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Published: Monday, May 5 2014 6:15 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Gilbert, AZ

"So how do you explain why the kids on the hill are so obsessed with EVERY BYU story?"

What story do you think you are commenting on? This has nothing to do with byu-provo.

"The truth is, Utah's facilities have lagged behind BYU's facilities for years and you're just starting to catch up."

Catch up? Caught up and passed. My, my, how times have changed. You are here because you, like Holmoe, are sensing a gap starting to form. byu-provo fans are finally realizing that the ponies and rainbows Holmoe sold them on the independence experiment were a dream and all of you are starting to wake up.

Regarding facilities, if byu-provo had developed a robust academic and research infrastructure 50 years ago instead of building sports venues that are no longer filled, byu-provo might have accompanied the Utes to the elite. Rise and pout.

Salt Lake City, UT

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

Question: "Why do you care about separation of Utah from other programs in the state? You live in Washington."

True Answer: Hope BYU's mens and womans recent recruits can look forward to being in a similarly great facility soon (2016?).

So, Back Talk, your comment is all about byu-provo. Clearly, you are also concerned about the widening gap. So, what do you think? Holmoe has been talking up a basketball facility for ten years. Where is it and do you believe that he now has a fire lit under him to take action or are his remarks (again) purely coincidental with the ground breaking for Utah's facility?

I'd like to hear what you think.

Salt Lake City, UT

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

J. Drew writes well. I often find myself wishing he would write for the Utes but there seems to be some changes at the Trib and the Utes are getting much better coverage, now.

He does bring an interesting edge to the facility question at byu. They (Holmoe and Rose) seem to be getting concerned and have a greater sense of urgency to do...well...something.

Springville, UT

The only sense of urgency to do anything is at the U. To catch up and to spend the money before the source dries up.

Mind you now, whatever the U builds will pale in comparison to its so called 'power conference' brothers in the PAC 10.

So with that in mind we know and understand what the U is really doing... just improving things locally. LOL

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ talkinsports

Facilities include more than just stadiums. The Eccles Football Center and the soon to be Huntsman Basketball facility will both dwarf anything BYU has on campus. I know for a fact that the athletic training room in BYU's Student Athlete Building isn't even in the same stratosphere as the one Utah put in the Eccles. I'm sure the same holds true for the locker rooms, player lounge, eating hall, etc.

As for the stadiums. BYU's may be bigger, but RES and the JMHC are much nicer and more comfortable. That will continue to be so with the upcoming renovations.

Salt Lake City, UT

Springville, UT

"Mind you now, whatever the U builds will pale in comparison to its so called 'power conference' brothers in the PAC 10."

That's right, sammyg, byu-provo can no longer compete with the Utes so take solace knowing there are those who can compete. You'll sleep better at night. Brovo, sammyg, brovo!

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

I love my Pac 12 membership and the Pac 12 money that basically grows on trees for us now!

The biggest challenge we have is how to spend it all.

And this is yet another reason Utah is separating itself from the WAC programs in the state.

You think recruits care about state of the art over the top brand new facilities?


Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


According to an article in the SL Trib the Utes have surpassed BYU with the new football facility and now the basketball facility. Tom Holmoe doesn't seem to have an answer when asked if BYU is going to build a basketball training facility. BYU currently doesn't have one and there are no real plans to build one. The basketball teams practice in the Marriott Center, when it's available, and do their individual workouts in the student fitness center. BYU has nothing to compare to what the Utes are currently building, so this isn't catching up, it's flying past. The Cougars are in the Ute's rear view mirror as far as facilities go.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

The BYU athletic administration is in a tough spot. They know they need a basketball training facility, but the donors they are asking to donate have been asked by the LDS Church to donate to the expanded missionary effort. The Church is currently spending tens of millions of dollars expanding missionary training centers across the world and has asked members to increase their donations to the mission fund of the Church to help with this. Tom Holmoe knows this and may have even been told not to ask for too much money for athletics right now so wealthy Church members can focus their donations on the missionary efforts. I believe this is why when asked about the basketball facility Holmoe simply says they are quietly conducting fundraising and don't have a timetable or a plan.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

When you have something as beautiful as the MC, you don't need a basketball facility.

Syracuse, UT

The Huntsman family are incredible people. The generosity to the University of Utah and their world class cancer facilities for the people in the intermountain area are tremendous.

To CG:

"Once a little brother; always a little brother.

The kids on the hill are obsessed with comparing everything the U does with what's happening with their big brother's."

Big brother lives on the hill and has won a NCAA National Championship, been to four Final Fours, had the #1 overall pick in the NBA draft and won 20 more NCAA Tournament games with one less appearance than little brother from Provo.

Just to ease your anxiety, plans for BYU's new basketball practice facility are well underway and will be announced shortly.

Murray, UT


The Huntsman Center has hosted a final four. Also it either holds the record or is close to the record for the mumber to NCAA Tournament games hosted there. Marriott Center, not even close.

Huntsman Center, all chair seats, no bleachers.

The U does have a new state of the art outdoor track facility.

Las Vegas, NV


"So how do you explain why the kids on the hill are so obsessed with EVERY BYU story?"

Says the byU fan on a Utah story.

Nice job Coach K on getting us excited for Utah basketball again! Thanks Hill for doing something about that excitement!

Go Utes!
Onward and Upward!


Dutchman, the McCarthy track is far from state of the art, but it is very serviceable, and has the potential for future investment to become state of the art.

Murray, UT


Also, the 15,000 seat Huntsman Center is the largest basketball venue in the PAC 12. When the new basketball training center is finished and the outer perimeter of the Huntsman is vacated as all that moves into the new training center another major renovation of the Huntsman will begin by widening the concourse and adding new restrooms and concession areas. It just keeps getting better with age.

Layton, Utah

@Back Talk like the NIT appearances and losses? That is some pretty big separation between other schools that go to a real tournament

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


The track has the same dimensions and surface as Oregon and Texas as well as other top level track programs. I think that makes it more than serviceable.

kaysville, UT

To Mormon Ute: your comments concerning the track size is correct, however, and it's a big however.... NO Bleechers.... Now how in the world can yu hold a track meet of any stature without any place to sit. Puting people and athletes on the ground is "bush league" especially in the PAC 12


Mormon Ute, the track at my hometown Dixie State University has the "same dimensions" as Hayward Field in Eugene. However, it is in no way, shape or form serviceable, although it does have a much higher capacity for attendance than the McCarthy track. But like I said, it has potential for investment to be much better. Seating and concessions amenities for fans is part of it, as is the track itself.

The track is a standard rubber track, what you find at high schools, although it's in very good shape because it's still pretty new. Additionally, its location and space limitations make it difficult to have all field events on site. That's a tougher issue to solve, but not impossible. If we want it to be "state of the art," we'd need to front some cash for a mondo surface, increased seating, and more adjacent field space. With those additions, the new softball complex, honors dorms, student life center, and renovated Huntsman Center surrounding the track would make a very inviting backdrop to host some great meets.

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