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Published: Monday, May 12 2014 10:55 p.m. MDT

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Captain L
Provo, UT

I'd love to see Hosick make the move to join the cougars, I think he would be a great replacement for when Hill leaves, with the new offensive scheme he would be a great fit. Watching his HS highlights he looks very much like Hill and seems to have a decent arms with the ability to make all the throws necessary. He has already used a redshirt year and if he joins the cougs and learns their system while he sits his required year he should be ready to step in a produce when Hill leaves.

Sandy, UT

So he wanted Kansas State and they weren't interested?
Dave Christensen knows all about him and Utah's not interested?
Missouri didn't want him enough to make him the starter?

Also interesting that he says something about magnum possibly not staying. I would think he would only mention that if the coaching staff gave indication of that possibility. Mangum must not be interested in what he's hearing about byu. He's presumably be the starter for at least a couple years, he must be getting attention from better schools.

Springville, UT

He sounds confident and it seems like he's not the least bit interested in the U.

It's a small world we live in, it's truly amazing how many of these like-minded people you run into these days.

Trent might be a good fit. Hope it happens.

Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT

Since deciding to transfer, did a single power conference program offer him? LIke Ken says, it seems there was a lot of interest with K-state, but that interest only went one way.

This likely pushes Tanner Mangum outside too. Bronco doesn't exactly have a good track record or developing highly prized recruits.

He couldn't develop Jake Heaps
and bronco's poor coaching decisions led byu to have a backup safety be his QB for 3 years instead of future NFL draft pick Brad Sorensen.

And now it appears Mangum is already wavering in his decision to return to go fast go hard byu.

I hope Tanner ends up with a prestigious Pac 12 program, and I bet he does.

Mark it Down - Tanner Mangum will transfer to a prestigious Pac 12 program

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

"We ate at literally all the best places in town," Hosick wrote. "We went bowling, went to the overlook of Provo, and a bunch of other stuff." WOW, tough to compete against that!

Monument, CO

This is a big mistake. This will be the third consecutive transfer we've accepted to take over a QB position, cutting out the kids who commit to the Y In the first place out of high school. Pretty soon, we are going to lose out on HS kids altogether. Why come? The coach will put a transfer in front of you anyway.

I'm pretty unhappy with this practice. It seems remarkably unfair to the kids who committed to the Y and then went on missions. Sorry - but this seems very low class to me. I am disappointed in Mendenhall.

This is not a troll. I am a big BYU fan. And I am very very disappointed.

Park City, UT


Sorry to burst your jealous crimson bubble, but he's better than Utah's QB heir apparent.

As far as Mangum not staying, of course Trent is hoping that Mangum won't stay, because Tanner would be his main competition. Trent joining BYU, won't have any impact on Tanner's decision to stay; he's already competed against the best and would likely relish the competition.

Unlike K Whit, Bronco understands that it's better to have too much talent at QB, than not enough.

Lindon, UT

I'm not jumping up and down about him. However, I am concerned about the hints that Mangum might not keep his commitment to BYU. I'm prefer to see Mangum as the starter and Hosick as a backup.

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

More indications that my fear will be realized, that Mangum will transfer to Boise State of some other school. BYU will lose out in this deal.

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT


You're seriously mocking a 4-star transfer who might get a chance to start in a couple of years, when the Utes are counting on a 3-star transfer who didn't even play spring ball to be their starter this fall?

Tanner Mangum isn't going anywhere, but it's laughable that you're wishfully hoping Tanner will leave BYU, since you were the one mocking BYU just a couple of years ago for recruiting an Idaho QB, when the Utes were signing a California recruit named Travis Wilson.

It's fun watching you drool over a BYU QB that you thought so little of when he signed with the Cougars.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Springville, UT
He sounds confident and it seems like he's not the least bit interested in the U.


Sounds like it worked out well then, seeing as how Utah didn't even bother to even try and contact him.

This guy was probably hoping to get an offer from Utah, but chose BYU when it was clear Utah wasn't interested.


Draper, UT

@ Big 12 Call Yet?

"Mark it Down - Tanner Mangum will transfer to a prestigious Pac 12 program"

So you mean he won't be playing in Utah?

Spanish Fork, UT

Tanner Mangum is committed to come to BYU. Hosick is a very good QB and it does not show much class to berate a young man or young woman who chooses to attend whatever univeristy. Good for him. Good for BYU. Utah has had some interesting transfers that have helped them out. Good for them.

Kaysville, UT

I would much rather hear that Tanner Mangum who was the C0-MVP for the elite 11 camp be our starting QB when he gets back from his mission. BYU needs a PP QB, enough of the Dual threat QBs. I love Taysom Hill but its his sheer athleticism that makes him good enough to make it work. But lets face it, Taysom is just a bigger better version of Riley Nelson. and I cant put up with another Riley Nelson fiasco, I just cant do it. And it sounds like this transfer kid would just be another Riley Nelson remake.

Stockton, CA

This guy already reminds me of the Jake Heaps ego. Hope he proves better than that.

Proud Ute

@Cordon Bleu,
Unlike K Whit, Bronco understands that it's better to have too much talent at QB, than not enough.

Then please explain how/why Ammon Olsen left leaving the QB shelf absolutely barren if Hill goes down.


My, my we have so many that have the ability to read between the lines of any story. I for one think that having two good qbacks competing against each other will make them both better. Injuries, unrealized potential, lack of IT, and myriad other things keep people from rising to their potential. If Magnum is afraid of the competition then so be it. The qback position is not inherited, it is earned and he has missionary legs and other issues to firm up and strengthen before taking over the position. I for one hope they both look forward and relish the opportunity to go head to head and may the best man win. Do NFL qbacks shy away from competiting for the job? Playing any position is earned and is not given because of entitlement.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Tanner Mangum is by far the best QB at BYU. The kid can flat out play! Not too sure about this guy, but only good things can come from more QB competition.

West Point , UT

First of all to our friendly neighborhood trolls...of course Utah didn't offer him, they have SEVEN QBs. Utah apparently thinks quantity trumps quality.

Second, Tanner Mangum struggled in his spring here working out for the team. He didn't exactly light it up, so he will have to work to earn the starting spot over anyone else. To our favorite troll...no he won't end up at a PAC12 school, he would go to Boise State most likely...but hey, that's a far better program than the one on the hill.

Finally, please stop with the Riley Nelson comparisons. Neither Taysom Hill or Trent Hosick are Riley Nelson. Both have stronger arms and more athleticism. Both need to improve passing the ball but both have MUCH higher upside the RN.

Palo Alto, CA

Proud Ute

"Then please explain how/why Ammon Olsen left leaving the QB shelf absolutely barren if Hill goes down."

He didn't.

Ammon Olsen left because he wanted to be a starter, which he knew he wasn't going to get as long as Taysom Hill stays healthy. There are still several quality QBs backing up Taysom.

Unlike Utah, which is hoping that an untested transfer that didn't even play spring ball can step in if Travis isn't cleared to play or continues to be a turnover machine.

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