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Published: Tuesday, May 13 2014 11:55 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

BYU should not receive any scheduling exemption greater than Utah State, Boise State, and others. If the 5 major conferences are requiring scheduling agreements with their member schools to insure a strength of schedule necessary to secure a spot in the 4 team playoff, why would they want to let a game against BYU count as a "major conference school" game ?

BYU fan doesn't care either. All they care about is 6 wins against the easiest competition they can find to insure attendance at a meaningless bowl game.

Bountiful, UT

Based on the same criteria, it should be even harder to exclude Army. And Navy has a Heisman winner, too... Roger Staubach.

If religious persecution is the angle to be played, let's hope the Jehovah's Witnesses don't create a university and field a football team, because they wouldn't be able to play on Saturday... which actually might make them a great opponent for BYU, playing week nights.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

They aren't notre dame and don't deserve the exception.

And frankly the sec doesn't care if it hurts byu, and they shouldn't.

Boise is a better program and what if they want an exception?

Or Fresno?

I will love it when the sec tells byu "no"

The power 5 are becoming division I and byu and the rest division II

Pretty soon the power 5 will permanently separate and form our own playoffs with the real national title.

The smaller schools can form their own playoffs or whatever, we don't care

pendleton, OR

The P5 is trying to separate the haves from the have nots. They need a reason to grant it.

West Valley, Utah

Oh come on Chris B, you are better than that. Use a different argument for a change. This is just becoming old. Are you simply copying and pasting from every other article you've ever commented on? Do you think it will actually make a difference for BYU's chances at the NC or the playoffs if they get the inclusion? Probably not. I say give it to them and let them see how they handle it. How many SEC teams have they played anyway? The answer: not many.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The SB article calls lesser teams in the power conferences: "worst power-conference teams"

That fits Utah very well! They won't get 6 wins so they'll enjoy their popcorn bowl for the holidays.

West Valley, Utah


I did my research and since 2002...ONE... ONE SEC team has scheduled BYU and that was OLD MISS. So as I said before, give them the exception. Chances are, SEC teams will still not schedule BYU so it makes very little difference, although now that BYU is independent they may get a couple more.

Highland , UT

I like how those first 4 posts are from utah "fans" desperate that it doesn't happen. if they truly "don't care" then they truly wouldn't care but of course their comments here prove otherwise. It truly cuts deep into their false sense of superiority (which is really just to mask their inferiority complex) that BYU is making independence viable and profitable. utah could never do such a thing, they have to depend on other much greater institutions to prop them up and carry them along like a charity case because they offer nothing on their own. Nothing.

We'll know when the delusional desires of chris b and 54iq are actually real when they are no longer commenting on each and every BYU article. Until that time their constant hysterical and frantic posts about everything BYU does will just continue to expose the inferiority they feel and their desperation to convince themselves otherwise. lol

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Isn't it intesting that no big time conference wants to invite byu?


If byu had half the value and was half the powerhouse byu fans think they are, every conference in the nation would be calling.

Maybe Holmoe is just busy deciding between the pac 12 and big 12 huh?

LOL. Keep telling yourself that

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Unfortunately, I believe that the majority of the posters on here are correct. I don't believe that BYU has done enough winning against the so called "power conferences" to convince them that playing and defeating BYU would enhance their resume for a playoff spot.

Until we (BYU) start winning the majority of our games against the schools in the power conferences, I don't see why they would include BYU in any scheduling plans.

Beaver, UT

Back to the original comment, let's not get carried away with Boise State. Over the past decade or so they've had a great program; and props to them for making it happen in Boise, which is at least as difficult a location as Provo. But they're still just a flash in the pan compared to BYU; and now they've got to survive the loss of Chris Peterson. Let's talk again in 20 years and see how things are going.

Salt Lake City, UT

"BYU is making independence viable"
Yes, BYU has done the best it can with independence - better than Utah could have done with independence. Kudos! But "viable" doesn't shed the "mid-major" label, and that is what the SEC and ACC are concerned about for scheduling.

The line is clearly being drawn. BYU should make an effort to get inside the circle, but Plan B isn't bad either. After the 65 break away, BYU could rule the remaining mid-majors. Think of the exposure to be had winning the Division 1B National Title. That's almost guaranteed to make Sports Center.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

All 65 teams in the p5 conferences do one thing that BYU does not do... play a minimum of 9 games against power conference opponents.

With a schedule consisting of a few P5 schools and mostly MWC and AAC schools, BYU does not consistently meet the competitive level of 9 P5 games.

There is no reason BYU'S schedule should be considered equivalent to a p5 schedule.

BYU can level the playing field by scheduling 9 p5 games a year or joining a p5 conference, but until then there is no justification for a BYU exemption.

Challenge to the Foe
Fargo, ND

Geez, so many jabs being exchanged today. I think it would be in the best interest of the SEC to allow the exception, because BYU provides name recognition in addition to being a quality opponent. Just look at what WSU almost did to Auburn last year. I think BYU could play spoiler to SEC teams more often than the likes of a WSU.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

BYU should not be granted an exception in any way shape or form.

Reason is simple -- if you allow BYU, why not allow every other G5 team to fill the requirement? And at that point, the requirement becomes useless.

It is not fair to the other G5 teams that BYU gets an exception and they don't, since they are all mid-majors.

Then you get to the argument of why does BYU deserve and exception when all the other G5 teams don't? BYU's recent win-loss record? The fact that their fans THINK they should be a power team? What?

Well then that argument goes down the drain once BYU experiences a lag in success, and other G5 teams not included experience a spike in success.

No, it's not fair so they should not give BYU anything. They haven't earned that respect.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Beaver, UT

They're still just a flash in the pan compared to BYU


When are you going to let go of the belief BYU deserves inclusion based on what they did 30 years ago... while other teams that have performed substantially better than BYU over the last decade don't?

Flash in the pan... you've got to be kidding. BSU has gone to and won multiple BCS games. They have been consistently ranked in the top 10. They have beaten numerous power conference and elite programs. They are now entering a slightly less successful stage, but their resume has a ton of accolades.

Meanwhile, BYU never made even one BCS bowl game, let alone won one. They have routinely gotten clobbered by nearly every elite program they have faced and consistently lost to power conference programs. All BYU has done over the last decade is show they can beat on a slate of dogs, and toss in a victory here and there over a moderately decent mid-major.

At least BSU has been a flash in the pan... while BYU can't even claim that status yet.

Lindon, UT

Many commenters here are fans of a conference and team completely irrelevant to this situation. Sure you can express an opinion but remember, it's a biased one. I hope BYU gets the exemption but don't think it will automatically doom the program if it doesn't. Many try to assert that just "being" in a big 5 conference automatically excuses any losses and makes you better. This simply isn't true as the article points out. I've long believed there are many lower level big 5 schools that are not as good as many "mid-major" teams. It's that haughty opinion that made Utah beating Alabama so fun to watch. It's also why some programs see adding BYU to their schedule as a way to boost their SOS. There are many reasons why adding BYU makes sense more than adding just any old mid-major team. Comparing an independent to teams in a conference isn't the right approach at all. I hope it happens and if it does, it could lead to a conference affiliation even if on a limited basis.

Beaver, UT


I'm going to forego any comment on a Ute fan that has the brass to say "routinely gotten clobbered by nearly every elite program they have faced and consistently lost to power conference programs", that's just way too easy a target given recent history.

Speaking of history, I bring it up because history matters! Notre Dame isn't being granted an exception based on their most recent 10 years of work. Before the last two years their performance was mediocre at best; evidenced by the revolving door on the coach's office in South Bend. True, BYU hasn't played in any BCS games but they were the ORIGINAL BCS busters! Utah and Boise were only allowed access to BCS games because of the uproar when BYU, and then BYU and Tulane were OBVIOUSLY excluded by the BCS committee DELIBERATELY. At that point the BCS either had to crack the door or Congress was going to begin anti-trust investigations.

Finally, granting an exception to BYU does not mean that every deserving "mid-major" team would have to be allowed. Being an Independent means that BYU is in a unique situation; all other teams belong to competing conferences.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"All 65 teams in the p5 conferences do one thing that BYU does not do... play a minimum of 9 games against power conference opponents"

What difference does it make if you play 9 games against PAC teams, if you lose the majority of those games?

4-5, 3-6, 2-7 says it all - you simply aren't good enough to compete in a power conference.

Salt Lake City, Utah

It's laughable that Utah fans are even involved in the discussion - the Utes haven't played an SEC team on the road in 40 years and they've never played an SEC team at home.

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