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Published: Monday, May 5 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

I took your advice, but read past the headlines, it wasn't local liberals...

The most prominent examples were those created by the "United States Secret Service" for President George W. Bush and other members of his administration. Though free speech zones existed in limited forms prior to the Presidency of George W. Bush; it was during Bush's presidency that their scope was greatly expanded.

Lots of things were "greatly expanded" during that bush regime, guess lots of republicans slept thru that though.

Salt Lake, UT

I you can't say something nice...

Salt Lake City, UT

You know what, if your going to dish it out, don't you think you should learn how to take it? I bet it doesn't matter much when some good Mormon fires an employee for being gay! Yes, that happened to me and I always had respect for those around me! Do you know what it is like for someone to start telling you that they have a problem with people like you? So, it is alright for people to degrade me, judge me, and decide what I deserve in life based on their beliefs that I am bad? When we stand up and defend ourselves, we are picking on somebody? What I find so incredible are these wonderful Christian people who have taken it upon themselves to do whatever they want to gay people, and then they cry when someone fights back! Like I said, don't dish it out to someone, unless you are willing to take it!

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