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Published: Saturday, May 10 2014 8:53 a.m. MDT

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Surfers Paradise, AU

Please get BYUtv in HD on Directv...that's what we need!

Parker, CO

Watching college football in HD is the only thing that keeps me subscribing to a cable/satellite provider. As soon as ESPN follows BYUtv's model and allows a streaming subscription without a backing cable/satellite provider, it's good bye box/dish.

Baltimore, MD

Gone are the days of seeking out a stake center with a satellite dish to watch BYU football.

BYU is on the cutting edge of digital age sports distribution - I only wish all of BYU's games, home and away, could be accessed via BYUtv and ESPN.

It's easy to see why BYU was so reluctant to give up rights to rebroadcast BYU games.

Salt Lake City, UT

The first sentences hit the dilema BYU is in straight on. The scheduling issues, particularly for November is what is hurting BYU despite the technoogical breathroughs pointed out.
Many are suggesting a "partial" return to the MWC to work this problem out. While some who are supporters of Utah State would love to see this, going back to the MWC for this reason would doom Cougar Nation to irrelevance for the long haul. Going to the Big 12 however would keep BYU with relevant company and really make this work.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

I have the BYUtv app on my Roku and it rocks!
I refuse to pay for cable TV. I have BYUtv for sports, The Blaze for news, and Amazon Instant Video for everything else.

Streaming will destroy the cable model (force everybody to buy 300 channels so they can get the six channels they want).

Love BYUtv.

Smart Aleck
Vancouver, WA

I love that BYUtv's live signal is available over the internet, regardless of one's internet service provider. It's surprising that ESPN, with it's vast resources and influence, can't provide the same free arrangement. Obviously the technology exists, but this may be the only area in which BYUtv is further ahead of ESPN.

Gerald Wiltson
Ogden, UT

There is one thing that I HATE about BYUtv football broadcasts:

The camera zooms in on a player, or a sideline coach, with a really close up shot after every single play. You never get any sense of what's going on. Just an immediate super close up head shot of a player or coach after the play is run.

I've watched ESPN and CBS broadcasts to compare, and they don't do this. Only BYUtv does this. I hope BYUtv can watch how the pros do the camera work, and try to improve on this.

Basketball broadcasts are first rate, and don't have this problem.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

BYU sports content is obviously a huge part of the BYUtv model... and that is exactly what will keep BYU out of a Power5 conference.

Conferences own rights to all the sports content of its members. It's not likely that BYU will turn over control of it sports content to any conference... and not likely that a conference will invite BYU without full sports content control.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I love BYUtv and I'm so proud of them for what they have accomplished. They are doing great programming and making it available around the world. It will only get better and better. Fortunately, the powers that be were much more forward thinking than many fans when BYU went independent and all this together will eventually show us that they knew what they were doing.

Go Cougars and Go Cougar TV!

Sega World Peace
Provo, UT

Why doesn't BYUtv cover Rugby? They'd see their world wide reach skyrocket. BYU Rugby is a strong international ambassador for the school. Many of my friends back home, especially those who are not of the faith, only know of BYU through Rugby.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Can anyone tell me if I can get BYUtv on xbox 360 and how to get it? Or do I have to subscribe to some calbe to this network on my xbox? I am trying not to sign up with cable ever again except when the next Olympic game every two years.

Layton, UT

DEW Cougars,
Xbox 360 has Internet Explorer. You should be able to access the byutv website just like on your computer. Once your on the website select (Watch) then (Live TV).

metamora, IL

I put my money where I watch -- so I send a monthly contribution to BYUtv.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Smart Aleck,

It's about the money. ESPN is in the business of making money. Offering free internet broadcasts would actually cost them money, because they still have to pay for the content they broadcast and wouldn't get the return they need to cover those costs and make the profit their parent corporation demands. BYUtv isn't in it to make money. Their goal is get their programing to as big an audience as possible world wide. BYUtv is first and foremost a missionary tool meant to help tell the world what we believe and showcase our values through the type of programming it broadcasts.

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