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Published: Monday, May 5 2014 10:50 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Why the solid colors? BYU always loses when they play in solids. Boise State 2012, Utah 2013, OSU 2012.......They almost lost to Ole Miss and SDSU in all white if it hadn't been for KVN. Maybe it is just superstition, but the solid colors have not been good to BYU.

Idaho Falls, ID

I prefer the Royal Blue.. Go back to Royal as their main color.

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

Yeah, let's not do black at all. And see nothing good about all white. Prefer Royal/white combos either combination of pants and jersey. All royal blue should be the only novelty.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I guess this is as good as anything to spice up an otherwise horrific home schedule.
I don't mean to be the troll here, but seriously, some of you season ticket-holding cougar fans have got to be a bit bothered at the schedule this year.

Washington, UT

Black is not a BYU color, please no black uniforms. What is the point of having colors for a college team if they go wear anything? What's next, red? orange? green? Black uniforms are just awful, and they certainly are not a BYU color. I for one will not attend a BYU game if they wear black...or red, or orange, or green.

Taylorsville, UT

@golong, the trend of changing up the uni's is something that is done for the players and especially for the recruits watching at home on ESPN, etc. You may not have noticed but this is a huge trend in CFB and BYU is adapting to it. Again, the recruits eat that stuff up. Many head coaches have said as much in interviews...

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"At any rate, BYU's alternate uniforms should make the home games more interesting in 2014." -- Brandon Judd

Well with THAT Home schedule, it's a pretty safe bet that those uniforms will be THE most exciting spectacle showcased in Lavell Edwards Stadium. Poor little brother. Your season's highlight has pretty much been reduced to a fashion show now.

Oh well. Have fun playing small ball.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

The black unis are SICK. I loved the blackout uniforms against Oregon State. Black uniforms can potentially make any team look sharp, including the Utes, including any team who wears them. I agree that for BYU they should use black sparingly and for the right games. I am all for the traditional BYU look for the majority of the games, but for those of you with the "hooligans wear black" mentality, what are you 95 years old? Maybe our female fans should wear dresses with corsets to the games and we should bring wooden rods to slap our children's wrists if heaven forbid they cheer too loudly or get too excited. I see nothing wrong with once a year changing it up for a game and having a little fun with customizing uniforms, just breaking up the boredom once in a while for goodness sake. That being said I don't think we should be like Oregon and wear something different every week, I just think that once in a while it's fun to see something new. The right shade of blue on black is really eye popping and cool. Kind of like the uniforms on the 2010 Tron Movie.

Centerville, UT

@Naval Vet

It is true that BYU's home schedule this year is quite boring (with the exception of Chuckie and the Aggies going to Provo.) But while Utah has a much better home schedule, maybe they also should consider putting on different uniforms to break up the monotony of another sub-500 PAC12 season.

Centerville, UT

BYU just needs to return to the old Royal Blue uniforms. The Navy Blue is Utah State's colors and their uniforms look better. Go back to the Royal Blue.

Spanish Fork, UT

Love the Royal BYU Blue... prefer it with white for the top and blue bottoms or vice versa. Hate the black. Absurd to wear a color that isn't your color. How about a pandering all-purple out one time?

As to the schedule... at home... time to get away tickets although there should be fun games with Virginia, Houston, Utah State, mildly interesting games with the Nevada due and... oh yeah, Savannah State. But, I'll accept it as the price of independence. BYU is NOT better off than Utah in the PAC12, but didn't have an option. No sense ridiculing the school. They are doing the best that could be done. It's still a whole lot better than being in the MWC. Virginia is better than CSU, Houston than anyone but BSU, and we're playing a bunch of MWC while having the liberty of playing Texas, Cal, C. Florida, and BSU.

Holmoe will continue to do the best we can get. So be it. Better dead than red.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"followed by an all-black uniform in the Cougars' final home game of the year, Nov. 15 against UNLV."

What happened to Savannah State?


I'm glad to see there aren't any off-white uniforms that look like white uniforms that need to be washed.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Why wear those for Virginia, Utah state, and unlv?

Oh, those are the best home games?


Danny T
Minneapolis, MN

all those jerseys are totally fresh. But I'd like to see them move to a royal blue one thats not all skin tight and has totally long sleeves and is cut off right at the waist like in the steve young days. Now thats fresh!

Salt Lake City, UT

@Naval Vet

Please save this comment until December, then take it out again and check the relative rankings/non-rankings of BYU and Utah at the end of your season.

You know you will.

Orem, UT

Why would the trolls up north even care what uni's BYU will be wearing this year? Don't they have better things to do like coming up with a new chip dip recipe to enjoy with their potato chip bowl?

Burley, ID

@ Vladhagen
Salt Lake City, UT
Why the solid colors? BYU always loses when they play in solids. Boise State 2012, Utah 2013, OSU 2012.......They almost lost to Ole Miss and SDSU in all white if it hadn't been for KVN. Maybe it is just superstition, but the solid colors have not been good to BYU.

They always loses when they play in solids?? They almost lost, wow dude nice trolling!!! I love the black, I am hoping in the near future they play Army, Navy, and pull out some camo colored! GO COUGARS, get on the train or get off loyal fans!!!!

Woods Cross, UT

Another BYU article with Ute trolls in abundance...



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