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Published: Thursday, May 1 2014 7:35 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

Brilliant! Thanks, Senator Lee!

Provo, UT

Oh brother... Mike Lee is one to talk! He's the favorite puppet of the cronies who are destroying this country!

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...Today, Washington is dominated by a political strategy that transcends party lines...".


Not from 2001 through 2006?

Mike...you don't have to go populist rhetoric about basic economic fairness and equal opportunity on Utah Republican voters...

Utah Republican voters will vote for you over, and over and over again.

Ask Orrin.

"...Asking my colleagues in Congress to commit to a... reform agenda that restores equal opportunity to the top of our society...".

Restore equal opportunity to the top of our society?

Only the top?

Now that's a Republican platform that all Republicans can get behind...


Sandy, UT

Ok, Mike. You name one policy, and give it about two paragraphs of explanation. If you're actually that concerned about 'crony capitalism', you owe it to your constituents to tell us about what changes you'd make, and why. And if you're really concerned about the state you represent, you'll show us how you plan to get the changes you propose passed through a deeply divided government.

Because otherwise, you're just another legislative blowhard, pontificating about how we need small government to the media, while you alternate between business as usual when nobody is looking, and throwing tantrums when the cameras are pointed your way.

La Verkin, UT

I couldn't have said it better myself. There is currently a lot of criticism of "capitalism", but we haven't had free market capitalism in the country to any extent for many years. What we have is "corporatism", government by and for the corporations and of the rest of us. Whoever buys the most politicians wins. Sad and critical, but true.

Sandy, UT

Hey, wait a second: according to Wikipedia, "In FY 2013 the Bank sent Treasury just over $1.0 billion." Seems like the Export-Import Bank is making the government money, rather than running up the defecit.

But I'm sure you have a well-reasoned, evidence-based analysis of why it's really doing more harm than good, right?

Because a sitting U.S. Senator would never reduce somplex issues down to sound-bites.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, Senator Lee, but when American capitalism was at the point of collapsing in 2008, to save the system the top (investment banks and insurance companies) had to be saved first. It's always the top which must be rescued. This is the problem with capitalism.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

Mike Lee writes, "[t]oday, Washington is dominated by a political strategy that transcends party lines while simultaneously breeding much more pernicious divisions among the American people."

In a few years down the road when Mike Lee is pursuing his post-senatorial career of working for some conservative non-think tank, he'll actually list that quote above on his resume as one of his shining accomplishments. Heaven knows, he can't point to any meaningful legislation he's ushered in while in office.

Salt Lake City, UT

The term "crony capitalism" is redundant.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Uniting against cronyism and restoring equal opportunity for all"

I'd like that though I assume there are massive differences on how to achieve these...

Virginia Beach, VA

Mike Lee's alleged desire to protect citizens from cronyism is like a weasel's desire to protect chickens from predators . . . Not all that sincere.

Mike Lee is a Tea Party politician, essentially a Koch Brothers' employee, and you don't think he will do his best to implement whatever policies they want?

Besides, Crony Capitalism has been extremely profitable for Utah. And it goes back a long time. Do you think it was just coincidental that the Golden Spike was driven in Utah? Utah power brokers have been wheeling and dealing and trading favors with other capitalists and politicians for well over a hundred years.

And what about the 2002 Olympics. The 1.3 billion in federal funds for the 2002 winter Olympics greatly exceeded the paltry amount given by the Feds to LA for the 1996 Summer Games.

Does the State of Utah really want to see the demise of Crony Capitalism? I wonder why.

Far East USA, SC

Mike Lee writes

"This is America’s crisis of crony capitalism, in which government twists public policy to unfairly benefit favored special interests at the expense of everyone else."

OK liberals, what part of that do you disagree with. This is right up the liberal ally.

My biggest problem with partisan politics is that the other side is always bad and there is a need to reject everything they do.

I support Mr Lee in combating Cronyism. I hope he keeps at it and applies his same logic to campaign finance and lobby efforts as they do exactly what he is proposing to fight against.

Our side (whichever side that is) has good and bad ideas. So does the other side.

Support the ideas that are in line with your beliefs, wherever you find them.

Heck, you may even realize that the other side isn't so bad after all.

Ogden, UT

Lee talks the talk, but has never walked the walk. When he starts taking action against his far right cronies, he might have some credibhility. Right now he hasn't, and doesn't. He's sound and fury, and we all know what that signifies.

At least Lee's blather is considered ann OpEd, and not factual news. Why is the DesNews trying to rehabilitate this guy? Crony capitalism, maybe?

Centerville, UT

When others get ahead it's because of cronyism; when I get ahead, it's because of intelligence and hard work.

I wonder if Mike Lee would have gotten clerkships with Judge Benson or then-Judge Alito if his father had not been the former U.S. Solicitor General. Those competing against him for those prestigious positions may not have gotten a fair shot. His rise to the Senate was fueled, in part, by his family name and the connections deriving from his relationships.

It seems odd to hear a son of privilege decrying the privilege of others. I'm in favor of eliminating cronyism. Let's began by voting Mike Lee out of the Senate.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey Senator, the debt forgiveness you got from the bank regarding your underwater mortgage on your home in Utah county? That's the essence of crony capitalism you are railing against.

Pot meet kettle.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

"American families who work hard and play by the rules "
"crisis of crony capitalism"
"pathology of special-interest privilege"
"American exceptionalism"
"Beyond the Beltway"
"free enterprise economy "
"restoring the public’s trust"

Yikes, this piece of fluff is so riddled with hackneyed cliches, and tea party talking phrases that it would make my sophomore English teacher turn over in his grave!

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

All I can say is -- "Wow!"

I can honestly AGREE with Sen Mike Lee about something.

This IS the problem with America.

Most Republicans keep insisting it is "Socialism" - but it isn't.
This is the problem.

And it's money,
and it's the 1% of the 1%.
And it's Citizens United and the McCutcheon rulings giving the Top individiuals and Corporations unlimited access and influence on our elected leaders.

No politicians is given $100s of Millions of doallars as a freebie,
there is Always strings attached to that kind of money....ALWAYS.

This is how the Gaddiantons "Managed and Controlled" the Government.

Just as it has been from the beginning,
Cain - the Master Mahon, and his great secret.

The initiations, oaths, and promises of great wealth and power are know to these in the Latter-Days.

This is how the Secret Combinations of Gaddianton operate today.

But go ahead Repuglicans -- keep hammering at the Sick, Elderly, and Minorities.

The Gaddiantons and their wealth and power in that Large and Spacious Building, mocking the meek and humble, serving Mammon, are laughing themselves silly at you right now...

Springville, UT

In theory I agree with you, Mike. The only thing is, I am a skeptic until I see you take on those interests. Will you eschew the big money donors and lobbyists with whom you associate? Will you come out and condemn cases like Citizens United and other decisions that have eviscerated campaign finance limitations, cases which give a disproportionate voice and influence to the mega-rich? Will you associate yourself with the efforts to your fellow Senator Bernie Sanders who is a passionate voice for resolving this issue, including the ever widening income disparity that is threatening the middle class and leading to a return of the robber baron era? Will you become trust-buster type leader in the mold of Teddy Roosevelt, or a sycophant of billionaires while you say things to appease the rest of us? Actions speak louder than words, Mike. By their works ye shall know them.

slc, ut

Senator Lee, You talk a good game, but, when it comes to raising funds who do you go to? The Snowbird fund raiser tells the tale. Follow the money!

Poplar Grove, UT

Cronyism, would that be like how Mike Lee got to short sell his home and magically was given a nice home down the street to rent, by the same person who just bought his house? Or does it mean something different?

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