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Published: Sunday, May 11 2014 5:35 p.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

Darrell Garretson over Chuckie Keeton? What?
Where is the Sporting News writer getting his information?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I agree that makes the whole story suspect.

I'd be pleased if Taysom Hill proves to be the best quarterback in the state.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

BYU is listed third among the independents, behind Notre Dame and Navy but ahead of Army and Charlotte

Phoenix, AZ

Nine Pac-12 teams are projected for bowl games — nine! Only Cal, Colorado and Utah are not picked to go bowling this year.

West Point , UT

Smh...sounds to me like TSN is not getting any better in their assessment of teams and talent. No Chuckie Keeton, seriously? I'll wait for Phil Steele thank you very much.

Condescending Wonka
Salt Lake City, Utah

It's that time of year again-the pre-season talking heads are at it again. There might as well not even be a college football season, since the all-knowing oracles have prognosticated exactly everything that will happen this year. If you think that Keeton will start over Garretson, or that BYU is playing in the Miami Beach Bowl, and not the Hawaii Bowl, you're wrong.

Layton, UT

lol. The DN has a way of getting people riled up.
I'll go along with them.

byu the 3rd place independent is telling.
"Cougars have one demanding stretch through the month of October". lol.

Darrel Garretson...What?

A copy of the Sporting News Football Yearbook will get pinned up on the Utes bulletin board as soon as it arrives.

Sandy, UT

I think Utah will go bowling, but just barely. It will be even more challenging than last year, given we don't have the automatic win playing byu and take on Michigan instead. But I'd never wish it any other way. Beating byu just doenst do anything for our program anymore.

Murray, utah

utah won't be bowling at any time this decade and likely beyond. Rolling a ball down a wooden lane doesn't count.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Utah should eventually get back to six wins and a bowl game. This year though, I can't see how they are going to do it as this schedule is by far the most difficult the team has faced. I am quite confident the Utes will win the home opener. The Utes should be favored two or three times this season. Lets say they win those (Idaho State, Fresno State and Colorado). What are the other three wins they are going to get?

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We'll go bowling again for sure because we are real good win a lot of teams.

Go Utes!

Phoenix, AZ


"I think Utah will go bowling"

Alright, I'll bite. Exactly who do you think Utah is going to beat on their schedule to give them 6 wins?

Sandy, UT


I think the team is good enough that they will win 6 games. What if I predicted 6 wins and told you which ones I thought Utah would win and ended up being 2 wrong on the win column and 2 wrong on the loss column. That would mean I missed 4 games but still correctly predicted 6 wins. Would you say I was right or would you say I was way off base?

Do you have a favorite baseball team? If so, why don't you tell me how many games they'll win this year and which ones they'll win and which they'll lose.

Phoenix, AZ


If you predicted 6 wins and provided the teams you thought Utah would win, didn't win all of the ones you said, but still got to 6, I'd give you props.

"Do you have a favorite baseball team? If so, why don't you tell me how many games they'll win this year and which ones they'll win and which they'll lose."

This seems to come out of left field (pun intended) because predicting 12 college football games is vastly different than predicting 100+ MLB games. I'm not sure what you were trying to accomplish with that other than not answering my simple question about who you think Utah has a chance to beat this year. After reviewing their schedule which Utah fans love to boast about being so difficult, I don't see six wins in there even with another lucky Stanford type game. For your convenience, I've posted Utah's schedule:

Idaho St.
Fresno St.
Washington St.
@Oregon St.
@ Arizona State University

West Point , UT

Ken, I think what CougSundevil is trying to say is, he doesn't see where Utah gets 6 wins, and I agree with him.

Michigan- loss
Stanford (at Stanford)- loss
Oregon st (road)- loss
Oregon- loss
UCLA (road)- loss
ASU (road)- loss

...that's 6 losses, meaning that against USC, Wazzu, Colorado, Arizona, Fresno & Idaho St you have to go undefeated...not happening. I just don't see how Utah goes bowling this year. Secondary wasn't very good last year & U lost your best player back there. Lost your best pass rusher/LB. It's hard to imagine Utah being better this year, and they have 6 road games this year vs only 5 last year. Combine that with the always unexpected flop against an inferior opponent & it's hard to imagine U being anywhere but home for the holidays.

Mission Viejo, CA


Looking at the list for Utah, I'd guess they have a good chance to win the following;

Idaho State - gimme
Fresno State - not a gimme but at home
Washington State - not a gimme but at home
Colorado - nuff said

Michigan - BiG is overrated and they won't respect the Utes.
USC - maybe they could be had

That would be six. Maybe the upset would be Oregon State or ASU. I think they'll upset at least one team this year.

They got a chance.

Phoenix, AZ

Blue Husky,

"Colorado - nuff said"

I'd be with you on the Colorado prediction but that first loss to them when Utah could have played in the PAC-12 championship game still looms in my mind and that was the best team Utah has had since joining the PAC-12. I'm not sure about a win to Colorado. That one (as some utes like to point out) is their rivalry game which means anything can happen.

"Michigan - BiG is overrated..."

No argument that the BiG is overrated, but being in Michigan, I'm thinking the edge goes to the Wolverines. Perhaps I'll be surprised, as well as most of college nation, and Utah gets by Michigan, but I wouldn't bet on it. Of course Appalachian state.

"USC - maybe they could be had"

I would agree with you if USC still had Lane K. Now I don't see Utah winning that game. I could agree with you on Oregon St. You'll understand if I disagree on the ASU upset thing. Utah hasn't beat ASU since 1977. I'm going with tradition, and the home team there! I think at best it's 5-7. It's a tough schedule.

Pocatello, ID

Oh good, the preseason bickering and prognosticating has gotten it's second wind.

The games can't start soon enough, ugh.

Rexburg, ID

I get a big kick every time I see "fans" of a losing, doormat program post on BYU articles. It appears that BYU evokes strong, negative emotions out of those fans. I guess they figure it is better to post negative comments here than to waste their time trying to support their team; even if it is facing another losing season. Go figure.

Pocatello, ID


I didn't realize this is BYU article. You'll notice it includes information about Utah, Utah State, and Southern Utah.

Not only that it is linked to the Utah and Utah State pages.

Classic BYU fan mentality, though--oddly enough the world doesn't revolve around Provo.

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