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Published: Thursday, May 15 2014 5:20 p.m. MDT

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West Point , UT

Apparently the DN won't print any of my responses...and they were legitimate and non-confrontational.

To sum up...MP:
I was referring to the many Utah fans who believe they earned their spot on the field, when in fact it appears their research status and TV market were what got them in. That's not me saying they didn't earn their spot, it's saying I don't think they "earned" it for the reasons most Utah fans want to claim.

River Falls, WI

Frantic and emotional? I think a good definition for that would be posting 12+ times on an article about your rival, a team you supposedly "left behind."

Number of games PAC12 Utes have scheduled with the ACC and SEC in the next few years = ZERO
Number of games BYU has scheduled with ACC or SEC teams in next few years = 3

Other teams BYU already has on their schedule: Texas, UCF, Boise State (x10), Cal (x2), Nebraska, Michigan, Cincy (x2), UCONN (x2), USU, Arizona (x2), West Virginia, Wisconsin (x2), USC (x3), ASU (x2), Stanford (x4), and Notre Dame (x4).

Woods Cross, UT

Naval Vet:

Somehow I don't think you know what the word frantic really means. If you think I'm frantic because I used "made-up" numbers, then take the numbers out of the equation and my point still stands. In the MWC, Utah was always at or near the top. Since joining the PAC 12, they have been at or near the bottom. As for the emotional part, of course it "felt good." Just like I'm sure you and your fellow BYU haters "feel good" when you post.

Crestucky, FL

Uteology: Forget percentsge. Utah has FAR, MORE LOSES against PAC-* team than BYU since leaving the MWC!

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