Comments about ‘Pasadena's medical director on leave after his Protestant sermons surface’

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Published: Thursday, May 8 2014 4:10 p.m. MDT

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La Habra Heights, CA

Several commenters wrote that a person cannot work in the field of science if their religious beliefs are not consistent with current scientific theories. Wow. Consider how many people work at jobs where they don't believe in requirements or law or theories concerning their work? People who verbalize these objections at work, let alone at a church in private time. Construction workers or contractors who believe a current regulation is just silly. Lawyers, police who prosecute or defend law they personally think is wrong. Doctors who treat patients in way that is required by insurance but certainly not what they personally would recommend. Even people who even personally dislike you for whatever reason still manage to interact with you and accomplish whatever task is needed to get done. But if you think something is a sin or influence of Satan, well that is different. Or think evolution is wrong but do not act in your job in any way inappropriately well... you cannot be allowed to seek employment in your field.

La Habra Heights, CA

One day attitudes and beliefs will swing back again, they always do. Will you be comfortable then with Eric Walsh type thinkers choosing whether you can work in any certain field? That is, if the common practice is to examine your beliefs to see if they conform to the thinking of Eric Walsh. He will not look at your qualifications and work ethic so much as try to examine your beliefs.
I listened to his sermon and some messages made me uncomfortable and I completely disagree with. Big Whoop! I work with people daily I completely disagree with on religion and politics. Many of these people I really really like too.
Just a note about Eric Walsh's qualifications and past work history:
A Physician who is a well known world wide Public Heath Physician. He has served on several Presidential councils on HIV/AIDS and was past president of California Preventive Medicine Society. He has citations for helping poor children.

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