Comments about ‘University of Utah president invites suggestions on 'Utah Man' fight song lyrics’

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Published: Tuesday, May 6 2014 1:29 p.m. MDT

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Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

If we are going to be PC then let's do it. You can't pick and choose how you're going to be PC. It's also not PC to be intoxicated in public. Give everyone a breathalyzer test before entering. Cut off the alcohol that is smuggled in, but, allow people to smoke pot because for some reason that's okay.

It's also offensive that a bunch of white liberals keep telling the Ute Tribe what they should be offended about. Liberals should be banned from telling people what should be offensive and not.

The term "Runnin Utes" is offensive to those who can't walk or can't run. So remove the term "Runnin".

Now that we have solved all of these issues, the Utopian society will spring forth and everyone will dance around in merriment.

Palo Alto, CA

Liberal Ted

It's not a "football" fight song. I thought liberals were supposed be "progressive" when it came to things like offending minorities.

Apparently, that's not the case at Utah where women and minorities are characterized as objects in Utah's fight song and nickname.

Las Vegas, NV


"In no way can his statement be characterized as sexist."

Thank you! You just made my point!

The PC police are saying that the word "man" in not "inclusive" of women. According to the dictionary and throughout the history of the English language (including the speech by Armstrong BTW), the word man IS us used to be inclusive of both sexes. Thus the reason Armstrong used the term, that and "mankind". It was not a sexist term when Armstrong used it, and in accordance with the English language in general. So why then is it suddenly sexist and offensive now?

"Since when does the majority 'not being offended' make something that is offensive to some, inoffensive?"

Make a list of everything that people are offended by so that we can all never offend anyone. Willing to go first? People often choose to be offended by something. We can NEVER not offend everyone. If the song offends you, don't sing it. The byU fans expressing false outrage on this subject (Truth Machine) will never sing the song anyway. We'll start with the songs people listen to - any offensive lyrics there?

A Utah Man am I

Alpine, UT



A Utah member of mankind am I?

The Neil Armstrong quote and the Utah Man fight song aren't even roughly equivalent in context or meaning.

I've never heard anyone even hint that Armstrong's quote was sexist.

I have heard and read many pundits and sports fans who did think that Utah's fight song was absolutely sexist, including many Utah alumni and students who have been debating the issue since at least the mid-80's.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Nothing needs to be changed. Leave it alone!

Las Vegas, NV

Just change the word "man" to "fan"

And replace "coeds are the fairest", to .... "students are the smartest"

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