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Published: Saturday, May 10 2014 4:15 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I don't think byu will do away with sports, but pretty soon all power conference schools will form their own division and only we will be able to qualify for the real national title and big time bowl games.

The mwc and wac and sun belt and schools like that(including byu and Utah state) will be able to form their own playoffs or do whatever they want

But we ARE moving towards the power conferences fully separating form the lesser schools.

But I do think byu and Utah state will be among the best of the new division II schools.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

The biggest difference between THE BYU sports teams and the Ricks College/other CES sports teams are the Millions and Millions of dollars earned by the sports programs earned by the football and basketball programs, all by themselves, independent of any tithing contributions from the LDS Church. Not to mention all of the support they give all the other Olympic sports that are even allowed to exist because of football and basketball funding.

Ricks Sports didn't have the fraction of the millions generated by the BYU Football and Basketball Programs


It would be a shame if BYU-Provo went the route of BYU Idaho and BYU Hawaii. The football program is iconic at BYU Provo and it seems to serve a purpose of getting the church out in a positive light.
I am not a BYU fan, but I really hope BYU Provo continues it's strong support of D1 athletics.

let's roll

A four team playoff in football is unsustainable in an environment where 5 conferences profess the title of "power conferences." There's no power in a conference that can get it's champion into the playoff.

I doubt the current 4 team format will last more than 2 or 3 years and then they'll go to 8, giving each of the conference champions a birth as well as 3 at large births.

Plus, if the Big 12 doesn't get their waiver of the 12 team minimum rule for a conference championship game, they'll have little choice but to expand to 12 teams since all the playoff births will be decided by a championship game.

Finally, if the larger conferences want to break away, they'll be able to avoid an anti-trust judgment only if they set standards and say they'll include anyone who agrees to maintain those standards.

The price tag for those standards will likely preclude most teams from signing on, but major independents like ND and BYU will have the financial means to meet the standards and will either join as independents or be absorbed into one of the participating conferences.

Clinton, UT

Great comment let's roll, I think you are right on the head. All that the ncaa has done, has not helped them in the anti trust area and it is still a monopoly, in fact, they have hurt their case. To be honest, until you include every single conference champion, sun belt, etc, then you will never have a true national champion in football, but only a mythical one. I love that byu won the championship in 1984, but until you have a real tournament, meaning inviting all conference champions, it will never be a true national championship...period. And saying it is does not make it one.

Salt Lake City, UT

"BYU seems unlikely to go the same route as smaller LDS schools. There’s too much visibility, i.e. missionary opportunity, for that"
Look no further than this state to see how the program divides, rather than unites. I know many LDS football fans who dislike BYU football. With such division, how is it a missionary tool?

Las Vegas Aggie
Logan, Utah

As I see it if the big 5 conferences leave out BYU they only have two real choices back to the MWC or drop out of sports and neither seem real, but something has to give.

Everyone seems the big 12 is just waiting for BYU to drop the Sunday play rule, which will never happen, but do they want to be in a league with local rival West Virgina?

Salt Lake City, UT

"since all the playoff births will be decided by a championship game."
Incorrect. A conference championship will be considered, but is not required.

"but until you have a real tournament, meaning inviting all conference champions"
I presume you mean all conference champions... in Division One. You're not suggesting that the playoff include all Division Two and Three champions, right?


Ziggy Ansah, Steve Young, and even Jim McMahon have opened doors for teaching the gospel for my son serving an LDS mission in the midwest. Jimmer Fredette too, for that matter.

Just because Ute fans don't like BYU doesn't prevent the influence of BYU and it's sports from being felt. Especially with the rise and growth of BYUtv in recent years.

Sandy, UT

Lets roll,

You are wrong if you think by law byu and non big power conference teams will have to have access to the national title. They don't currently have access to the rose bowl. They dont have access to the PAC 12 title game.

Where are the anti trust laws on that?

Why doesn't a school sue and demand access to the sec title ?


Break out the popcorn, this should be a fun thread.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


The Power 5 and Notre Dame could split into a new football tier, just like D1-A and D1-AA split. I can see an expanded playoffs to 8 teams, 5 champions and 3 at large bids. You'll never see a playoff with MWC, CUSA, etc. champions with an auto playoff spot.

Crisco B
Salt Lake City, UT

At least half of these comments will be about "Moving On." Yes, Yes, Yes, we get it, you have moved on from going to bowl games and started expending the left over energy on more worthwhile pursuits like commenting on DN boards.

Salt Lake City, UT

I severely doubt BYU is seriously considering dropping sports. While there are certainly battles about the "Y" versus the "I" (BYU-Idaho), the massive difference between BYU and other CES schools is that BYU is not all about inclusion. BYU-ID has a nice role; it allows many LDS students to go to school and participate in sports. BYU-ID turns no one away. BYU turns lots of people away. BYU is not about inclusion.

Also, I have said it before and will say it again: When Ricks was turned into BYU-ID, Rexburg saw the last of any money from my family. Sports were the only thing connecting us to the institution formerly known as Ricks College.

Crisco B
Salt Lake City, UT

Ken, hate to say it but I think it is actually safe to say that NO ONE in Utah has access to the PAC 12 title game or the Rose Bowl.

Pac 12 Pride
Salt Lake, UT


Spot on! The Power 5 conference and Notre Dame absolutely can form their own division if they want. There is no legal requirement to open up something to any college that wants a piece.

@lets roll: The requirements would be the same for everyone - earn a spot in a power conference and you can play in the power conference football tournament.

let's roll


One of us is a lawyer and based on your comment I can tell it's not you.

The AGs of a number of states have considered bringing anti-trust suits against the NCAA.

If you look at the history of the BCS, you'll discover that many of the rules governing BCS bowl selection were driven by compromise born of threats of anti-trust suits. It's very likely that Utah would have never played in a BCS bowl without changes in the rules that were the result, at least in part, of the concern about anti-trust suits. BTW, under the BCS rules, BYU did have the opportunity to play in the Rose Bowl (at least when it was the Rose Bowl's year to have the NC game).

@ SoonerUte

There's no rule that the 4 teams have to be Conference Champions, but since there are only 4 births, the only way a non-conference champion gets in is if the Conference champion is in as well (e.g. both teams in the SEC championship game might get in but no other conference will send anyone but their champion; and two conference champions will be left out). Ouch.

let's roll

The Big 12 has to be feeling incredible pressure to have a championship game in football. Not to do so makes them an easier target to be left out of the 4 team playoff. With other conferences being able to proffer their tournament champion, unless the Big 12 has an undefeated, unquestioned champion, they'll have to overcome the argument that there are 4 teams that won conference championship games in front of them.

And if the Big 12 has two teams with the same record at the top, or co-champions after the regular season, it will be far too easy to pass over both of them since they don't have a championship game to settle the matter.

BTW, there's no way BYU ever gets in a 4 team playoff with one loss. No chance, zero chance. Even if they're undefeated it will be an almost impossible task, again because they don't have the opportunity to win a conference championship game and their signature wins would be front-loaded in their schedule.

My best guess is that when things shake out they'll be 5 conferences with 14 teams each (and BYU will join one of them) and an 8 team playoff.

Santaquin, UT

BYU is and will remain an independent, thus we control our own destiny. Whatever the so called power 5 can dream up, BYU fans and donors can match, church monies are not and never have been part of the equasion! And,the power 5 can only declare their champion the power 5 champion, they cannot declare themselves the National Champion, simply because they have not yet played----BYU! We stay independent, we need not play on Sunday! And, there are plenty of teams left to schedule! And, because BYU can match every move made by the power 5, we'll also have that same recruiting advatage!

Layton, UT

Sooner Ute says:

"Look no further than this state to see how the program divides, rather than unites. I know many LDS football fans who dislike BYU football. With such division, how is it a missionary tool?"

So because many LDS fans don't like BYU football, BYU is devisive? It couldn't possibly be that the "many LDS fans you know who dislike BYU football" have other instate schools as their alma mater?

Let's turn your argument on its head: many LDS fans dislike Utah (the school of the prophets) football, therefore the Utah football program is devisive.

If you want to use non sequiturs, and logical fallacies to support your arguments so be it. But take your misplaced indignation somewhere else: it's "devisive."

If you want to use non sequit

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