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Published: Thursday, May 15 2014 5:20 p.m. MDT

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Could the Utes ever fly has an Independent? Nope"

I honestly don't know why cougar fans think the 2-time BCS bowl winning Utes couldn't have left the MWC to play WAC football until it imploded under the gravity of its own midmajoreyness, and then scheduled a slew of midmajor cupcakes to fill out a season. Why WOULDN'T the Utes have been able to do that? The FBS if FULL of teams who'd made that happen: Utah St, Idaho, NM State, W Kentucky, Georgia St, etc. If THEY could do it, so could we.

Except that we just don't want to. Membership in an elite conference is so much better.

Darren Rowe
Heber City, UT

BYU shouldn't push the panic button for these reasons:

1- It appears more likely that the P5 conferences won't separate completely from the smaller conferences until every power conference plays by the same rules. Same number of teams, games, etc. So more realignment needs to take place before the split, and BYU might slide in.

2- The ACC already has 14 and will likely add Notre Dame soon. Then they will probably go to 16. Assuming everyone plays under the same format, each conference will need 16. This means the Big 10 and SEC add 2 more, and the Pac-12 adds 4 and the Big 12 adds 6. So the Pac-12 and Big 12 would add a combined 10 teams, which would mostly be from the Western U.S., where BYU, Boise, Houston, SDSU, and Fresno are the best teams.

3- There is also a good chance the NCAA will lose it's affiliation with college football when this split occurs. Therefore, college football would become separate from other college sports. This would make it easier for BYU to join because Sunday play is not an issue for college football. It's an issue for other sports. BYU could very realistically be a football-only Big 12 member.

Riley Mendenhall
Provo, UT


You already pushed the panic button when you made the impromptu decision to go independent after Utah went to the Pac-12.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Darren Rowe:

"This means the Big 10 and SEC add 2 more, and the Pac-12 adds 4 and the Big 12 adds 6. So the Pac-12 and Big 12 would add a combined 10 teams, which would mostly be from the Western U.S., where BYU, Boise, Houston, SDSU, and Fresno are the best teams."

Not necessarily. What if the BigTen and SEC each added 2 more teams...from the Big 12? And what if the Pac-12 ALSO raided the Big 12, poaching 4? That drops the Big 12 down to 2 teams, or folds entirely.

If the Big 12 tried to survive, they'd have to add a bunch of MWC and CUSA teams, but then that conference wouldn't be a "Power 5" league anymore, and they'd be booted to the "midmajor" ranks like the Big [L]East/AAC.

If the Big 12 folded because they had only 2 teams remaining -- like the WAC -- those 2 remaining teams would be picked up by the MWC and/or CUSA. And since those leagues are ALREADY "midmajors", adding the 2 "unwanted" Big 12 teams wouldn't change that...

...and the cougars would be "midmajors" forever.

Those are the most likely scenerios.


As an avid BYU fan, let me just say this: I hate Independence, and the WCC is even worse. Get us in the Big 12, or else send us back to the MWC. Let's stop pretending like Independence is better. MWC has more access to a BCS bowl now then they did when BYU was in the conference (top non-AQ team gets an automatic bid), and Boise State has worked out a deal with ESPN, so surely BYU could too. Get us outta here Holmoe. This whole thing is a joke.

Salt Lake City, UT

Uteology must have graduated from U of U......

Winning percentage vs PAC-12 since leaving the MWC:

Utah - 34%
BYU - 28%

The only reason Utah is ahead of BYU against the PAC 12 is because BYU hasn't played Colorado five times.......


Perhaps the best thing is to remove football from the equation. The stadium could be removed and other education programs built on the site. Does football really matters that much? The utes could represent the State on the grid iron.

And keep in mind that BYU graduates are ranked 78 nationally in future salary. Utah is ranked 228. I don't think that football matters nearly as much as the education opportunities and career salary. I would never trade our academic superiority for a place in the PAC-12 conference. BYU will never join the pac 12 and utah will never offer the top quality education that BYU offers.

Berryville, VA

When life give you lemons...I am all for BYU opening up to other sports. This country puts wayyyyyy too much focus on Basketball and Football.

I have enjoyed those sports but there are more sports out there to play that not many people are playing!

BYU should diversify into more sports just like the diversity of its' student body.

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

These characters know that BYU has a history of rising up and swatting down the occasional big fb program so it's easier to use this excuse to avoid BYU. It may have been a while but the possibility always exists, especially at LES. Let 'em play scared. They know it is safer to play a local second tier team that can use the money and guarantee a victory.

Draper, UT

The whole concept of the "Power 5" is ridiculous elitism. It's all about money and power. Look at college basketball. Imagine all the incredible games we've seen over the years that wouldn't have happened. What if the NFL, MLB, NBA or the NHL did the same thing? I don't care which side of the fence a person sits on this one. It's bad for the sport. Does Kansas have any more right, other than by association, than Boise State to be part of the Power 5? It's shameful the NCAA even allows this.

Look at what the BCS did to college football. It destroyed conferences. The Mountain West was on it's way to becoming a great conference with Utah, BYU, Boise St, TCU, San Diego St, Air Force. You could add Utah State to that mix. But now the conference is diminished and the WAC is obliterated because of it. I hope everyone can see what's happening. Unlike in college basketball, a Butler type program will never play for the national championship. They are locking out everyone not part of the "Power 5". Elitism isn't American. Achievement is. Achievement should be incentivized not crushed.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I'm so mad. Byu has way more national titles than the Acc ever did.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

I don't think the announcement is that big of deal. If any team's #1 marquee non-conference game is BYU, that team would already slightly have been in trouble about SOS for the playoff committee. BYU is typically a 20-40 top team. If a team is really looking to impress the committee, they need a top 15 or top 10 out of conference win. ACC and SEC teams that in general are looking to boost their SOS can very well still schedule a game against BYU in addition to scheduling a game against a team from the power 5 conferences. BYU is a great #2 non conference game for those power teams. And for half of the Power 5 teams who are pretty average, it does not hurt BYU that much to play Central Florida or Boise St. instead of them.


Truth: Utah also hasn't played Colorado five times. They've played them three. They've also played Stanford, Oregon, Washington, USC, UCLA...


Virginia Beach, Va said:

"While listening to the Tim Brando show this morning on Sirus radio the commentator said BYU has got to find a conference and look for the Cougars to find one soon. It is not good news when the ACC and SEC say no thanks. Run to the Big 12 while you can...if you can."

If BYU was able to join the Big 12, the state of Utah would be the only state in the Pac 12 footprint part of two major conferences. That would be cool and interesting for football fans there. Imagine the same weekend with Oregon at Utah, and Oklahoma at BYU.

Problem is both Texas and BYU have egos to go along with their own TV deals.

And yes BYU fans like to talk about Utah's record in the PAC 12. Even though they are recent members. Be careful what you wish for. Never, ever in the history of BYU football have they played quality teams week after week. You would not get an easy ride in the Big 12.

Layton, UT

At what point does byu replace holmoe with a new AD that can start a fresh dialog?...And leave that hd truck home.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

ACC, SEC can/will still play BYU, it just won’t count as meeting requirement of 1 game vs. non-conference Power 5 team—Brett McMurphy (@McMurphyESPN)

BYU fans, don’t blame the ACC or SEC. Under the new bowl alignment “strength of schedule” rules! And it is the committee that has determined only games against the PowerConference 5 + Notre Dame will be considered as the highest level of competition. So all 5 "powerConferences and ND can schedule BYU - the issue is Will they?

Keep in mind the critical issue is strength of schedule. When the PAC-12 plays 9 conference games and a league championship game all teams will have 9 and 2 will have 10 games against the highest level of competition. In addition some teams will also schedule games against other conference teams such as Utah vs. Michigan, USC vas ND, etc. This means that those conferences that only play 8 league games will have to schedule 1-3 games against the other PowerConference 5 + ND. Significantly restricting the number of other games they can schedule. And it is very unlikely they will schedule games they could possibly lose outside those PowerConference games. Don't know how they regard BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT

This decision by the ACC and the SEC has far greater implications for the Utes than the Cougars! Now schools in those conferences will be knocking on the doors of schools like Colorado, Washington State, and Utah from the PAC 12. These match-ups would meet the scheduling requirement and would be good a good trade off for games previously scheduled with out-of-conference powers such as Stetson, Cumberland, and Valdosta State.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, UT

Uteology must have graduated from U of U......

Winning percentage vs PAC-12 since leaving the MWC:

Utah - 34%
BYU - 28%

The only reason Utah is ahead of BYU against the PAC 12 is because BYU hasn't played Colorado five times.......


Neither has Utah. Yes I did graduate from the U, where I learned how to do some research:

BYU's two wins were over 3-9 @Oregon State and 3-9 Washington State: 6-18 (25%)
Utah's two wins THIS year were over 11-3 Stanford and 4-8 Colorado: 15-26 (58%)

As I said, BYU has prospered over Bo Diddly Techs!


Can you say monopoly and antitrust ? The so called power 5 are swimming in deep waters by forcing their teams to only play amongst themselves! Their greed will catch up to them and it won't necessaryly be BYU that takes them to court. The other leagues that don't fit into the description , Boise State USU and members of their conferences are also paying the price that BYU is of now paying!

Ken Lee
Pasadena, CA

Relax...Not sure why we should worry so much about this, just WIN. Remember, these conferences want "power 5" games to enhance their school's strength of schedule. So, we will bring a lot to that table on the remaining two games that are still not committed for each of these teams. Why would a school avoid a team like BYU that has a national following, a sold out 65,000 seat stadium, a national DirecTV channel, and an ENHANCED STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE vs some Div II, UNLV, or Wyoming type team? Either they want the best SOS or they don't. We have to keep winning and have 10 win seasons in bad years and 11 win seasons in average years, and undefeated seasons every few years…if we do that, we will be in HOT demand, one way or another. Losing last year to Utah, Virginia, and Washington in a bowl game is inexcusable. Last year should have been an 11 win season….an average year. Beating Wisconsin and Notre Dame rather than 10 point losses would have made it a great year. Utah? they can keep bringing up the rear in the PAC12 and cashing their checks for the beatings.

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