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Published: Friday, May 2 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC

Yes Mr Will. America distrusts "the Government".

You cite an IRS example. And I am sure there are many.

You are really going out on a limb there Mr Will, picking the low hanging fruit. You know that your general readership loves any IRS or government scandal.

I also distrust "the government". And for many reasons.
And I distrust our politicians, both R and D.

Why? Because they take hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars in the form of campaign contributions and lobby efforts and then write legislation that affects those who gave them the money.

How about you have some courage and write about that?

Or, you can just play it safe and write another Benghazi column.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

We got exactly what the majority voted for. No one to blame but ourselves for our rotten, corrupt, lying, deceiving, malfunctioning government!

Murray, UT

The IRS, the ATF, the BLM, NSA, etc, with all their own enforcement and no oversight. Gee, I don't know why we wouldn't trust the government.

Then from the top, there is the refusal to execute laws of the president's choice, 'if you like your plan, you can keep it', plenty of armed troops to go after citizens here, but not illegal immigrants and none to be sent to our Ambassador in Benghazi.

Our current administration treats tyrant dictators like they are nice neighbors, and treats its allies, and even its own citizens like they are the threat to the world.

Remember, our freedom is a threat to total power of our government, which is as it should be. So when the government takes away those freedoms, they are seeking to be totalitarian.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

When you grow up... and realize that the government is just made up of "people" (not super-heros)... it's not hard to understand why some people don't trust the government any more than they trust the people who make up our society.

As in society... there are good AND bad in government.


There are good people... and there are not-so-good people. There's probably just as many not-so-good people in government as in the general population. And good people who just follow the bureaucracy they belong too's rules. Like the story. When you make broad rules that cover everybody in the United States... you don't know how they are going to apply to people in different situations than you were thinking of when you made the rule. You also can't predict how some people are going to interpret them and apply them. Like a rogue IRS or NSA person with a little authority... and they want to use it.... Even if they think they are doing good, people make mistakes. And there are even people in government who get their jollies using their authority and messing with people...

Just a few...

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT


A good example is the DMV... I don't know why, but that job seems to make people not care about their customers. I guess they just get so many strange people that they have to check-out (for their own sanity).

I suspect we have a few people like that in Social Security Bureaucracy too, and Medicare, Medicaid.... Not that we don't have a few in private insurance companies too....

When you get down to it... both Corporations AND Government Bureaucracies... are just made up of people... mere mortals like you and I. They make mistakes, and some are actually evil (because there are truly evil people in every society).

I don't think we can prevent it. But we have to acknowledge it....


Government bureaucracy is not perfect.

Neither are corporations....

They are made up of the same thing... imperfect PEOPLE...

They sometimes have different motives and incentives... but they are still made up of imperfect people doing a job... to service their customers and get paid...

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

George Will's ax can never get enough grinding.

Durham, NC

"The IRS, the ATF, the BLM, NSA, etc, with all their own enforcement and no oversight. Gee, I don't know why we wouldn't trust the government. "

Wrong... oversight is congress' job. If it isn't happening... you know who isn't looking.

The issue for me is not trust in the organization, but trust in the individuals that make up that organization, or any other. The organization - just like the gun - doesn't do anything. Just a gun doesn't get misused, the IRS in of itself is not bad - but the people who do their jobs poorly.

Sometimes it is the result of bad law, and what we are seeing is the execution of that poorly constructed law. The IRS, ATF, and such just act on what their charter directs them to do. The ATF hasn't had a leader in over 10 years because a certain group refuses to allow the nomination to come for a vote... there in lies another layer of trust lost by individuals misusing power or authority granted to them.

People corrupt organizations, not the other way around.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

The real question is, do we really trust corporations more than the government?

How sad it is if we trust folks like the Koch Bros more than "we the people..."

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Google "Koch Family Foundations".

Read about their charitable giving (look at Wikipedia or something politically neutral, not just Mother Jones, Huffington Post, MoveOnDotOrg, or MSNBC blather)... and tell me if you still think they are evil...


I'd put THEIR charity and their caring for humanity up against yours.... any day.


Here's an abbreviated list (in case you're too lazy to look)...
Besides funding the PBS program NOVA... they also fund hundreds of millions in charity through:
-Fred and Mary Koch Foundation
-Koch Cultural Trust
-Charles Koch Foundation
-Charles Koch Institute

They give millions to cancer research, childhood disease research, museums, natural history, schools, the arts, projects to preserve natural habitats, etc... every year.

Do YOU give as much to society as them???

If not... you may want to stop yappin at them...

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Especially the Utah Legislature on the medicaid issue.

Durham, NC

Lets talk apples to apples they if were going down that track. Why don't you compare the Koch brothers giving compared to Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. Or if we want to normalize the data, why don't you see what their giving is as a percentage of income to Maverick's giving.


If giving is supposed to be a sign of good character, we have Donald Sterling who donated money to such organizations as the NAACP. Based on his recent comments.... it is easy to see someone can both appear charitable, and yet still despise those he is donating money to.

Charitable donations or service work does not make you a good person. Heck, Ted Bundy was a rap crises counselor for a while. Not saying the Koch brothers are equated to Bundy, but donations don't make someone a good person.

Virginia Beach, VA

"It's regrettable the government does so much to earn distrust"

Uh huh

Well, George Will, people sometimes do regrettable things.

"The government is us; we are the government, you and I." - Theodore Roosevelt

And since I'm not doing anything to earn distrust, it must be your fault.

The Hammer
lehi, utah

Koch brothers is a straw man liberals attack when they are scared. The Koch's are Americans free to give their money to the causes they care about. They do it out in the open just as George Soros does for Liberals. But now we know what Liberals are scared of. They are scared that we have had 6-8 years of Liberal policies running this country and despite a rising stock market. Most poor people are falling further and further behind and the income gap has gotten worse as the Fed keeps interest rates low, and Stimulus money goes to feed wealthy donors. People have no more leadership as our dear leader lies to our face and the media lies for him and nobody is willing to stand up with good moral character and tell the truth.

At least the Kochs are standing up!

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

A little history lesson--Americans have never trusted government. And let's look at the past.

1776 colonists declare their independence.

1812-1815--U.S. gets in its first bogus war.

1830's-States nullifying their laws. Trail of Tears. Mormons mistreated in Ohio/Missouri/Illinois and govt. does nothing.

1860's--Secession and Civil War/Reconstruction leading into the corrupt Reconstruction years.

1876--First stolen election as a committee makes Hayes President over Tilden who won popular vote.

Late 1800's--Gilded Age/Monopolies, Trusts, Robber Barons.

early 1900's--Roosevelt takes the Isthmus through illegal means.

1910's--First Red Scare.

1930's--New Deal programs where many don't work, FDR threatens to stack Supreme Court

1950's--Open air nuclear testing radiates Nevada/Utah/Arizona citizens. McCarthy and Co. persecute many.



1980's--Iran-Contra Affair

1990's--Clinton's antics and impeachment

2000's--two costly hony wars on terror and Patriot Act

2010's--NSA, Obamacare

So exactly when has our government been trustworthy or had the true trust of the American government? Not sure when any minority group would have much faith in govt. ever.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey the Hammer -

The Koch Brothers are straw men??! You mean they're not even real?

Come to think of it, I've never seen one around the neighborhood.

How can we find out for sure?

Virginia Beach, VA

"It's regrettable the government does so much to earn distrust"

Yes it is.

And have you noticed that the most egregious examples happen when "Conservative" Republican administrations are in power?

Watergate is a good example.

And how about GW's WMD scandal where the administration fooled us into believing that Iraq had WMD's ready to use against us?

Face it folks . . . You just can't trust Republicans in positions of power and public trust.

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