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Published: Thursday, May 15 2014 5:45 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

RE: John Charity Spring "The left-wing will stop at nothing in its efforts to destroy traditional marriage. This includes a relentless campaign in the media which denigrates traditional marriage. "

What? I honestly don't know what you're talking about. I am about as left as you can get, and I'm all for marriage and the family, as bulwarks against the destruction wrought by the market.

I guess you think leftists which support same sex marriage are necessarily attacking traditional marriage. I know of no leftists who see things that way.

Gilbert, AZ


You said;
"There's a difference between wanting gay people to have marriages too and wanting to destroy traditional marriage. "

No there appears to be no difference. That is what we are saying and no one is listening.

Look at marriage rates. Look at marriage rates of marrying age of those states with and without gay marriage. Look how it changes over time.

How is marriage doing in Massachusetts? In Denmark? Lowest state and country with regard to marriage.

Karen R.
Houston, TX

@ U-tar

If your comment was meant satirically, well done!

If it was meant sincerely, and if it accurately reflects the expectations of most males, then I think we've identified the problem! Males aren't reluctant to marry. They're just reluctant to marry a REAL woman. They're holding out for something that exists only in TV Land.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Also, many of them recognize that most women are primarily interested, either consciously or subconsciously, in a meal ticket so they can play house and live a life of ease,"

This is actually incredibly insulting to stay-at-home moms.

"Most Women now days are liberal, self centered, and do not know how to contribute to a partnership."

I've always questioned the matter of how partnerships are supposed to work when one is considered the "head of the household". But hey, I guess it works just like arguments over all-male Priesthood.

Salt Lake City, UT

"No there appears to be no difference. That is what we are saying and no one is listening. "

Why would we be for same-sex marriage and against opposite-sex marriage? It's the recognition of the good there is in marriage that leads us to push for same-sex marriage so that they can have that too. What I want too (contrary to many on your side of the political spectrum in this article comments, I'm a straight guy who'd like to marry someday).

"Look at marriage rates of marrying age of those states with and without gay marriage."

These states just have the attitude where people should marry if they want to and if they want to stay single that's okay too. That's not the same as wanting to destroy marriage unless to you marriage is the expectation that everyone is supposed to be growing up, getting married, and making some grandkids? If anything that detracts from that expectation is harmful to marriage in your book, then I guess you're right by your definitions. I just don't subscribe to your definitions.

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