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Published: Saturday, May 10 2014 2:05 p.m. MDT

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Spanish Fork, UT

Congrats to Jennifer for making motherhood her priority, and thanks to the DNews for this inspiring story. Very appropriate mothers day story.The Kruger boys are great athletes and great individuals. Deninate role models. No doubt much of their success is the result of the "10,000 whispers" from their mom. My only regret is they were not Cougars. Go Cougs

Highland , UT

Jennifer herself had the advantage of a great other and family. I grew up with them, her father was our stake president and married my wife and I. Great parents breed great children and it has shown for generations with her family.

Sandy, UT

Duckhunter -

Your coach really dropped the ball not getting those guys. A byu family from Utah county and bronco can't land them. Says a lot about how much they believed in bronco vs Kyle. And I imagine they haven't regretted it for one second! Go utes!

Darren Rowe
Heber City, UT

Chris B

What a ridiculous and biased comment.

BYU has had a player picked before utah both of the last two years, so your NFL comment is irrelevant. If you think Paul wouldn't have gone to the NFL if he went to BYU, you need to take off your red goggles. I will admit that Kyle Van Noy easily would have gotten drafted if he went to utah, because he and Paul are simply great athletes.

As for your "quest" part of the comment, utah will play all of their schedule (besides the Michigan game) tucked away in the west on the Pac-12 Network that nobody watches. BYU, on the other hand, will go on "quests" from California to Idaho to Texas to Tennessee to Connecticut to Florida.

Also, we will make a return "quest" to Florida at the end of the year. Hint: It's the type of "quest" utah never gets to enjoy.

Also, these "quests" will be on ESPN, so people will actually see them.

Holladay, UT

Whether you are a Ute or Cougar, this is a wonderful story of a dedicated Mother - Hurray to Mrs. Kruger.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Great family! We interviewed them all for a HomeSports video a year or so ago. Good, solid hard-working family that puts family first. We need more people like them.

Sandy, UT


Playing middle Tennessee is hardly a quest.

Don't you remember what a quest is? You are the team that made the shirts

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ Darren Rowe

"BYU has had a player picked before utah both of the last two years, so your NFL comment is irrelevant"

Doesn't matter who gets drafted first. Utah once again gets more players drafted in the NFL than BYU. This year is no different.

How many Utah players are on NFL rosters? How many BYU players are on NFL rosters?

That's what I thought!

Highland , UT


It is always amusing to read someone so willing to display their ignorance. First of all you obviously know nothing about Jennifer or her family. Her father, my stake president growing up, played football at the university of utah, so your ignorant comment about them being a BYU family is demonstrably wrong. Of course her brother, a good friend of mine, also played football at the university of utah. Now her father did work at BYU for many years, with the football team in particular, so their loyalties were divided, still are as they support both programs.

As for paul choosing kyle over Bronco, well that just isn't the case, he was recruited and signed before kyle or Bronco were the head coaches and he went to utah because they offered him as a qb, BYU did not.

And yes they are very proud of their association with the university of utah, as they should be, what they are not nearly so happy about is their association with utah "fans" like yourself and chris b, that causes them no end of consternation and more than a small amount of embarrassment.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


If you read an article recently about their family you would know its not nearly as divided as you make it to be. Even with a son playing at byu, they interviewed each member of the family and there wasn't a single one who said they preferred byu to Utah, and many made it clear they were Utah fans over byu(even with a son/brother at byU)

And the Reilly family is not only proud of the their Pac 12 affiliation and Utah affiliation, they are also proud Utah fans and know that Utah fans are the classiest in the state and some of the classiest in the entire nation.

We respect our fellow Pac 12 programs and treat opposing fans much better than byu does, always!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


They wanted to go on quests as opposed to just talking about them and they wanted to go the NFL, that's why they picked Utah.

Looking back Whittingham has sent many more guys to the NFL than bronco and 2 of the Kruger brothers went on undefeated BCS quests.

No byu player has gone on a quest in that time.

Trevor Reilly also NEVER lost to byu. He probably didn't want to go 0-4 in super bowl games, another reason he picked Utah.


Highland , UT


This article is about the Krugars, not the reilly's, did you even bother to read it?

But since you mention the reilly's here is a quote directly from trevor in an article in the trib this week which once again proves you wrong.

"I’ll be rooting for BYU this year because my brother [safety Drew Reilly] plays for them."


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