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Published: Thursday, May 15 2014 5:20 p.m. MDT

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Lincoln City, OR

I am a huge Coug fan but I am not so much of a Holmoe fan... We had the opportunity to sneak into the Big 12 back when it was considered very "Risky" but instead the wrong cooks got into the kitchen and we are now facing the results of the mismanagement of that group... (Holmoe was part of that group as was Samuelson and members of the Trustees unnamed and a gaggle of Lawyers).

We should have been on bended knee asking for admittance instead of acting like the ultimate Prima Dona... That one mismanagement of events have probably set the BYU Football Program back 10 years...

Having said all of that... To consider BYU less than a Power 5 team is a mockery to their scale and I believe that it reflects the fact that these ratings decision makers are considering other things than besides that which takes place on the grid iron... History clearly shows that BYU's, Boise State's, UCF's, Houston's, San Diego State's, Northern Iowa's, Navy's, etc. have Football Programs year in and year out that are much stronger than those of the lower 60% in most all of the Power Conferences...

Cosmo's Cousin
Holladay, UT

None of this will matter. BYU will be in the Big 12 soon when the Administration decides to accept an invitation.

Ken Lee
Pasadena, CA

besides Stanford…which top tier PAC12 team has UTAH ever beat since joining their own conference? USC? ASU? WA? ORE? All the tough games were losses….definition of a doormat conference team….an occasional good game….that's it. Ute fans need to relax….nothing going on there.

CO Ute

@truth -
"The only reason Utah is ahead of BYU against the PAC 12 is because BYU hasn't played Colorado five times......."

Before insulting a poster and their U of U education, you should look up some facts or you look really silly. Utah has played Colorado 3 times since joining the PAC 12 and only won two of those games. Additionally the winning percentage vs PAC 12 teams for Utah if we could count the 3 wins in head to head games with BYU, an occurrence that has happened more often than beating Colorado.

Any more insults you want to throw out?

Salt Lake City, Utah

byu is the real winner in all of this. Think about it, if the exception had been granted by the ACC and SEC, byu would have had to start playing some semblance of a real schedule. With being denied, byu and its fans can beat up on the Savannah States, UNLV's, and Middle Tennessee's of college football, and then congratulate one another after each 'successful' season and appearance in the Whatever Bowl. All that comes at the same time of belittling Utah for playing a real schedule in a real conference, and kidding themselves by saying Independence is superior to being in a Power 5 conference.

Lincoln City, OR

and so head to head matchups don't matter in this comparison)... So, given that, over 40 years BYU's record is 29-32 (48% winning percentage)... Utah's record is 25-53 (32% winning percentage)... Why 40 years (because it's a long time and that is when Lavelle Edwards became the BYU head coach)...

If we just did the last 3 years BYU has gone 2-2 (50%) and Utah has gone 9-18 (33%).

What I find interesting is that BYU has beaten more big bad pac12 teams over 40 years than the utes have despite the fact that the utes have played pac12 teams 17 more times... Ouch.

West Jordan, Utah

BYU can still accomplish what they want. Sure it was somewhat of bad news today. But there is only one national champion a year. I get the desire to be in the mix for the mickey mouse playoff allure, but even as a lifelong Ute fan, I think BYU has better odds of going undefeated with their schedule than Utah does at winning the PAC 12. The problem I see is that the bulk of BYU's schedule is boring for many of their fans. Then again, they have ESPN and 'exposure' so it's all relative.

What does Utah have? Many exciting match ups every year. The downside is more losses and less odds at a winning record. I am happy with Utah as a PAC 12 member and would rather the road be tougher except when I let BYU fans get under my skin about record comparisons that are not comparable to begin with. I think Utah could be good enough to be a solid PAC 12 team but they still need to build depth which comes from more wins (catch 22). Most of all Utah needs Whittingham to pick the right QB and have him stay healthy every couple hundred years.

West Jordan, Utah


You wrote "Clearly the ESPN exposure and all time #25 prestigious program didn't mean much to the SEC and ACC."

I think that is partially true but what this says to me is that schools and conferences will look after their own interests and leaving BYU out has a number of reasons removed from all time prestige type thinking.

Getting into a Power 5 conference is looking tough for BYU right now but that could change if so called power conferences go with 16 teams or redo their whole makeup without alliances with each other.

The immediate concern for me if I was a BYU fan would be finding some sort of legit schedule. Last year it sounded nice to play Notre Dame, Wisconsin and Texas. Yet when you looked at the rest of the schedule it took away respect for BYU's SOS.

The thing is though, BYU can be fresh and get up for the few big games they have and run the table with the weaker teams and have a shot at a really big game. If BYU is going to go undefeated it's now with an awful schedule and a talented and maturing Taysom Hill.

West Jordan, Utah

@Blue Husky

"BYU will have plenty of chances of beating big 5 teams. They'll play them in bowls."

Or they will play teams like Tulsa and UTEP in the whatever bowl in some new destination that BYU contracts with. The solid schedule argument by BYU fans (remember this?) was just wait after the first season or two of independence and Tom Holmoe will pull a rabbit out of his hat and the schedule will no longer be an issue. The reality is that the schedule is looking bleaker and bleaker relative to being considered a legit schedule at all. But hey, it's true you will go bowling somewhere every year BYU fans. And you can make fun of Utah when they go 5-7. However you you might want to make fun of TCU as well. Despite being the cream of the crop in the MWC, TCU like Utah, struggles to reach a winning record in a power 5 conference. Playing BCS schools means playing BCS athletes. And yes there are bad teams like WSU and Colorado who have those athletes. In the war of attrition that is football, it means more wear and tear on the roster.

West Jordan, Utah

All is well. Schedule Virginia. ACC or not, they will play BYU.

Apo, AP

I'm a big BYU football fan who has watched their games weekly from Asia and Europe. I'd love to see them join a nice conference and have success in so doing. That said, I think college football is necrosing. The recent moves by the "power conferences" are simply hurting the sport and I don't think they're done with their self-injurious behaviors. With a future of paid athletes, recruiting will change significantly. We're seeing college football turn into the NFL minor league (perhaps even with ties to NFL teams) with a primary focus on revenue.

On the current trajectory, I think BYU would be wise to jump ship and spend their time, effort, and money on improving educational opportunities and bolstering other sports. Georgetown is an excellent model for a school with fantastic academics and athletics without a D1 football team. (Not to mention that none of the Ivy League schools waste their time and money trying to field a "semi-professional" D1 football team.)

I'll be interested to see what happens in the next year to D1 football.

Dallas, TX

I've said it before, I'll say it again. BYU probably will need to eventually join one of the big five conferences. But they do have some very attractive qualities that other programs don't have. They're game attendance is in the top 30 (~61,000 in 2013, u was around 45,000), they travel well because of the LDS membership around the country, and the broadcast facility doesn't hurt. Any conference that they land in would have to open to allowing in a faith based organization. That rules out the PAC 10.2 (or Baylor and Texas would be PAC schools now and Utah would still be in the Mountain West).

There is a lot of ute energy spent commenting on BYU articles. Have any of you noticed that your utes have done worse in the PAC since you joined. Without the prospect of a win over BYU this year, u better win or Kyle will need to polish his resume. And don't forget, losing does impact recruiting. Notice BYU out recruited the u this year. Last time I was in Utah, I noticed the "welcome to PAC country" billboard was gone. I guess the "welcome mat" status was becoming too obvious.

Las Vegas, NV

Last I checked teams in college football play 12 regular season games not 9. ACC and SEC only have it regulated in their respective conferences to play 8 conference games and 1 power 5 conference game, but how about the other 3? Does this make it harder for BYU to play SEC and ACC teams? A little. But you would think at least if I was a power conference team I would pack those other 3 games with strong mid-major teams to maintain a strong strength-of-schedule for playoff access. BYU would be an attractive team to schedule since they fit that mode, as well as Boise State, Fresno State, etc.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

As a Cougar fan (on the wane), I agree completely with agarrett

I'm not panicked, I'm angry and frustrated! just like I get when the coach makes bad play calls. Independence was a very bad call.


It's ironic that one who uses the screen name "TRUTH" dishes out an untruthful statement.

Utah has played Colorado 3 times recently, not 5 times like he claimed.

Canton, GA

@ BlueHusky : Your analysis is correct! JUST WIN BABY! Have faith in Tom & the other BYU leaders. Bronco will continue to provide stellar defensive leadership. We need some good running playmakers & who knows, our QB might be the Johnny Football of 2014 this season. Just say'n, "Have A Little Faith Folks". It's gonna be an interesting year for certain!

Sandy, UT

Stop the panic BYU fans. Plenty of teams will schedule BYU because of $. BYU fills stadiums and plenty of schools have pressure to make sure that their football teams make money to float the rest of their sports programs. Plus, by not playing Utah for the next two years BYU's record will improve. Convincing everyone you are a national power is hard when you keep losing to a mid-lever Pac-12 team is difficult.

Logan, UT

"ESPN & Bleacher Report both ranked BYU as the all time #25 most prestigious program. (ahead of Utah, which was ranked #43 & #45 respectively)"

I'm curious how BYU can be the #25 most prestigious program if BYU has exactly one NC and there are exactly 41 programs which have two or more NCs. The 25 teams with the most NCs all have at least 5 of them, or 3, depending on who you ask. Either way, there's no way BYU is the 25th "most prestigious" when there are 40 schools ahead of it in terms of national championships alone.

J. Richardson

To all the Ute fans commenting on this BYU article, congrats on getting into the P12. You deserved to get in as much as anyone else. But realize that you got in as Larry Scott's plan B. So you hit the CFB lottery. Again, you deserve to be in the P12 as much as anyone. You're also a very bad P12 team. Welcome to mediocrity. Hopefully you'll improve and see some success and soon. If not, K Whit will be looking for a job next year. Now, go concern yourself with your team and quit worrying about BYU.

To all the BYU fans upset that we aren't in a P5 conference...that can only happen if an invite to join is extended. That hasn't happened. If it does then BYU will accept. That leaves only one option: Independence + ESPN. NO. OTHER. OPTION. IS. VIABLE. Not rejoining the MWC. Not football only in the B12. Nothing. So quit your hand wringing and enjoy the very positive direction that Tom Holmoe is taking the FB team.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

When will BYU fans wake up? Keep drinking the blue "kool aid" and BYU will soon become irrelevant. The ACC and SEC have just relegated BYU the the little kids table. ie. mid major status. If either the BIG 12 or Big 10 do the same the PAC 12 will have to follow suit. If that happens then how often will P5 teams want to schedule BYU? It's time to admit that independence is not working and pursue or be willing to make some comprises to get into a P5 conference. BYU was too prideful to work with conferences when much of the realignment was taking place--and now they are paying the price for it.

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