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Published: Tuesday, May 6 2014 1:05 p.m. MDT

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Durham, NC

Ah, for our daily dose of anti-ACA propaganda from the DN.... what would life be like without it.

I actually was up in Boston today participating on an industry panel on the Internet of Things - in particular how IoT will impact health care delivery. Dozens of companies in the industry were represented.

Not a single one thought ACA was going away anytime in the near future, BTW.

The one things they all agreed upon was that the side benefit of digitization of medical records will provide for much better health care delivery - something that is promoted in ACA. They commented that older practitioners are struggling with the change to digital, with some even retiring early because of the change. They had differing opinions on cost, but none thought it wouldn't ultimately lead to smarter delivery of health care services.

It is human nature to resist change. And not all change is good change. But to this crowd, there were some very strong benefits to the new law from a delivery side.

I now return you to your regular programming of Anti-ACA rhetoric daily delivered to you curtesy of the DN.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

I'm really looking forward to receiving Social Security and Medicare. Then I'll finally be able to "stick it" to the liberals who have nearly bankrupted my family by taking money that was not theirs and spending it on programs that had nothing to do with Social Security. Had that money been properly managed, as insurance companies are required to do, there would be enough for a real retirement. Instead, if I due the day before receiving that 1st check, the 15% that I had to pay in on all income will be returned to my family in a lump sum payment of $250 to "pay" for my funeral.

Why do those who know that the government has spent all of the Social Security money think that ObamaCare funds will ever be used for healthcare? Has the leopard changed its spots? Do a little research and see where Obama bragged that he would balance the budget shortly after ObamaCare funds started rolling in. He's already spent over $6,000,000,000,000 more that he has received in tax revenues, now he considers ObamaCare to be general revenue funds.

LOU Montana
Pueblo, CO

The Invincible Republican worries not about the healthcare of others for theirs is perfect and that is all that matters. They care not about the insurance premiums because their plan is the best. The care not about employment because they are successful.........Then one day...It all falls apart. They lose their job, insurance and get diagnosed with a disease and then their child is denied coverage for preexisting condition. Now the Invincible Republican is losing his retirement and home because of healthcare cost but he has a plan......The Invincible Republican blames Obama and joins the Tea Party.

high school fan
Huntington, UT

We all knew that Obamacare was in trouble when we "passed it to see what was in it." And after we all found out what was in it, Obama had to change the law nearly forty times by himself to keep the American people from getting angrier.
The Democrats intentions might have been good but the final results are not but then were the democrats intentions about healthcare or was it about control, you decide.
As for the debate about social security and Medicare, we paid for it so we will use it. The democrats should have listened all those times when they were told that changes needed to be made but they instead said all is good. Oops!

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The worst part (for the economy and for working people that get insurance through their employers) was put off till Obama is out of office.

What will happen if more people begin to disprove AFTER Obama is out of office.... And Obama isn't there to defend it???

Will Democrats be faithful and lay down their careers in politics to defend it? Some will. They will turn as a dog tho his vomit.... Others will bail on it IF it looks like supporting it will cost them re-election back home.

But the problem is... there's not going back (whether most Americans like it or not).

Going back would be seen as taking some people's insurance away.... and that will never fly (and shouldn't).

So we are either stuck here... in a system that was intended to not work... or we move forward... to the single-payer system they really wanted in the beginning.

It's inevitable. The only question is... how painful is the interim going to be for the people who try to cling to private insurance...

It's intended to bankrupt private insurance. And it will. So what will take it's place?

Durham, NC

2 Bits.... I hear what you are saying.... but I don't see too many Republicans complaining about the fact that they get social security benefits when they retire - if anything - like Mike Richards, they complain that they might not get theres. Social Security is another one of those evil liberal programs thrust on the nation by socialist democrats, and yet I don't see too many states stepping up to replace the program, and I don't see too many conservatives turning down the checks on the moral ground it is bankrupting their grand children by doing so.

The future of ACA is a bit a question mark. But the issue of providing solid health care for lower income people isn't going away anytime soon. We are not going back to the wild west, the family doctor, or house calls. Those days are gone. Best we can do is shape the best future we can.... and stop worrying about if it is a republican plan, or a democrat plan... but be more focused on crafting the best plan possible.

Provo, UT

@ Mike Richards -- I never expected anything different, believe me. As I said, of all the tea partiers I know (many of whom are over 65) only one has had the conviction of his principles and refused the government dole. No conservative ever thinks the dole is bad when they are the ones getting it.

Durham, NC

Last bit that I am sure no one will see... but for the record, three of the largest health insurance companies testified to a House Committee, and chastised the committee on publishing false data stating that enrollment numbers were only around 67% of the published numbers - based on the number people actually paying for their premiums.

The insures stated that the real number was between 83 and 90 percent had paid their premium on time... in stark contrast to the claims made by the House GOP.

What matters here is not that the number is far better than being stated by the GOP, but that the GOP intentionally tried to deceive the American public, the ones they were elected to serve. There is no way one have have a sensible conversation when the parties are more than glad to lie and warp the truth in their quest to influence public opinion.

And amazingly, FoxNews didn't cover those meetings.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Our Anti-Conservatives keep jabbing people who are over 65 and accept social security (IF you are of the wrong Party).

IMO Social Security is different than the "government dole". For one... Social Security isn't taking somebody else's money. It's getting your own money back (In theory).

The SS theory is... you pay into your Social Security account your whole working life... so you can take that money back out when you retire. That's hardly living on the government dole... it's living on the money the government forced you to save while you were working... so they wouldn't have to support you when you retire.

IMO it's not a problem for ANY person to accept their retirement benefits. Not benefits they established in a private pension plan, and not benefits they established by paying into SS their whole working life.

SS is not "welfare" (IMO).


If I get anything back from SS great... if not... that's fine too.

Since my youth I've saved some of every check in an IRA (just like my contributions to SS)... are you going to snark if I accept that money back when I retire too...?

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