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Published: Thursday, May 15 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Be not deceived. This is not about the well-being of you, me, and the country. Rather it is about cheap labor and enhanced North American church membership recruitment opportunities.

Greed and weakness of faith are causing various parties in this state to compromise basic principles of right and wrong.

Murray, UT

McLaughlin & Associates is a polling company that guarantees their results will support a company or organizations stand on a specific issue. With billions of dollars at stake they are not going to arrive at a position that discredits the person paying for the poll.

This is another push to allow business to replace our STEM graduates with foreign citizens. We already produce 3 STEM graduates for every new job opening each year.

Far East USA, SC

From what I have seen, this article is misleading.

Yes, given the right set of circumstances, I think that you could get 70+ % of Tea Partyers to favor immigration reform.

But, lets look at Marco Rubio's plan. This plan was overwhelmingly rejected by the Tea Party.

1) submit biometric data in order to pass multiple national security and criminal background checks
2) Pay $2,000 in fines, pay taxes, and learn English and American civics.
3) Wait at least 10 years and get in line behind those working through the immigration system.
4) Wait until we have a system in place to prevent illegal immigrants from being hired.
5) Wait until we have a system in place to track people who overstay their visas.
6) Wait until we implement plans to spend at least $5.5 billion dollars to secure the border

The Tea Party basically abandoned Rubio because of this immigration plan.

Can you imagine what would have to be in a plan that they would support?

clearfield, UT


Marco Rubios plan looks reasonable. What I wonder Joe is do you think the Democrats would support it, because I don't. I haven't heard from them yet on his plan, have you? If they would support it, then I think the vast majority of Republicans would see Marcos plan as a reasonable.

Far East USA, SC


Do I think the Dems would support it? Probably not.

But then, we are now in such a partisan environment, that the chance of either party supporting anything the other side proposes is slim.

Also, I dont think Rubios plan is really serious.

All of the "waits" in there are insuring that NOTHING is done for years and years if ever.

Seriously, what plan could ever "prevent illegal immigrants from being hired."

And this "Wait at least 10 years and get in line behind those working through the immigration system." What do they do in those 10 years? Are they allowed to stay? Realistically, how long are we looking at. 20 years? 30 years?

Because, at the end of the day, politicians would much rather TALK a good immigration strategy, than actually implement one.

And that goes for the GOP as well.

Murray, UT


If that is the Senate bill, your facts are incorrect. It contained language that allows any administration to stop the enforcement provisions. And gave waivers whenever they wanted to.

It never reimbursed those with stolen ids, or social security numbers for their costs to get their identity back. And the money paid went to a training program for citizenship. It also would have allowed 30 million to come here in ten years, the population of Canada. It also doubled legal immigration and tripled work visas. according to the Congressional budget office it would increase unemployment and decrease wages for decades. The bill was toxic to America, and he ended up backing away from it.

Far East USA, SC

"If that is the Senate bill, your facts are incorrect"

I never said it was the Senate Bill. I said it was Rubios plan.

And my facts could very well be wrong. They came from foxnews.

Google Rubio foxnews truth about my plan.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

And you believed the president? Wow, after all the things that have been said?
I have some swamp land..........

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

What the Democrats (and the Chamber of Commerce) want is nothing but amnesty, pure and simple, and the goal (at least for the Democrats) is to make all the illegals into voters before the 2016 elections. They, and their accomplices in the media will convince Latinos that the evil Republicans hate Hispanics and that the Democrats are their friends and saviors and thereby "ensure they will vote Democrat for 1200 years."

Sadly, capitulation on immigration "reform" by passing amnesty will seal the destruction of the rule of law as the foundation of our country, and accelerate our death spiral into pandering class warfare to perpetuate power by Democrats.

I doubt is amnesty can be stopped at this point. The Republicans lack the guts to even try any more.

Springville, UT

"Bodes well"? What you fail to report is the fact that this administration (without any complaint by you) released 36,000 criminals who were in this country illegally. Where's the compassion?

This is all about power and you know it, but think the rest of us can be duped by your phony calls for compassion and keeping families together, disregarding the future of this country, let alone the rule of law.

This is about one-party rule for the Democratic Party. This is about gaining congregants for churches. This is about cheap labor for businesses. That's it. These three main groups have personal agendas behind their push for amnesty. There's money and power to be gained by them. And none of the three groups cares at all if you lose your job or if this nation falls apart.

"Bodes well"? It depends on what you hope to gain.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

A "polling" organization WILL return any results you want - as long as you pay them enough money. Notice that the article doesn't dare get into specifics of HOW the polling was done.

Take the challenge - do you own "polling", count the number of comments here and on other sites that are AGAINST amnesty in any form. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that their polling is biased.

ANYBODY can say they represent the Tea Party, or the Republican Party, or the Democratic Party - that doesn't make it so.

This article simply points out the extent to which the cheap labor lobby will go to deceive the public. To them, this works MUCH cheaper than actually paying a fair wage.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


There will be no progress on anything...

other than progress the Republicans and the Republican Political Machine achieve...

taking down the Obama Administration...

as well as taking down any person who dares to run against the Republican Political Machine.

To verify...

source the Louis Powell Memo, action plans emanating from the Koch Republican Think Tanks (HF, AEI, CATO etc.) daily talking points memos directing Republican News Network and affiliates as well as Republican Political Machine emissaries Boehner and McConnell.

clearfield, UT


To prevent illegals from being hired would not be that difficult. A real geen card with biometrics, photo, fingerprint, bar codes and other non-counterfeitable measures. Require employers to verify before hiring. I used to work at a company in California that had many illegals. To get documents they went to McArthur Park near downtown L.A. and paid for phoney green card, SSN card, driver license, ect. The employer did not question the documents and was glad to have the "cheap" labor. Fine and or jail employers found to be hiring illegals and watch the influx of illegals dry up. However, we both know that the Republicans and Democrats see money and votes in not really wanting to create a system to stop illegals, so in the end nothing but talk ever happens. And if something does happen it likely will be more amnesty, no increased border enforcement, as was the case in 1986.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

In the opinion of this conservative Republican, who supported the Citizens United Decision, there is only one reason that Republicans are even talking immigration reform. That reason is the Citizens United Decision.

Big business wants amnesty so they can hire very cheap labor legally. I would not be surprised to find that these businesses went to the Republican leadership and told them: "If you pass immigration reform we will contribute millions to your party. If we don't we will give it to the Democrats."


It is obvious that a key strategy for Democrats is to stuff the ballot box with illegal votes from illegal aliens. Legalizing millions of future Democrat voters who are only here because they want free government money is committing treason against all things conservative. It is political suicide for anyone interested in a government that actually obeys the constitution. These people will never vote for anyone who supports the constitution.

If this happens, freedom will have zero success of becoming the norm before the second coming.

seattle, WA

Seems to me, and obvious from the posts so far, that there is zero tolerance for any immigration reform that might pass the US Congress and Senate, then signed by the President.

The bogeyman of the illegal haunts the nightmares of the conspiratorialist wacko fringe of the American public. And this tail wags the dog of the Republican party.

Common sense has left the country, and we are now dictated to by Fox news junkies. Sad.

Frozen Fractals
Salt Lake City, UT

"do you think the Democrats would support it, because I don't. I haven't heard from them yet on his plan, have you? If they would support it, then I think the vast majority of Republicans would see Marcos plan as a reasonable."

Republicans would be more likely to support Rubio's plan if Democrats got behind it? Usually Democratic support is treated as a sign for Republicans to jump off of something these last few years.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

You left out one major component of the rejected plan – citizenship. Why does citizenship even enter in? Why does it have to be included in any plan? Those conditions all sound good to me, but NOT if they lead to citizenship. Legal residency, OK, but NOT citizenship.

Frozen Fractals
Salt Lake City, UT

@The Rock
"It is obvious that a key strategy for Democrats is to stuff the ballot box with illegal votes from illegal aliens."

Except there's no evidence of that. Now, if you were merely arguing that they see electoral benefits in providing citizenship to a bunch of undocumented immigrants, yeah that's totally a legit observation.

clearfield, UT

Frozen Fractals

Well, what I think would happen is that Rubios plan would be seen as too involved for illegals to do, and the Democrats would not support it. The 10 year wait, the get in line at the end, the background check and biometric data, the fines, ect. would likely be seen by Democrats as asking too much of illegals and would be vetoed by Reid in the Senate. Reid does that by not bringing it up for a vote at all as he does with everything he does not like. If somehow it passed the Senate, President Obama would veto it. So if a Rubios bill ever got to the floor of the Senate it would likely be amended all over the place and end up not looking like the one Joe Blow listed above. And in that case, many Republicans previously supporting it would then jump ship.

salt lake city, UT

The GOP won't, can't lead on this or any other issue.

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