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Published: Friday, May 9 2014 9:20 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Just more "tolerant" liberals. If you disagree with them, they think you should lose your job.

Is that how Jesus would act? I don't think so.

Murray, UT

The views expressed by Mr. Bentham aren't Christian views, they're political views. Jesus mentioned neither homosexuality nor abortion. Please DN, stop trying to convolute the issue of cranks not being given airtime with an agenda to stifle religious expression. People are recognizing the attempt and are responding accordingly. Young people are fleeing churches because the subscription to Christianity comes with the baggage of right-wing political views. What every happened to treating one's neighbor as one prefers to be treated themself? These guys obviously missed that aspect of Jesus' teachings.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Liberals preach tolerance, preach "open mindeness", preach talking it out, preach fairness etc. But when the rubber hits the road and you have an opinion or idea that doesn't fit their ideology. Watch out! They will go after your career, your livelihood, your family....the whole time preaching how tolerant and accepting they are and how we should accept everyone....after all we are all human beings "kumbaya kumbaya kumbaya...smoke some weed, but, don't drink soda kumbaya kumbaya respect Native Americans but make a sweat lodge and mock their beliefs kumbaya kumbaya everyone is equal but if you are Christian you can't talk about it kumbaya kumbaya"

That's tolerance all right. Tolerance by their definition is being obedient to the liberal agenda, do not dare ask a question or use your brain to think of anything else. And if you don't like the Kool-Aid then you are no longer a human being.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


Ya, what about treating one's neighbor as one prefers to be treated? If I disagree with your political views what would you think if picketed your work place and demanded you lose your job because of our disagreements.

This is anther case of liberals "do as I say not as I do," not very Jesus like

Springville, UT

The gay gestapo at work. Freedom of conscience, beliefs, and religion are a thing of the past for America. You must conform and not express any view objectionable to the Left.

Quit trying to confuse readers with half truths. Devout Christians regard Canonized Scripture as the Word of God, not the word of Bill. If it was taught by Jehovah or by one of the Apostles, it's regarded as the same. And if you don't know where condemnation of homosexuality is stated in the Bible, I'm happy to provide references.

Logan, UT

@Chris B

Didn’t One Million Moms force Ellen DeGeneres to lose her job simply because they disagree with her?

If One Million Moms can force JC Penny to fire Ellen DeGeneres, I don’t see why people can not tell HGTV to pull off Benham brothers’ show.

And why these people succeeded but One Million Moms failed? Because our society has changed. anti-gay is no longer OK, it is considered as discrimination, even among many Christians. Of course, the fact that One Million Moms actually only have about 40,000 members also doesn’t help.

Jon W.
Murray, UT

@slcdenizen - Maybe Jesus didn't mention abortion and homosexuality - or maybe he did. The Apostle John wrote that Jesus did and said so many things that if they were all written, the world would not be able to hold them. But Jesus' apostles and prophets both ancient and modern have spoken out against both practices (not the temptations, mind you, just the practices). I wonder where they got those crazy right wing ideas???

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

How about a compromise? The Day of 47 Committee changes their decision and allows a Christian group called "Mormons Building Bridges" to appear in their parade in exchange for HGTV allowing the Christian anti-Gay brothers to have their reality TV show. After all, this isn't about politics, its about not discriminating against Christians because of their beliefs.

bleeding purple
Santa Ana, CA

They were going to do a show about flipping houses ... not about their faith, or abortion, or homosexuality. Aren't we allowed to disagree with others personal views and still get along and appreciate their "good points." That's what makes like so interesting! People may disagree with these guys personal views but they can flip my house any time!


In a recent article, a parent in New Hampshire was arrested at a school board meeting because he went beyond a 2 minute rule while voicing his displeasure with the reading assignment given to his teen that included rough graphic sex between teenagers.

I think that a strategy to be employed in the future so that this parent is not the one being arrested, would be to report the school board to the police so that the police would show up and arrest all those responsible on the school board for the distribution of child pornography materials to children

Murray, UT

@Ted H.

Jesus was executed by crucifixion, I'm sure not having a tv show isn't "suffering" for beliefs.


Please do provide the references! Include any commandments that are also frequently ignored. Additionally, if you could cite that last instance where a woman was stoned to death for not being a virgin on her wedding night that would be great. How about the movement that promotes death penalty for Sabbath labor? Where are those pious individuals? Following the commandments from the scriptures as an abstract ideal is commendable, but in practice, not so much. If you disagree, why not comdemn homosexuals to death? Are you willing to follow through with God's commandments?

Mesa, AZ


In the case of Latter-day Saints, we believe that God, through modern Prophets, defines our belief system. People who disagree with us do not get to decide for us what Christ would have said, or what he would have us do, or whether a certain doctrine is political or religious in nature. I see this commentary all the time. People say something to the affect that "being against X is not Christian, because Y." I'm sorry, but you can't define our doctrine for us, and you can't tell us what the correct interpretation of our scriptures is.

People who are sincerely religious don't believe what we do on a whim. We are following our conscience,and to force us to go against or conscience or to punish us because of our conscience, is discrimination as surely as forcing a gay man to pretend to be straight.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

@Henry Drummond,

The Days of 47 committee doesn't let anti-gay marriage groups to appear in their parade either, so sorry, you don't get to call that one discrimination.

American Fork, UT

I'm no longer a 'tolerant' liberal. If these guys are anti gay extremist bigots, well that's what they are. I'll call them that. They weren't prevented from sharing their beliefs, neither am I, and if their potential employer has thoughts on it, well they're entitled to them, as well.


Why isn't there civil dialogue any more? Can't we at least sit down and respectfully express our opinions and differences? Opinions preempt and decide what is right or wrong, evil or good! Sad days in the world! Please be kind to one another no matter the opinion!

Murray, UT


"I'm sorry, but you can't define our doctrine for us, and you can't tell us what the correct interpretation of our scriptures is."

The church reversed it stance on limiting worthy men access to the priesthood based on skin color in the seventies. The reasons at the time were "mysterious" and required faith. This year the church, after years of scrutiny and criticism, admitted that the doctrine was due to the frailty of it's less-than-enlightened leaders. One might conclude that there is indeed a direct link to heavenly dictates and the wires were malfunctioning for over a century, or perhaps religion is a more of a play-it-by-ear scheme and the ones provoking progress through criticism are the prophetic ones.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

Chalk this up as another situation wherein conservatives are all-too-willing to play the victim. No one is saying these two men and their father can't have opinions, no one is saying they cannot express those opinions, the only thing going on here is the free market is holding these men accountable for their actions. What do conservatives have against accountability? Indeed, these men do not seek to merely live by their own precepts, rather they seek to compel everyone to live as they do. That's called intolerance and, well, intolerance cannot be tolerated.

AirzonaMormon - I'm also an active LDS but I happen to fully support SSM. The difference is I've never been forced to go against my conscience because my conscience is comprised of me living my own life according to my personal dictates whereas it appears that your "conscience" extends to forcing others to live by your moral code. Remind me again, who's pre-mortal plan comprised of forcing everyone to live by his standards?

slcdenizen - Keep slaying them. Until these Bible-thumpers advocate for death to fornicators and cotton-poly clothes-wearers, their claims are as hollow as their religious convictions.

Midwest City, USA, OK


Nevermind that Joseph Smith ordained black men to the priesthood, that Brigham Young said that the restriction would one day be lifted, that prophets during the time pleased to understand why, or that once upon a time ALL men outside the tribe of Levi were restricted. Instead of looking down at the Church for not lining up with your own views, look at it from an actual historical perspective.


As soon as you label someone who doesn't support what you do "bigot" you eliminate all discourse. Instead of convincing people that your view is viable or reasonable, you convince them that you are the very "extremist", "bigot", or whatever other label you're slinging around. Calling people who don't support changing marriage "bigots" is telling people who want children to grow up with the greatest chance of success possible that they're nothing but hateful and fearful of change, which are false premises.

USS Enterprise, UT

I am supprised that this hasn't turned into a Freedom of Speech discussion.

What the liberals need to remember is that they constantly complain of "Blacklists" and conservatives getting people fired. Now, they are doing the same thing. So, if it is good for liberals to demand that people are fired because of political or religious views, then it must be ok for conservatives to do the same.

If it is wrong to blacklist anybody, then why are the liberals not fighting against HGTV and their decision?

To "Henry Drummond" this isn't a hostage negociation. The Days of 47 has their rules, and I understand their reasoning. Right now they just want a convertable with a few people in it. Would you equally defend the KKK from getting a float in the parade?

Salt Lake City, UT

I take my hat off to these two brothers who put their faith above their jobs. They are true Christians and they shall be rewarded for their courage over time!. We will yet see many millions of Americans rise up and demand an end to this blatant anti-religious discrimination on the part of the gay community and their supporters. The gays might win over a few to their cause in the interim, but in the end they will not find the general acceptance they think they will. Righteousness and faith in God will yet prove to be the best course. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Supreme Court Justices are taking notice of this discriminatory trend spurred on by the gay community - one wonders if that will hurt their cause when SCOTUS rules on their issues?

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