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Published: Friday, May 9 2014 2:30 p.m. MDT

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Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Congressional Republicans have the right to conduct an investigation if they so choose. The American people can make up their own minds on if it's legitimate or of a highly partisan political nature.

Salem, UT

It is true Hatch can remember the Nixon era- that is a testament to how Utah contributes to the overall dialogue in Washington

Salt Lake City, UT

This is where the Democrats went wrong. After 9-11 they should have had investigation after investigation,many hearings, about why Bush ignored warnings about Osama wanting to attack America. They should have kept up the drum beat for years. Instead they supported Bush. When Obama was elected, they should have had many committee hearings about Bush authorizing torture. Instead he said he wanted to "move forward". The dems just aren't nasty enough.

Lindon, UT

Of course he wasn't put on the committee. He's already made up his mind so would not be even remotely open to where the evidence might lead. I'm no BO supporter but even I can see how this would not have been a good thing. If the committee results are to be seen as legitimate, there must be some semblance of objectivity or at least a somewhat open mind.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Dang, isn't it a shame he's not on the committee.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Republicans will find nothing that suggests democrats(barack and Hillary mainly) acted improperly if they did nothing improper.

So there is no reason that this will benefit republicans unless democrats acted improperly.

So I find it funny that democrats think republicans will make this a political issue - why be worried they will find something if there isn't anything to find?

Salt Lake City, UT

That Chaffetz will not be able to use this as a political springboard has caused me to weep openly.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear McClark:

When the Obama Administration came into office they seriously considered charging members of the Bush Administration with war crimes. Lawyers who had worked for Bush were in serious jeopardy for merely submitting legal opinions. They made a serious attempt to criminalize politics. You can't get much nastier than that.

In addition, no torture was ever authorized by the Bush Administration. Waterboarding is NOT torture. If it is, Obama is guilty of it. Our special forces guys have it done to them as part of their training.

South Jordan, UT

I also agree that it is a shame that Chaffetz was not put on this committee. He has gone after this whole cover-up like a bulldog. I hope they will use his fact-finding missions and understanding to further the investigation. I thought with the work he had already put into this, that he would be a "shoe-in!"

With that said, I am thrilled that Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC) is the head of the committee. If you haven't seen him at work, look up his name on the Internet and watch him go after the head of the IRS and the US Attorney General without any reservations. You will know why he was chosen to head this probe. No wonder the Democrats are upset about this! The American people deserve answers to this cover-up during a Presidential election!

West Point , UT

Maybe you're right, and Dems should have gone after Bush and held him more accountable. So what's wrong with Republicans doing what Dems didn't do by holding our president accountable?

Honestly I get tired of the "it's all Bush's fault" diatribe from this administration and it's supporters. I agree that Bush made mistakes and certainly wasn't always on the up and up, but please take some responsibility for once. Whether Bush was right or wrong and what Dems should or shouldn't have done has nothing to do with the present circumstances and lies of this administration...the most "transparent" administration we've had (another failed promise in a long line of them).


A lot of drama and wasting of hard working tax payer's money by all those corrupt individuals in Washington. Money that can certainly be used for better purposes other than political bureaucracy...

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

It's all so transparently hypocritical. How many trumped-up "investigations" (witch hunts) were held after each of George W's 13 "Benghazis," which cost the lives of 81 American diplomats? Answer: zero. This is a shameless political ploy that ought to embarrass Republicans.

American Fork, UT

That's OK. The process is a sham anyway.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Four House committees have held 15 hearings on the issue and could hold more in the future, he said.
"I do not see where a new committee, structured in an overtly partisan manner, will offer anything to this issue except for a duplicative additional layer of bureaucracy," Matheson said in a statement.

Is Matheson the only sane one left?

The GOP is using this to solicit donations outright. What a great group.

If it's all about how something was said or worded, why is Jason' going back and forth to Libya?
Maybe he's seeing where else he make some cuts in security to save us taxpayers money.

Blackshear, GA

Why are Democrats making such a fuss about this?

If they've done nothing wrong, the facts will show that result. Then they can thumb their noses at the Republicans... so why all the resistance?

It makes one wonder if there's something REALLY bad hidden in there, for them to object so much.

Personally, if I had done nothing wrong, I'd want all the facts out there, so there would not even be a hint or suspicion of guilt left at my door.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Thankfully Bush never tried to appease the PC world by avoiding using the word terrorism and calling those religious individuals responsible for their terrorist ways and acts

Centerville, UT

Four Americans are dead. There are new emails coming out after the White House clearly said that there was nothing else. Why wouldn't we investigate this? If Hilary wants to be President, let's just make sure this isn't hanging over her for the next four years. If there is nothing here, it will be shown and we can put this tragedy behind us. If they lied, let them be punished and make sure NONE of them are ever in leadership again.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Democrats are opposed to this because it doesn't fall in line with the unofficial "Blame Bush" party slogan.

If the White House is truly innocent in the whole Benghazi issue, they should have nothing to fear from an investigation.


"Rep. Jim Matheson, Utah's only Democrat in Congress, voted against creation of the panel"

Ironically we see Jim's true colors. If he were not retiring he would have voted for the panel. Thanks Mia Love.

The Wraith
Kaysville, UT

I'm sure this, the 14th hearing so far, will find out the answers that the other 13 did not. This is beyond ridiculous. Reagan had a far worse security lapse in 1983. Bush I and Bush II had even more serious security lapses. The only reason this is going on is that the GOP despise's Obama and will do anything, even destroy it's own reputation, if it results in putting a dent in the President. Sadly there are plenty of legitimate issues they could use, but they insist on one that has already be resolved. Please GOP, I'm a Liberal but I have lost faith in Obama, please, please, please, go after the legitimate issues.

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