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Published: Wednesday, May 7 2014 10:10 a.m. MDT

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West Valley, Utah

I like both of them as people and as players. Wish them both the best of luck. Chuckie especially could be a top 10 quarterback if he stays healthy. Taysom could also be a top 10 quarterback if his accuracy improves.


25 people on the list, so it is a big list!

For Taysom to have a chance BYU's OL will need to be much better this year!

It would be cool to see someone from Utah win, but both Chuckie and Taysom are currently so far down the list they aren't even "dark horses".

Go Cougars, Aggies and Utes!

Layton, UT

Good luck to Chuckie and the Aggies. They along with Utes bring exposure to intercollegiate athletics in the state.

Cinci Man

Having a QB lead the team in rushing is as much an indictment against coaches as it would be if the punter led a team in tackles. I hope the BYU coaches how to figure out a way to make running backs lead the team in rushing. Please BYU coaches, improve your performance.

Provo, UT

Very good QBs. Will be interesting to see if Taysom can continue to improve his completion percentage.

Southern, UT

I really like Chuckie Keeton. He is a lot of fun to watch. I believe he is one of the better quarterbacks I've ever seen play the college game. I hope his Senior year is a great success!

Go Aggies!!

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA

Layton, UT

"Good luck to Chuckie and the Aggies. They along with Utes bring exposure to intercollegiate athletics in the state."

LOL....your h8tred is duly acknowledged. The only exposure the Ute football has provided is their break out into the lowest tier of the PAtheiC-12. "A pig with lipstick is still a pig."

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

The only time Taysom has done anything noteworthy with his arm is when he's been playing a nobody.

His record against power conference teams is not very good. He may get revenge on Virginia this year, a team that didn't beat a single other division 1 team all last year, but its likely his numbers will be inflated due to the WAC-like schedule byu has

Best home games? Utah state and UNLV.


Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Old But Not Stupid

"A pig with lipstick is still a pig." Your h8tred is duly acknowledged.

The Utah football program is a truly classy organization that the state of Utah can be very proud of. Kyle Whittingham is a man deserving the respect of all fair-minded fans.

A Utah Man am I!

Raleigh, NC

Chuckie is a senior so this is his last shot. Stay healthy and good luck. Taysom is a Junior and, though its nice to be mentioned, he is not a serious threat to the big names on this list. But, this year will determine if he is a serious contender next year. If the OL improves, a lot, and his passing improves, a lot, his chances will improve, a lot. More importantly, BYU will have a chance of winning the games against the power conference schools and its bowl game. But, without a passing threat, we will lose more big games where the DL shuts down the RB's and our only offense is 31 QB rushes.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Congrats to both on making this list, they are both really good quarterbacks with the potential to become great. I doubt either really has much of a chance at the Heisman this year, but both are deserving to be on a watch list. Good luck to both this year.

On a different note, I find it interesting that an article about the two best quarterbacks in the state, one from BYU and one from Utah State, has about half of the comments from Ute fans commenting in a silly fashion against BYU. It is not surprising, though, since most Ute fans are BYU haters first and Utah fans second.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

Can’t figure out why they left Wilson off the list because we are in a prestegous conference and Hill and Chuckie aren’t and that’s not fair for them to leave Wilson off because of that.

Go Utes to onward and upward!

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT


"The only time Taysom has done anything noteworthy with his arm is when he's been playing a nobody."

Yet, Taysom is included on the 25-man Heisman watch list, while Utah is once again MIA when it comes to Heisman Trophy candidates.

Unfortunately for U, none of jealous whining or conference affiliation chest beating is going to change the fact that nobody outside of the crimson bubble cares much about Utah football.

btw, CBS Sports also listed BYU in their Post Spring Top 25... where were U?

Cedar Hills, UT

Taysom Hill? Say what? I have never heard his name even mentioned on any watch list. First of all he plays for a mediocare program and second he is a run first pass second QB who struggles to throw the ball with any degree of acuracy.

Nibley, UT

I love to watch Chuckie play. We will know if he belongs on this list right out of the gate when the Ags play Tennessee first and later Wake Forest. I think he will show us he does belong. And when you add BYU and Boise State to the mix those are some great opportunities to show his talent. Haven't seen Taysom play much, just a few brief glimpses, but I hope he does well, except when he plays the Aggies. I have a feeling Taysom will show he belongs on the list also. From what I have seen he is an incredible athlete. If the Cougar coaching staff can now do their job and turn him into an incredible quarterback, that would be great. Best of luck to the Aggies, the Cougars, and the Utes. Utes have a tough row to hoe, I hope they move forward instead of backwards this year. I might be crazy, but I am predicting a 6 and 6 year for the Utes, but it could easily be a 2 and 10 year also.

Salt Lake City, UT

"I have never heard his name even mentioned on any watch list. First of all he plays for a mediocare program..."

Then U need to step outside the crimson bubble once in awhile and see the real world.

If BYU has been mediocre, then Utah has been downright pathetic during the Independent/PAC 12 era

Utah 1

Winning Seasons
Utah 1

Overall Record
26-13 (67%)
18-19 (49%)

btw, Taysom Hill's passing has improved dramatically since his Sophomore season as has his offensive line and BYU's overall offense. That will become very clear as the 2014 season unfolds, which is why Taysom is already being included on a pre-season Heisman Trophy watch list.

You can't even blame it on BYU's partnership with ESPN this time, because the list was compiled by a rival network.

Layton, UT

I see it as a publicity ploy by espn, since their obligated to broadcast some of byu's games.

Blind Zebra
Ogden, UT

@ ekute

Which side of your mouth you talking out of, in one post you write that only utah and utah state get exposure.

Then you just wrote ESPN is obligated? Well isn't being on ESPN exposure for BYU?

Huh, i'm confused. Please claify.

Russell Spencer
Boise, ID

@ Kralon,

The list (linked to in the article) I read had the contenders in alphabetical order. Do you know of some other list that actually ranks them? I think calling anybody a "dark horse" or a "favorite" (with the exception of Jameis Winston, because he won last year) seems a little premature before FALL CAMP has even begun.

Phoenix, AZ

"I see it as a publicity ploy by espn, since their [sic] obligated to broadcast some of byu's games."

The only obligation is the PAC-12 Network's obligation to broadcast Utah games. No one turns on a PAC-12 Network game to watch a Utah game. They watch their favorite team play on the PAC-12 network to beat the "I'm a Utah fan" utes just like I go to it to watch ASU beat utah when they play in...wherever the utah "football team" plays it's game. If the ASU vs utah game is broadcasted on another network, it's because of ASU's success, not because of obscure little cousin (not even a brother) utah.

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