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Published: Thursday, May 15 2014 1:05 p.m. MDT

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Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Great to see all these schools doing such a good job of remembering these kids are students first, since most of them will need that education and will not compete in their sports for a living.

As a bonus it is great to see the Utes doing the best job of all the major in-state schools. Go Utes!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

And once again we see why the University of Utah was such an attractive option to the Pac 12.

Great athletic
Great academics
Research institution
Classy fan base

Thanks for working hard on and off the field guys!

Keep up the good work


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Also interesting report coming out today regarding byu is the ACC's decision to NOT treat byu like a power conference team and NOT give them an exception. Why? Simple. They are a mid major, with focus on the "mid" part rather than the "major"

Logan, UT

Well, that kinda blows up some myths...

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We are good on academics and byu is not good on academics because they are not in a power conference like we are and the report proves it.

Go Utes!

Logan, UT

Actually Utah State scored 981, which is better than both Utah, BYU, and Weber.

Salt Lake City, UT

APR is based on the percentage of scholarship athletes who graduate within six years.

BYU's APR is skewed because of the large percentage of athletes who serve missions.

An athlete who serves a two-year mission and takes five years to graduate (which is very typical of students nation-wide) wouldn't meet the NCAA's standard for graduating within six years, even though the athlete was only enrolled in school for five years.

Given that very real handicap, it's remarkable that BYU does as well as they do.

If APR was calculated on the number of years BYU athletes were actually enrolled in school, BYU's APR would be much, much higher.

Utah and Utah State also have the same handicap, but to a much lesser degree.

Why, AZ

Here are the 2012-2013 Football APR by school.

USU 988
Utes 970
SUU 950
BYU 938
Weber 938

I am surprised that BYU is that low. Good job USU they are in the Top 5 for APR in Football.

Why, AZ

Some more facts from the NCAA website

Highest 2012-13 APR for FBS Programs

1) Texas, Louisville 1,000

3) Air Force 997

4) Stanford 995

5) UCF, Minnesota, Utah State, South Carolina, Wisconsin 994

10) Indiana, Rutgers 991

Highest Multi-Year APR for FBS Programs

1) Duke 992

2) Northwestern 991

3) Wisconsin 989

4) Boise State, Utah State 988

6) Stanford 984

7) Clemson, Georgia Tech 983

9) Boston College 981

10) Missouri, Nebraska, Rutgers, South Carolina 980

14) UCLA 979

15) UCF 978

Greeley, CO

Noodles says USU's APR is higher than BOTH Utah, BYU, and Weber. lol

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Fact Chequer,

You need to check your facts

From the KSL link in the article:

Relative to retention calculation for BYU student-athletes who embark on LDS missionary service, the NCAA says that "Legislated exceptions/allowable exclusions include student-athletes who...have participated in official religious missions."

In other words, academically-eligible student-athletes who leave BYU to serve church missions do not negatively impact the school's retention components"

Check your facts next time

Santa Monica, CA

I would love to see a similar report that includes all students. Not just student athletes. It would be interesting to see what the rankings look like as far as acadamic success and graduation rates for all students.

Santa Monica, CA

...follow up...

Checked the stats on Utah's big 3 for all students (not just student athletes)

4 year graduation rate: BYU 30%, USU 27%, utah 22%
6 year graduation rate: BYU 77%, utah 58%, USU 55%
8 year graduation rate: BYU 85%, utah 71%, USU 60%

Average SAT/ACT scores: BYU 1912/28, utah 1695/22, USU 1642/21

Make with that what you will. And Cletus? Athletic conference affiliation has nothing to do with graduation rates for the entire student body and very little for student athletes. I don't know what you think this report proves. Both utah and BYU are excellent in academics. utah especially so for medicine and BYU especially so for business/law. USU great as well with biology/agriculture.

And Chris B. Classy fan base? That's funny.

The Anti Chris
Salt Lake City, UT

Now if the utes could actually win some games in major sports that would be something. I am guessing that moral victories must have counted more than an actual victories in regarding the u's ranking.

Las Vegas, NV

Leave it to Chris B to turn this into a conference affiliation thing!

Cletus: love your TIC posts! Awesome!

Congratulations to all of the schools for hitting the high marks, unlike UNLV!

Go Utes!


As someone who took classes at both BYU and Utah I just want to point out that BYU's freshman classes are significantly more difficult than the general classes at the U. At the U if I put in a decent amount of work and did all the reading I could usually pull off an A.
At BYU I would spend hours and hours studying and doing extra practice tests and I would be lucky to get a C+.
Both are great academic institutions, but something needs to be said about the difficulty at BYU compared to Utah.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


AS for conference affiliation, if you've got it, flaunt it!

Anaheim, CA

As FACTchequer pointed out, APR is based on the percentage of scholarship athletes that graduate within 6 years. Here are the number of returned missionaries on the 2013 rosters for BYU, Utah State, and Utah.

BYU 45
Utah State 23
Utah 19

When over half of your athletes (45 of 85) aren't even enrolled in school for two of those six years, it's difficult to maintain a high APR. Base the calculation on the number of years athletes are actually enrolled in school (an apples to apples comparison) and BYU's APR would easily surpass USU and Utah.

Utah Alum
Orem, UT


I also attended both schools, graduated from the U, and I can confirm that your experience was very similar to my experience - classes at the Y were much more rigorous than they were at the U.

Alpine Blue
Alpine, UT

In spite of Chris B/Naval Vet (along with other BYU-hater trolls) continued almost daily insistence that BYU is "only a mid-Major" program, that Bleacher Report (never a great BYU supporter) has for the past year been including BYU and Notre Dame in their list of 68 Major Football programs. This list of 68 include the 66 members of the Big 5 BCS conferences along with these two independent programs.

Hate to explode your urban legend myth, but impartial (unlike you) minds do understand that the BYU brand is much more than a mid-Major, but indeed a true Major program. And much more a major brand than certain poor sister members of these major conferences to include Vanderbilt, Iowa State, Virginia, Indiana, Utah, Ole Miss, Washington State, et al.

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