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Published: Friday, May 2 2014 9:55 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Byu again thinking/wishing they were treated like Notre Dame.


I mentioned this several days ago, that the SEC has chosen to include Notre Dame as a power conference team but chose NOT to recognize byu as such.

As pointed out in the "other" newspaper several days ago by a byu fan/writer it was unlikely as then it opens up a Pandora's box of who to give excpetions for. Boise has been a much better program than byu - should the SEC give an exception for Boise?

Fresno is a better team than byu - should fresno get an exception?

Also, regarding all this extra power being given to the power conferences, again the byu fan/writer from the other newspaper says this "it can't be good for byu"

Pretty soon byu will have to go limping back to the MWC and join the ranks of division II while the power conferences essentially become the new division I

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

It will be funny when the SEC tells byu "no, we don't care about you" just as the Big 12 and Pac 12 have already done by choosing not to invite byu.

byu once again trying to convince people they are like Notre Dame and deserve what Notre Dame gets.

You don't!

You're byU

West Valley, Utah

@Chris B

I was leaving the first comment for you and I'm glad you did as you are always dependable for a good laugh. Fresno St., better than BYU? Comedic gold there! Maybe the last year or so but only utah gets inclusion (for fans of other PAC 10 schools such as myself regrettably so) for two good years of play. Plus, these other schools have conferences. No need for exceptions. Besides the fact that outside of BYU, no other school outside the Big 5 conferences has had as consistant success in the last ten years except for Boise St.
Personally as a USC fan, a BYU neutral, and a utah hater (hater being too strong of a word. I just don't like utah fans thinking they actually belong in the PAC 10. Start winning some games and I'll take you seriously) I hope the SEC grants exception to BYU. All other conferences will follow suit as the SEC is King, and utah fans can eat crow.
Note: it would be even funnier if the SEC added BYU. Would never happen but would further solidify utah as the little sister on the hill.

West Valley, Utah

@Chris B

BYU didn't get invited to the PAC 10 or BIG 12 because of their integrity to not slack on their established morals. The Sunday play and ESPN contract issues kept the invitations at bay. The interest was already there. That's why the PAC 10 went with the little sister up north.

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT


"Plus, these other schools have conferences. No need for exceptions."

That's actually irrelevant to the issue as the SEC doesn't care. If there is an SEC team that wants an excpetion in order to play boise(instead of a power conference school) the SEC would still have to decide whether to allow that. The fact that Boise has a conference does not change the issue of whether the SEC will allow the SEC school to play Boise and "count" as a power conference school

the SEC doesn't care that byu isn't in a conference and Boise is - the question still has to be answered about an exception for each of them.

Sandy, UT

Tajemnica - @Lifelong ute is right, you missed the issue there if you think conference teams wouldn't still seek an exception. If a Boise or Fresno wanted to play an SEC team and an SEC team was interested in playing them, but only if the Boise/Fresno team would count as their big game outside of the conference, they would still need an exception. Otherwise, according to the current rules that SEC would STILL have to schedule a power conference team in addition to the Boise game, and that's precisely what the SEC teams don't want to do. They already play plenty of good teams, so they wouldn't be interested in adding a good Boise team AND then a mandated power conference school.

Sorry, but you were way off if you think being in a conference negates any excpetion issues.

Where is Hadley?
Salt Lake, UT


You're right the SEC is king. And when the SEC tells byu "no thanks" you're a mid-major and we'll treat you like the other mid-majors the other conferences will watch and follow suit. Just look at byu's schedule(3 power conference teams) in 2014. That'll probably the average byu gets going forward, which shows byu isn't nearly the draw byu thinks they are.


Las Vegas, NV

I'm not sure what the outcome of the meeting will be, but I bet the BYU haters (Ute fans) will sure be sweatin it during the whole process. If the SEC does validate BYU as one of the premier programs worthy to schedule as a Power 5 team, the rest of the college football world will be hard pressed not to follow suit.

St George, Utah

Honestly, why wouldn't the SEC and every other P5 give BYU the Notre Dame exception? BYU has been flexible and willing to schedule anyone, including 2 for 1 series with elite programs. Half of the Pac-12 already have series scheduled with BYU as well as a couple schools from the BIG. And as much as I hate to say it, I think the Power 5 conferences should take advantage of the fact that BYU is a quality opponent but does not match up well against good competition, especially on the road.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Yes, Chris, that is why Mr. Slive told Tom, "No, we really don't need to meet. There's nothing to say."

Wait a minute? That isn't what he said? Oh, gosh, that's embarrassing.

Maybe he'll tell BYU "Only games in SEC territory count. Games in Provo don't." Maybe we could arrange to play our home games with SEC opponents at Rice Eccles Stadium, so they would at least be visiting a Power 5 stadium. Utah fans could then expand their wardrobe to include jerseys from every BYU opponent.

"I cheer for Utah and whoever is playing that team down south." Really, some of you don't cheer at all, you just rag on BYU.

Pac 12 Pride
Salt Lake, UT


"BYU is a quality opponent but does not match up well against good competition,"

Too funny. When a team doesn't match up against good competition, its because they aren't good.

Sandy, UT

BlackandBlue: Byu isn't quite the quality opponent byu fans think they are if they "match up" well against good competition. That's the worst spin from a byu fan I've ever heard.

"We're good but we don't match up well with good teams especially on the road"

Did you seriously just say that?

Phoenix, AZ

I find it funny that more utah "fans" (BYU haters) are on this article than actual BYU fans. Further solidifying what I've said in the past, and what Tajemnica so eloquently stated, that utah doesn't belong in a power anything conference since they haven't done anything. Their weak schedule in 2004 & 2008 was nothing compared to what the PAC-12 and other conferences played that year. Since Utah joined the PAC, they have been exposed for the fraud they are. They were only good against MWC and WAC competition and are NO GOOD against PAC competition. Like a blind squirrel finding a random nut on occasion, utah get's lucky when a real college overlooks them (see Stanford). Other than that, they are a bottom dwelling team which leaves their fans only recourse to trash talk other schools outside their conference and celebrate conference membership rather than team success.

Sandy, UT


byu has many many years of similarly "weak schedules" as Utah's in 2004 and 2008. Why didn't you guys go BCS bowling ever?

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT

Why would our jealous little brothers on the hill even care if BYU gets an exemption from the SEC?

Utah hasn't scheduled a regular season game against an SEC team since 1984.


I love all of the "what if" games everyone "thinks" they know about the SEC and BYU. Fact is, college sports are changing and ADs and College Presidents only care about what will make them the most money. Fact is, Utah was added to the Pac10 because Texas and Oklahoma said "no". Since Larry Scott was getting ready to negotiate a big-time TV contract, he needed to expand the footprint of the PAC 10 to maximize the contract so he added Utah and Colorado. Utah and Colorado were added for their TV market, not what they had done on the field. I guess being 2nd choice is still better than no choice, as you are still in a Power5 conference, but please Utah fan (BYU Hater), stop acting like it was your accomplishments on the field, or your "great" tradition, or that "huge" 45,000 seat stadium that got you in the PAC 10. It was simple geography, TV sets, and money.

Provo, UT

chris B

Nice for BYU to qualify for bowl games regardless of what their schedule is. Hopefully Utah will reach that level in the future. BYU fans are enjoying the seasons and love going to or watching those yearly bowl games.

Layton, UT

I find it funny that cougar/sun devil comes to a byu article to comment about Utah.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Good luck Tom Holmoe. Do we need to read what his name at first two comments by this same person above and some others? Anyway, if something don't go well then the big 5 football going down the hill. I don't care about any Pro Sport Leauges and possible ncaa (oh wait Big5).

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


I am a byu fan and dislike most of what Chris says, but he's right about the other schools possibly coming after exceptions as well. You are incorrect in your assessment of that.

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