; Missouri; Tulsa; etc;

What I find amusing in all this is the whaling and nashing of teeth when the 4 selected teams for the first playoff this year will include the SEC Champion and one other SEC 1 loss team; then the other two teams will come for either the PAC12; Big 12; ACC (maybe) and Big 10; Could be two teams (2) in the "Power 5" that might be undefeated, but has a weak non-conference schedule and wont' get a bite of the apple.

For BYU, they not only need to win games but blow-out the opposition and take no prisoners. When they do that, the media will pay attention and BYU will again be on the radar as a top program--until that happens, we'll just have to enjoy the games as they are played.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Let's be honest - BYU, Utah and TCU have ALL become irrelevant since leaving the MWC. Just because you belong to a Big-5 conference doesn't guarantee relevance. Do you really really think that Vanderbilt and Mississippi State are relevant. Do you really think that Kansas and Iowa State are relevant? Do you really think that Duke and North Carolina State are relevant? And finally, do you really think that Utah and Colorado are relevant?

Layton, UT


"Utah has never beat Miami, Texas, Oklahoma, Pitt, etc."
flashback to the 05 Fiesta Bowl. Utah-35 Pittsburg-7

"since when did the Utes have national prominence?
flashback to 04.
flashback to 08.
flashback to June 17,2010. "Utah officially accepts Pac 10 invitation"
flashback to Oct 12,2013. Utah-27 Stanford-21

Salt Lake City, Utah

Hans Olsen said it best yesterday on the air. " I hope BYU fans are ready for BYU football to be just for entertainment value."

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

the committee does not necessarily weigh a Power 5 game more than a non-power 5 game. The committee is just supposed to look at SOS.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

One last comment. Stop blaming Holmoe for this bind. If BYU were more competive against Big-5 competition, they may have been granted that exemption from the ACC and SEC. In other words, when you have 15 bowl practices - use them all and don't blow off 6 of them with Alan Iverson-like excuses. BYU football just needs to get better.

South Jordan, Utah

BYU football is inching closer and closer to the edge. I have been as big a BYU fan as any, attending games since the 1970s. But if the attitude with the uppity ups at BYU is that everything will fall into place just because we are BYU - then I think they are going to be in for a rude awakening.

I don't know if they really had a chance to join the Big 12 at one point, but if they did then Holmoe messed up big time.

I would hate to see it all end, but won't shed any tears if it does. I'm tired of the rivalry, tired of having an average program at best, and am at the point of life where I realize that there are much more important things to occupy my time with than sports.

Simpe Spectator
St.George, UT

I think that a lot of people are showing a lack of respect for BYU. We have to remember, they won a national championship 30 years ago against an un-ranked 6-6 Michigan team! give them credit where credit us due!!

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