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Published: Wednesday, May 7 2014 1:55 p.m. MDT

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Virginia Beach, VA

" . . . clean air . . . ?"

Wouldn't it be smarter to check the water?

They are drilling UNDER the ground, not above it.

An assortment of toxic chemicals are used in drilling operations AND in production.

Underground aquifers can be polluted.

Check the water.

South Weber, UT

I agree, check the water.

Fountain, CO

Maybe they should consider the age of the mother, whether or not she is on drugs and if she received any prenatal care. I don't think the gas and oil is causing deaths of babies. Seriously if that was the case maybe they should do a study on why so many people from the Uintah basin has cancer. They have been producing gas and oil there for a very long time..at least 60 plus years..look to other concerns..

Beaver Native
St. George, UT

I would also say check the water, but I am sure that municipal water is regularly checked per health regulation. Privately owned, single-family wells, though are not often monitored. If it's affecting a disproportionate number of babies in unincorporate areas, then the rural wells would be suspect and should be checked. In any case, there should be regulations requiring wells closest to drilling operations to be checked on a regular basis - at the driller's expense. I would strongly support such a measure and it seems that oil companies ought to be in favor of it as well in order to aviod liability and prevent the unthinkable from happening.

high school fan
Huntington, UT

The good doctor seems to always be on the forefront of environmental concerns so I hope he doesn't already have a conclusion in mind which he will now try to prove.

Murray, UT

Maybe it is the stress of the poor economy and the new normal of being jobless, or a part time worker, in 2 or 3 jobs.

Saint George, UT

With the Vernal area being a oil boom town, people from all over are moving there for work. Are these 14 infant deaths in a year from women who have lived there for a long time, or have they moved in from different areas of the country? Maybe it's just a coincidence. Maybe its the stress of the schedule the husbands are working that transfers to the mom during the pregnancy. Or it could be the water or air pollution. But first, these other things should be looked at first.

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