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Published: Monday, May 5 2014 5:55 p.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

It would be nice if Chaffetz would stop playing partisan politics for once, and try to do something for the good of the country. Sadly, though, I don't see that happening.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

I find it ironic that Jason Chaffetz is the one leading the charge on Benghazi when it was him and his committee that denied the State Department request for more funding for upgraded security in Libya before the attack. The hypocrisy of politicians (including Chaffetz) knows no bounds.

Centerville, UT

Uprooting corruption & dishonesty in government should be of utmost importance. Chaffetz' & others efforts to determine if Obama & the administration lied to avoid revealing embarrassing policy failures during the presidential campaign should be supported by appointment of a special investigator.

There's enough evidence, we already know Obama will lie to win re-election ("You can keep your insurance. You can keep your doctor."), there's "probable cause" (the campaign), there's contradictory documents and statements.

South Jordan, UT

I still don't understand what exactly the controversy is with Benghazi. Is this really about what a talking points memo said immediately after an attack, before anyone had any real information about it?

American Fork, UT

A US Ambassador is killed with several other Americans and Obama acts like it's no big deal - this is amazing.

Can someone tell me what could possibly be worth redacting from those emails if they weren't trying to hide something? There's no national security issues contained in those emails. Give me a break.

This President and his advisors are the most incompetent we've had in a generation!

Everything this President touches is screwed up. The economy is still stagnate. Health care costs are skyrocketing and the National debt is a complete joke. He's the Jimmy Carter of our generation times 2...

I hope Chaffetz is appointed too - cause I want to know what really happened over there.

Hayden, ID

It matters because the Obama administration lied, is stonewalling and is covering it up! Just tell the truth, period! Our leaders should not be lying to us! If Benghazi is a phony scandal so was Watergate. In Watergate a lying President resigned in disgrace even though no one died. People went to jail, even though no one died. TRUTH should matter but to some, it just doesn't!

Salt Lake City, UT

It's a about a cover up worse than WATERGATE!!!!

It's about a Secretary of State lying to coverup her failure to protect the diplomats and soldiers she declared with her life to defend.

It's about a POTUS who was no where to be found when the news broke and 4 brave Americans died.

Is about an American who laid down his life painting a target of our enemies and no one, not Biden, not Michelle, not Harry Reid, not Uerkle, and not Hilary had his back......and to date no one has been arrested or punished except Lara Logan of CBS!

I want those who are responsible to suffer forever for failing to protect OURS!

utah chick
cedar city, UT


"There's enough evidence, we already know Obama will lie to win re-election ("You can keep your insurance. You can keep your doctor.")"

Are you serious? Re-election?

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

Chaffetz may be on to something here. I'm pretty sure these "hidden" Benghazi documents reveal the whereabouts of Flight 370.

Virginia Beach, VA

Schwa -

"I still don't understand what exactly the controversy is with Benghazi."

Ok, I'll try to get you up to speed.

Somebody made this really stupid anti-Muslim movie that portrayed Muhammed as a murderer and a gay pedophile. Protests erupted throughout the middle east and other places, beginning September 11 in Egypt. Those protests led to hundreds of injuries and over 50 deaths.

The Benghazi incident, in which 4 Americans died, happened concurrently. Terrorists apparently found this an opportune time to inflict terror in Benghazi, and they did.

Ambassador Susan Rice mistakenly assumed this to have been another spontaneous protest of the movie.

And that's what "Conservatives" claim to be so upset about. They say it was an Obama plot to misidentify this terrorist attack as a spontaneous protest.

Essentially, "Conservatives" cannot find any real scandals in the Obama administration, and so they try to invent scandals. And this just another phony scandal.

Yawn . . .

Basically Schwa, this is just more overblown right wing blather.

You would think that Republican Representatives would focus on offering their constituents good governance, but complaining about pretend scandals is how they choose to spend their time and the nation's money.

not here

To all of you that keep screaming Benghazi,Benghazi,Benghazi where were you, and how loud did you scream cover up when Condali Rice, (and I hope that's how you spell it) got in front of the TV cameras and told us Iraq had WMD? Come on boys be truthful. But it's like there was never a lie, ever told the last President. And when this blows up in Chaffetz's face maybe he can work on finding flight 370 it will get just as much TV time.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey VST -

And the difference between Benghazi and the WMD scandal is what?

In Benghazi, four Americans died.

In Iraq, over four THOUSAND Americans died, along with over 100 THOUSAND Iraqis.

See the difference?

Gilbert, AZ

Obviously power has its privileges. The Obama administration is obviously hiding documents about Benghazi. Why is that a story? I am sure they were playing their metaphoric fiddles while it was going on. Golf games, affairs, Hollywood dinners etc. Everything but being a responsible administration.

Salt Lake City, UT

the difference between Benghazi and the WMD scandal is what?

One common denominator"..............HILARY voted to support The WMD's because she too believed the research. However she obfuscated, lied, and chased down a poor innocent film director and told the entire world she captured the guy who killed four Americans.......pathetic while the lefties lined up to spit on him like they have always done to our brave US Heroes who risked their life's to defend their rights.

Mark from Montana
Davis County, UT

What doesn't smell right to me is the way Chaffetz works for Utah and the country. I am frankly embarrassed to say that he is from Utah. He is the problem and the solution to anything. Please vote him out of office....oh wait that will never happen with the caucus system in Utah, which is why the right wing members like it so much.

Chicago style politics is alive and well in Utah.

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

Lee & Chaffetz are trying to 1 up each in a contest to see who can spew the most nonsense.

ute alumni

oh gary,

Lots of free time tonight to defend your pal. what is it about lying that libs don't understand? Whether it is a conservative or a lib lying, it is still lying. It just so happens that libs just lie more and get away with it more.
You can go to bed now gary knowing that you continue to defend the indefensible and just think, the greatest storyteller, hillary could be your next president. Dreams really do come true.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

In the effort to avoid "obfuscating" and as long as the subject is "dead Americans" , would I be out of place to ask, how is it you righties seem to have forgotten the 13 dead Americans killed in attacks on U.S. Embassies and Consulates between 2002 and 2008? Oh Sorry! Right church wrong pew, right?

Kudo's to "Stalwart Sentinel" and "not here"! I think you are definitely onto something. If Chaffetz actually did something useful and used his vast and superior knowledge to search for Flt.370 it would be a win win situation! He just might find it, and he would definitely garner huge amounts of Mic and Lens time!

Centerville, UT

Utah Chick,

Your comment leads me to believe you are critical of my statement, specifically regarding Obama's re-election and how Benghazi pertains.

You are aware that the events at Benghazi happened months before presidential voting in November 2012. If Obama and his administration tried to mislead America over those events because they feared it could affect his re-election efforts, and if they continue to do so because of Hillary's aspirations, then Americans should know. Watergate was also regarding campaigns and the re-election of Richard Nixon.

So yes, I'm serious.

South Jordan, UT

Here's what we know: four Americans were killed when State Department officials and White House members discounted pleas for military assistance before and after they were under attack by Middle East extremists. The current administration has been very deliberate in releasing information. In fact, it wouldn't have released any information beyond what was initially reported except for the dogged efforts by a number of watch dog groups.

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