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Published: Sunday, May 4 2014 6:12 p.m. MDT

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Nan BW
ELder, CO

Ooops, where is tithing? Maybe I didn't read carefully. From the time I married a student husband (seven years of helping keep him in two universities) we paid tithing faithfully. We didn't borrow money for anything but houses. We ate frugally; we dressed more frugally; we spent money to visit family hundreds of miles away; we have always had super modest homes and we are now retired. We have no mortgages, but we work hard to maintain several rentals so "retired" is not quite correct. We still live frugally, and we still pay tithing. It isn't all that complicated. However, I do know that paying for college is much harder than it was then so we have given modest help to several grandchildren. Money issues will always be there, but can usually be managed.

Mchenry, IL

Tuition and fees a public university in Utah cost $7,708 a year. $7.25 times 20 hours a week times 52 weeks a year is $7,540. Gross. No taxes paid. No tithing paid. No food purchased. No housing. No transportation. No insurance. The cost of university has gone up exponentially.


Self-reliance is just propaganda from the wealthy to blame the poor for their poverty -- the poor do not manage their money wisely enough. The reality is the wealth are taking so much the poor do not even have enough to pay for essentials of merely subsisting -- hence the rise in government assistance. This propaganda also makes the wealthy feel good about themselves as they hoard ever increasing piles of wealth -- after all, the poor have brought it on themselves, therefore the rich will stay their handing giving.

Just witness the Waltons, the wealthiest family who pay the bulk of their Wallmart employees far below a living wage and force them to seek government assistance to merely subsist. Effectively the Waltons are forcing the taxpayers to subsidize their vast wealth even more; but the prevailing attitude in the US is to always point at the poor -- they are the problem, and they need to manage their money better (you know, save for a rainy day even when they aren't paid enough to put food on the table today).

Sandy, UT


Make no mistake, the wealthy have a responsibility to share the excesses they've accumulated in this life. Unfortunately, when the corrupt state uses police power to redistribute that wealth, instead of allowing individuals their freedom to do what is moral, bad things result, far more unequal and unjust than the inequality of free societies. Some things in this world are inherently criminal: rape, murder, theft, fraud, trespassing, etc. Why? Because they CLEARLY violate the freedoms of others; they require armed police arrest and detention if there is cause and imprisonment if proven guilty in a court of law. However, just because something is immoral, doesn't make it criminal. I find many behaviors morally repugnant. It doesn't mean I appeal to corrupt Ayatollahs to send moral police after the offenders. Armed police brutality should only occur when true criminal activity has occurred (e.g., rape, murder, theft, etc.)

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

the economy was going to neutralized and should of happened when the crash happened.

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