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Published: Tuesday, May 6 2014 1:25 p.m. MDT

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Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

"Brightest" is discriminatory. What about all of the other schools that aren't so bright? How does that make them feel?

That is in the same line as stating "God Bless America" or "The United States is exceptional"....

If people are offended by Utah man and Fairest then they are going to be offended no matter what word is used.

Why not just do away with the song altogether. The same narrow minded people want to stop singing the national anthem because it's "too war like". Maybe these people shouldn't be going to sporting events where teams battle it out until there is a winner and loser. If they're having that hard of a time dealing with these minor things at a game, quite frankly they're never going to last in the "real world" unless if obummer makes it the liberal cesspool that they dream of. Their own private utopia where the wealthy elite tell us peasants what is and isn't good for us.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Leave it alone!

Lindon, UT

I think it's more offensive to be referred to as a "co-ed" than to be considered the "fairest". The term "co-ed" has always applied to women only and usually not as the most favorable term. To me the fact that the whole song is written from a male perspective is what they're trying to get away from. Some of the best athletic teams at the U are the women's sports which seems odd for them. Why not say "our students are the ________-est"? Pick whatever adjective you like but make it about both males and females. "Fan" works great especially since it rhymes and makes more sense. This certainly isn't the first time it's been changed so these seem reasonable if people insist on keeping it.

Eagle Mountain, UT

It is quite absurd (and funny) that the U is changing their fight song for PC reasons, but as a BYU fan and friend of many Utah fans, let me make a friendly suggestion for one of the changes that should be made, along with whatever pointless changes are made. This line, which was previously removed, should be put back in the fight song along with whatever other changes are made: "We drink our stein of lager and we smoke our big cigars."

I realize that this line is non inclusive toward LDS members, but I am sure the liberal PC police at the U and in the Pac 12 are not worried about potentially upsetting Mormons. We are one group (along with most other Christian denominations) that it is okay to be discriminatory against, at least according to the liberal PC police. Also, as a Mormon, I would not find that line offensive if it was in the U's fight song anyway, even if I was a U of U student. Why? Because I am not looking for a reason to be offended like so many others are.

West Jordan, Utah

Oh the One World Order of political incorrectness. Soon enough, everything will be offensive and language lost to where we will need translators for previous generations. I am a Utah person and I lived across the green until the the yellow was offended. Now I just live on earth. Soon Mars will be offended. I don't think we can hear the fight song 'ringing through the mountains' anymore because the trumpets are offended.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I don't care about the lyrics of the song but the title is offensive to me. As a liberal Democrat I do not support war or aggression. The title is supportive of aggressive behavior and should be changed. Can we begin a movement to eliminate the name "Fight Song" and replace it with a "School Hymn"?

West Jordan, UT

Start over on the lyrics from scratch, including the title of the song. It is all outdated, and if you aren't offended, then you still must be embarrassed to be in a progressive conference with such a regressive fight song.

Blue AZ Cougar
Chandler, AZ

Listening to the song, I keep hearing the popular Disney song "M-I-C-K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E". Such an annoying fight song....

And yes, I am biased.

West Jordan, UT


The song was written by the football coach and his players to represent themselves; of course it has a male perspective when it was written by males.

As mentioned in a different post, I think they should make it the football fight song and create a new one for the school. If the ladies have a problem with that, then start playing D1 football and then make a claim for inclusion amongst football players. Until then, this is a non issue.

Genola, UT

A school hymn you say. How about "In Our Lovely Deseret"? It has kind of a catchy tune and may remind students of their university's heritage.

Blue AZ Cougar
Chandler, AZ

"Can we begin a movement to eliminate the name "Fight Song" and replace it with a "School Hymn"?"

Seriously? Perhaps we should have tea and crumpets at halftime too. And we should encourage the football players to share the ball more with the other team.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Here's my suggestion, President Pershing: LEAVE. IT. ALONE.

@Blue AZ Cougar
"Such an annoying fight song...."

....says the guy whose fight song is called "Cry and Pout".

West Jordan, Utah

@Blue AZ Cougar

What, you don't find 'Rise and Shout' to be equally as corny (Mickey Mouse)? Fight songs are just that way unless it's your school's fight song. It's our collegiate loyalty that sees us adopt affinity for school fight songs. As a Ute, I am irritated that our president is so sketchy as to sabotage a big part of the University's identity with his own single minded agenda by sneaking change through the secret backdoor so to speak (avoiding collaboration with Utes everywhere). This is being done despite OVERWHELMING opposition to changing the fight song by alumni, boosters, students and fans. The president is full of the monarchy of political correctness. It disgusts me.

West Point , UT

I was going to comment about the general corniness of all fight songs but Gdog beat me to it...well done.

This whole thing is just one more step of being in a "progressive league". Yep...the most liberal progressive league of them all and this is the price for your inclusion, bowing to the PC idol. Soon you will have all your traditions taken from you in the same "backdoor" fashion the fight song was taken. And believe me when I say, it doesn't matter that you have a contract with any tribe. The PC police aren't about dialogue or contracts, they're about protected all the "could be" or "should be" offended folks. They don't care about reality of who is actually offended. So while you're thinking up different lyrics you might want to think of a new mascot too...it's coming, why not "be prepared". Oops, am I allowed to quote the scout motto?

Utah bear
Sandy, UT

I wonder how many who say "leave the song alone" have ever actually been to a game. I have been to every home game for 35 years, give to the Crimson Club (and other departments at the U), attend away and bowl games and make nearly all home basketball games. I also graduated from the U in 1971. I am vested in the U. That said, it is time to update the song. For the last 35 years it has grated on women with no gain for the aggravation. We have updated the name from Running' Redskins to Utes without the world ending and added Swoop --- now it is time to broaden our reach with the song. From a marketing viewpoint, why do we want to exclude ticket-buying women from our growing fan base to say nothing of better supporting all of our wonderful female athletes and their fans?

Salt Lake City, UT

This is so much a First World problem. Is there nothing else to occupy the minds and pens of people on the Hill?

Catchy tune, never could make out the words.

Good luck with your quest. I enjoy reading about the angst and frustration and unintended humor of it all, especially on slow news days.

Sandy, UT

Utah bear

"... it is time to update the song. For the last 35 years it has grated on women with no gain for the aggravation."

Couldn't agree more.

Even though they don't speak out for fear of being mocked by other fans, many women, including my wife, are offended by the song. Why are some fans quibbling over lyrics that many of them don't even sing.

Lindon, UT

The Bleak-- It may have been written by beer drinking football players, but was adopted as a university wide "fight song" to be used at all sorts of sporting events. In which case, I would think it should reflect a broader base. The guys who wrote it are probably both amazed and embarrassed such a corny thing got such wide acceptance in the first place.

Lincoln Park, IL

Norm Maves, Jr. of the Daily Oregonian called "Utah Man" the second-worst college fight song, saying, "It’s stupid, stolen and sexist."

West Point , UT

The guys that wrote it are all dead...pretty sure they don't care. Besides it's been changed from their original version already.

"It's stupid, stolen..."
That describes at least half the fight songs in CFB, including my Dawgs using the battle hymn of the republic tune. It's all meant in good fun. If it offends some people, I don't understand why...fairest? How could that be offensive...Utah man...well yeah that's sexist. I just think we've become a society that is far too sensitive and far too easily offended. A great man once said: "A person who takes offense where it wasn't intended is a fool. A person who takes offense where it was intended is a greater fool".

Today's America needs to grow thicker skin and toughen up a little. Every little squabble where someone is offended is getting old. Anger or offense at blatant sexism & racism is understandable, but every little nit picky thing? C'mon folks...the greatest generation is shaking it's collective head at us, both men & women.

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