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Published: Saturday, May 10 2014 3:03 p.m. MDT

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Aurora, CO

A wonderful article to dispel the super mom myth. There is little doubt the expectations placed on women of the Church has lead to the high rate of rx drug use in the state. The stress placed on the wives of Bishops in particular is something we should start looking to correct.

West Jordan, UT

I noticed that Joseph Walker, not a mom, had to mostly quote a woman to write his comments on mother's day; just an observation, not judging. Here is my view on moms and dads--we do what needs doing. I'm going to state the obvious, each child brings their own issues to a family unit as does each parent. Why women compare themselves to media-hyped, fake TV moms, or the other moms in their neighborhood baffles me. I know many women who are confident and scared and smart and stupid.--we're all things. Some days we do a great job and other days we'd like to crawl under a rock. Some days are just boring and normal. It's rarely an either or. We just do what needs doing do the best of our ability in that moment. We as moms, wives, sisters, fathers, husbands, and brothers need to manage what we allow to stress us. Just be who you are and do what you can. Stop judging yourself and stop comparing it is useless and gets you nowhere.

Roy, UT

I appreciated Mr. Walker's thoughtful sentiments in his Mother's Day article very much. I disagree with MLBROWN. I don't believe Mr. Walker "had" to quote a woman to gain insight into the female psyche. My guess is the quotes were VERY loosely based on his associate's remarks, and used as a platform to express his admiration and empathy for women.

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