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Published: Saturday, May 10 2014 4:10 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

And yet another defensive player Kwhit sends to the NFL!

Utah continues to dominate the WAC schools in Utah in terms of sending players to the NFL, and not coincidentally almost always beats them on the field as well.

Think recruits care which school puts more in the NFL?

You'd better believe it.

Proud Ute
Proud Reilly Fan
Proud Pac 12 member


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Getting several guys drafted is just the norm these days, anything less would be a disappointment.

Utah has more guys in the NFL than all the WAC schools in Utah combined

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Looked for a while that he would never make it, but he went 233 overall.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nice. Amazing guy and a gritty and tough football player.

Layton, UT

Good luck Trevor. Show them!

Eagle Mountain, UT

Congrats to him! He is a great guy from what I have heard. Wish him the best, along with the others with ties to the great state of Utah who have been drafted and who sign as undrafted free agents.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

2 Utes drafted
2 aggies drafted
1 byU player drafted

Sounds about right!

Layton, UT

I expect about 4 more Utes to get signed as free agents.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

"Utah has more guys in the NFL than all the WAC schools in Utah combined."

That wouldn't be hard to do since there are no WAC schools in Utah.

Mcallen, TX

Aggies can't beat the cougs, and the other not good enough for bowl games.

Reminds me of San Diego State. Many draftees, but struggles to have winning seasons.

Doesn't make sense.


I'm glad Reilly will get his chance. I hope all the players drafted from the state of Utah have success at the next level.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Shouldn't the little crimson engine that could be comparing themselves to the drafts of the PAC 10+U instead of the "WAC" (that doesn't exist any more)??? How does that stack up ekChristy???

Pocatello, ID

Congratulations to Trevor.

I am very confident that he will prove himself at the professional level to be a steal from the 7th round.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Trevor, So many are pulling for you! Utah fans as well as those who know your story and appreciate men of such high character! Good luck to a future jet!

East Coast Ute
Storrs, CT

That's awesome, my favorite player in the draft goes to my favorite team. I really hope I can make it down to Cortland for some practices this summer. The team needs depth in edge rushers, I think he'll be a great fit in the system! Joining a couple great former Ute teammates, Tee Finau and Caleb Schlauderaff, as well!

Provo, UT

Congrats to Trevor. It doesn't matter what round you get picked up on. As long as you perform and play hard.

Logan, UT

Whoa Nellie,

Actually there is one WAC school in Utah, but they don't have football. I think Chris was attempting a downplay of Utah State and BYU. In contrast to Chris's comments, Utah State's two draftees went higher than Utah's two draftees, and Utah State signed more free agents. Last I counted, U-State leads the Big 3 with 10 players in all going to the next level. Utah follows with eight, and BYU brings up the rear with 5. My, how things have changed! May not mean a whole lot on the surface, but it looks good to recruits no matter how you slice it.

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

as a lifelong Ute and lifelong Mormon its tough to see the 26 year old age for Reilly and Murphy really hurt these guys.

If I had a son who had a realistic shot at the NFL and if that was his goal, I would recommend he not go on a mission.

Missions can wait. You can always go on a mission later in life, can't play in the NFL later in life.

PAC 12 member by default!
Harrisville, UT

There weren't anymore linebackers left so yes, he was selected by default.


"There weren't anymore linebackers left so yes, he was selected by default."

Unga, Hadley, 1st team all-Pac-12 Shayne Skov, and about 215 other draft eligible linebackers were still left, so... no.

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