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Published: Monday, May 5 2014 5:55 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

After 6 years of consistent lying and deception on issue after issue after issue Barack and his administration have earned the dubious reputation of being THE most dishonest and corrupt administration in history - at least what we know about history. It is no surprise for those who actually know who Barack is and where he came from but for the millions who are clueless and voted for the man twice simply because he seemed to be a "cool cat" I hope if nothing else the light starts to turn on and you begin to see the terrible mistake that you made in giving this shady character the keys to the Oval Office.

Murray, UT

@David - FYI - President Obama cannot seek election to serve another term as president.

Heber City, UT

Kiddsport writes: "It's no different than the original attack on the World Trade Center, only with fewer casualties."

The most accurate words written about this issue. Advance intelligence that an attack was imminent. Inadequate preparation. 1,000 times more casualties. Years of false statements after to protect a President's re-election hopes.

The only real difference? The level of outrage coming from the right should have been 1,000 times louder than today. Instead? Crickets.

Henderson, NV

Wouldn't it be nice if the Republicans in Congress actually decided to do their job instead of complaining on the Fox News circuit about an issue that has already been investigated? Benghazi was a tragedy but not anywhere close to the horrendous disasters of the Bush administration. Chaffetz needs to start doing his job and actually work for the people who voted him in rather than just trying to kiss up to the Republican congressional leadership and see himself on tv.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Tilting at Windmills...

On guard Don Quixote,
Rocinante and Sancho Panza await thee!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I'm sure the good citizens of West Jordan, Utah, Sanpete, Millard and Beaver Counties want to get to the bottom of this!

Salt Lake City, Utah

I really kind of hope the next President is a republican so I can see the honorable Mr. Chaffetz investigate him and question any statement by anyone associated with the executive branch that may at some time later prove to be inaccurate. I am certain that a republican administration would be put under the same microscope by the honorable Mr. Chaffetz. I mean stuff like WMD's in Iraq. I am sure had he been in the House at that time he would have gone after President Bush.

Durham, NC

Lets look at recent news.... 200 plus girls are being held hostage and are being threatened to sold off as slaves. We have a 777 that disappeared off the face of the earth, and no one knows what happened. Over 300 school kids lost their lives on an over loaded ship. Last year in the US, there were over 14,000 murders, and over 5.3 million violent crimes.

And to Chaffetz seems obsessed with making a name for himself by focusing on an event in Lybia where 4 lives were lost.... not because solving that problem will have the greatest impact in the daily lives of Americans, but one can only cynically view his actions as being politically driven. Even if the White House knew from the first instant this might have been a terrorist driven event... what difference does it make to the end result.

We had not enough assets in theater. We get that. The mission there that night was of dubious value... not worth an ambassadors life. We get that too. None of what Chaffetz is doggedly spending his time on will translate into one American being more safe. This is all about political theatre.

Sandy, UT

"After 6 years of consistent lying and deception on issue after issue after issue Barack and his administration have earned the dubious reputation"


There's a lot of irony in your statement. This thread alone is full of lies and disinformation from those like Chaffetz who would love to make Benghazi more than it really is. You're in on that deception.

Navy seals? no...there were former navy seals that were working as private security detail, but not active duty. Dead contractors isn't quite the soundbite as dead navy seals though, right?

Embassy? no...it was a consulate. Consulates are not US territory and are typically secured by local resources. But 'embassy' provides a better soundbite.

There are literally dozens of other exaggerations and straight up in this comment thread. Claims that run 100% contrary to the official review of the Benghazi incident. All are easily accessible in a simple google search.

But facts that don't support one's opinions aren't of any value, are they?

Centerville, UT

Why does it matter, Hillary on the tarmac, when the bodies were being brought back told one of the mothers, the cause was the video and she would see the producer would be brought to justice. Hillary lied, at that time they knew the cause it was not confusion. She flat out lied. Why is it important, no more important than when Nixon lied. She is thinking of a run for the President of the United States. The democrat party is standing behind her. She lied. Its not the UN talking points, it is the Past Secretary of State, the Presidential hopeful who lied.

The one thing this committee needs to do is have Hillary swear under oath what and when she new it.

What's the big deal, she lied.

Centerville, UT

Maybe the one most important issue of Benghazi, is we don't let either party or administration get away with lies to the American public. We are owed more from our administrations.

USS Enterprise, UT

The liberals are amazing. This issue is less than 2 years old and they are telling us to forget it.

How many of them still are angry about the 2000 election of Bush? How many still complain about Bush going into Iraq? How many still blame Bush for the economy? How many still have some anger towards Carl Rove?

If you liberals are not hypocrites, why are you telling conservatives to drop the matter? Why is it ok for you to hold onto a grudge and keep telling us that everything is Bush's fault and the fault of the people around him for over a decade at the same time you tell us to forget this?

Now, if you really want to do some soul searching, ask yourself this: If Hilary is going to run for President in 2016, aren't you concerned about her blatant lies and her inability to understand the intelligence briefings that warned the State Department about the attack before it occured? If she missed this small and simple attack, what will happen the next time somebody wants to attack the US again?

Saint George, UT

I was at the State Convention where Chaffetz got over 90% of the delegate votes. Neaderthals or not, they must love him. I doubt Benghazi is the only issue they love about him. I am not in his district, but if the president was lying, he should be impeached and sent packing. Lying is a no no!

Far East USA, SC

Couple of things.

Benghazi has been investigated. Multiple times. It is clearly not about finding the truth. It would appear that no investigation will be accepted until it produces the GOP desired outcome. Namely that Obama and Clinton were responsible.

Secondly, we keep hearing about 4 dead patriotic Americans. If that were what it was really about, the focus would be on making changes to insure that the problems were addressed and the likelihood of it happening again would be diminished.

That is not the case. The GOP focus is infinitely greater on placing blame than fixing a problem.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The memo obtained by Judicial Watch clearly indicates that Obama's spin doctors coached Susan Rice to lie to the American public in an effort to preserve Obama's political message that he had snuffed out al Qaeda.
The truth of what happened on his watch at the Benghazi consulate would have lost him 6 million votes and the election.
The whole thing was poorly played by the Romney campaign. This latest email reveals that the lie was orchestrated at the highest levels of the Obama campaign and told by his State Department.
Shame on them all.

San Antonia, TX

Go get 'em Jason! You are a true patriot!

Demand the truth!

We really don't need to tolerate any more lies.

Durham, NC

"if the president was lying, he should be impeached and sent packing. Lying is a no no!"

Really.... or only if they are Democrats? Did you call for Bush to leave office over the WMD "misinformation".... Did you ask for Reagan to step down over Iran-Contra?

I love the conditional morality here. I think you can safely say there is not a single person holding office that has not either misrepresented something or used selective truth to make their point.

On the other hand, if Chaffetz is really that worried about embassy security, why is the fact that the House reduced funding for embassy security for two years consecutively in advance of this event isn't under scrutiny as well?

On Wednesday morning (10/10/12), CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien asked the Chaffetz if he had "voted to cut the funding for embassy security."

"Absolutely," Chaffetz said. "Look we have to make priorities and choices in this country....When you're in tough economic times, you have to make difficult choices. You have to prioritize things."

Conditional ethics and politics - a lovely mix.... Lets demand the truth on the whole picture - not just what is politically expedient.

Durham, NC

"If those two Navy Seals who fought bravely ALL NIGHT LONG were your sons would it still be a "strange issue" that most Americans don't care about??"

Case and point.... let's lie (oh wait, exaggerate) about a story in an effort to condemn lying. Contractors are not equal Navy Seals. Not in Libya... not in America.... not anywhere.

We care about the issue... just not for the same reasons. Peal back the partisan rhetoric so we can look at why we didn't have capability in theater... and we have a discussion. If you want to make this about "talking points" made in the hours after the event.... and any misinformation (lies) told during those hours that were eventually corrected.... you don't have my attention. The "lies" didn't cost anyone their lives. Poor planning and execution in the pentagon did.

But that isn't nearly as politically exciting... is it.

If you want to talk about lies that did cost thousands of lies...... we can surely go there... but then again, that's ancient history, isn't it. We're not going there.

truth in all its forms
henderson, NV

This is not some overblown right wing conspiracy! This is crucial to the american people! the families of those that were killed in this attack deserve justice. I am so mad that the Obama administration denied this attack! I am so thankful for a honest politician to finally demand justice for the innocent. He is our greatest politician since honest Abraham Lincoln.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The greatest politician since honest Abraham Lincoln has a great family member to post undeserved accolades.

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