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Published: Monday, May 12 2014 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Virginia Beach, VA

“Because conservative students do not take over buildings or drown others out with their shouting,” Wisse wrote, “instructors feel free to mock conservatives in the classroom, and administrators pay scant attention when their posters are torn down or their sensibilities offended."

No, that's not it.

Because "Conservative" students can't think critically and instead willfully soak up the blatant propaganda found with Right Wing web sites, FOX "NEWS" and Right Wing Radio "instructors feel free to mock conservatives in the classroom."

And why not?

Why should instructors reinforce the silly beliefs and prejudices of "Conservatives?"

School is for learning facts, and learning how to think critically, and both of those things are inconsistent with Right Wing ideology.

Mcallen, TX

Technology was going to improve education. Much funding to computers, and tablets.

Unfortunately, students increased the desire for playing games, and texting.

Education involves four simple things:

* researching
* putting their research into a presentable form
* effective study habits
* limited memorization

Forget the tests, accountability, and assessments. It doesn't work, and students are bored with it.

Let's change common core to learning core. Champions run alone!!

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "GaryO" then how do you explain the liberal professors who are devoid of fact, but only allow their liberal point of view in the classroom. There are numerous instances of liberal professors telling students that if they are conservative they will fail.

Read and watch the video on Fox News' website under the title "Ultra-liberal professor disrupts college Republican meeting with vulgar rant".

Also read "Conservative students vs. liberal profs" at NBC. There they state quite clearly that professors are largely liberal.

There are countless other documented cases where conservatives are shouted down because they don't agree with everything the professor says.

Why should professors only teach liberal dogma when college is meant to teach truths?

Howard Beal
Provo, UT


I generally agree with your premise about what education should be about. My only difference is that I think tablets, computers and even cell phones with internet access, can be tools for students to do these things more efficiently.

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